Windows & Doors

For your next home improvement project choose windows & doors, professional service providers, from the comprehensive selection of offers Romb gathered for you.

Godstone, Surrey

Balconette specialises in the manufacture, supply and installation of bespoke Glass Balustrades, Glass Juliet Balconies and Curved Glass...


Scunthorpe, Lincolnshire

Complete Access Engineering Services Ltd offers reliable door installation & repair services in Hull & Lincoln, UK. We specialise in...


Rochester, Kent

Sussex Glaziers is among the leading glazing company in Sussex where our glaziers offer quality services to customers. We can help you...


Chorley, Lancashire

We at AK Roof Windows provide roofing products like; flat window installation, optilight, window opener & locker, roofing contractor...


Middlesbrough, North Yorkshire

We offer a comprehensive range of home improvement services to our customers in and around the North East area. Our expert team have...



J.K Security Doors was founded in 2016, and since then our team of professionals have been providing our clients with high-quality...


Southall, West London

We are one of the best double glazing companies in Southall and we pride ourselves to offer you first-class service and to provide you...


Willenhall, West Midlands


Aluminium windows and door with frames and openers ideal for shed or greenhouse.

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Aluminium Windows and Door thumb-42428
Aluminium Windows and Door thumb-42429
Aluminium Windows and Door thumb-42430

Maidenhead, Berkshire


In very good condition. Comes with 2 copies of the key.  We got this door brand new about 5 years ago for our garage.  We...

Garage Door + Door Frame + Window thumb-42419
Garage Door + Door Frame + Window thumb-42420
Garage Door + Door Frame + Window thumb-42421
Garage Door + Door Frame + Window thumb-42422

Sowerby Bridge, West Yorkshire


Composite Doors from £220 - £425.  Anthracite Grey - Black - Blue - Red - Green - Pink - White - Purple.  ...

In Stock - Composite Doors - Front Door - Windows thumb-42411
In Stock - Composite Doors - Front Door - Windows thumb-42412
In Stock - Composite Doors - Front Door - Windows thumb-42413
In Stock - Composite Doors - Front Door - Windows thumb-42414

Spalding, Lincolnshire


One new door and four (none opening) windows.  Door £250.00 windows £40.00 each the lot £350.

New Pvc Door and Windows thumb-42407
New Pvc Door and Windows thumb-42408
New Pvc Door and Windows thumb-42409

Birmingham, West Midlands

Why replace your UPVC windows and doors when you can respray instead - Birmingham UPVC Spraying is an expert team specialising in UPVC...

Upvc Window and Door Spraying thumb-42398
Upvc Window and Door Spraying thumb-42399
Upvc Window and Door Spraying thumb-42400
Upvc Window and Door Spraying thumb-42401

Uxbridge, West London


Pvc sliding patio door 76 x 80 and matching window 41x 38 with two openings. Replacing due to renovation in great condition.  ...

Patio Door and Window thumb-42395
Patio Door and Window thumb-42396

Leigh on Sea, Essex


White aluminium double sliding patio doors & window. Two keys are available for the lock.

Double Sliding Patio Doors & Window thumb-42391
Double Sliding Patio Doors & Window thumb-42392
Double Sliding Patio Doors & Window thumb-42393

Bishopbriggs, East Dunbartonshire


Here at First Windows, we offer a bespoke comprehensive service tailored to our customers with over 35+ years of experience in our...

Double Glazing - Doors thumb-42387
Double Glazing - Doors thumb-42388
Double Glazing - Doors thumb-42389

Bramley, Surrey


uPVC Door and Window sections were taken from a fairly new porch installation. Does not include roof section. No sills.  All sizes...


Swinton, Greater Manchester


I have purchased over a thousand windows and doors from a recently liquidated window company I have sliding french composite and...

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Massive Upvc Double Glazing Sale thumb-42377
Massive Upvc Double Glazing Sale thumb-42378
Massive Upvc Double Glazing Sale thumb-42379

Windows and doors services in the UK offer a variety of benefits that can be seen in home improvement projects and other construction tasks. These services provide everything from the installation of new doors and windows to the repair and maintenance of existing ones. Windows and doors are designed for better energy efficiency, increased security, improved aesthetics, enhanced noise reduction and more. With professional help, homeowners can ensure their homes remain stylish, secure, comfortable and efficient while saving money on energy bills. 

Enhanced Security

Installing quality windows and doors is one of the most important steps homeowners can take to protect their property from theft or damage caused by intruders. Quality locks are essential for proper security as well as up-to-date hardware that helps keep intruders out. Professional window and door installation ensure all hardware is correctly placed to prevent forced entry or tampering with locks or hinges. A qualified technician will also ensure proper sealing around windows for added protection against weather elements like strong winds.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Windows and doors play a big role in how much energy is used by a home, so ensuring they are properly installed is critical for reducing energy consumption. Professional installers understand how to choose the right size windows for maximizing natural light while minimizing heat transfer between indoors and outdoors—keeping your home comfortable without compromising on energy efficiency. High-end materials like double-glazing can provide additional insulation from cold air seeping in during winter months while letting cool air escape during summer months; this helps reduce strain on air conditioning units as well as monthly electricity bills.

Better Noise Reduction

Noise pollution is an increasing concern among homeowners, especially those living near highways or airports; but with quality windows, it’s possible to dramatically reduce the amount of outside noise entering your home—thereby creating a quieter atmosphere inside which can be beneficial for mental health and overall wellbeing. Professional installation ensures materials used are durable enough to last longer while providing excellent soundproofing capabilities; certain types of glass can even block ultraviolet radiation which may cause damage to furniture over time if left unchecked.

Aesthetic Appeal

Installing quality windows not only enhances your property’s value but also its curb appeal; aesthetically pleasing designs add character to any room within your house as well as bring in natural light which helps create inviting atmospheres inside homes instead of dull walls which absorb sunlight instead of reflecting it—adding an extra dimension to interior décor styles such as contemporary or traditional looks. Modern materials come in various textures, colours and shapes allowing you to customize your house’s appearance according to personal preferences without sacrificing performance levels related to energy efficiency or soundproofing capabilities either way!

Cost Benefits

Hiring professionals may seem expensive at first glance but factoring in long-term costs makes it worth considering—for instance, cheaper materials may have shorter lifespans compared to higher-grade ones meaning you would need frequent repairs resulting in larger expenses down the line! Plus professional installers know what works best with different types of houses making sure there are no issues later on due to technical errors made during the installation process itself! In other words, hiring experts ensures you get what you pay initially while enjoying maximum returns over time when compared with do-it-yourself solutions!