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Birmingham, West Midlands

Moundsley Hall Care Village is an awesome care home in Birmingham, providing the residents, residential, dementia, nursing, respite, and...


Newton Mearns, East Renfrewshire

The job will involve providing support to a young disabled female with poor mobility, with a young family. Help with things such...


Enfield, North London

I am a single parent, currently undergoing treatment for cancer, and needs to be someone in the local area to help with cooking from...


Bristol, South West England

My name is Raye and I am 19 and home from university. I have lots of previous experience in looking after children of various ages. I...


Cardiff, Wales

I provide the following services;  Home organisation and cleanliness.  I will independently tidy and care for your home or...


Limavady, County Londonderry

I am a trainee primary school teacher in my final year, offering babysitting/ childcare/ tutoring services. I have experience caring...

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Crawley, West Sussex

We supply private home care services with the flexibility and attention to detail that only skilled and knowledgeable people can supply....


Cheltenham, Gloucestershire

We at Brighter Homecare are here to offer a professional service to those that require support and help required in our client’s...


Edinburgh, Scotland

*Exceptional cleaning services in and around Edinburgh and the Lothians.*  One dedicated cleaner per job/household.  Face mask...

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Epsom, Surrey

MeCare is providing home care&cleaning services across Surrey. Our experienced care assistants are trained to:  • Assist...

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Oxford, Oxfordshire

I am offering my cleaner job, my schedules were complete but because of the pandemic some of the houses I had people go to work at home...


Home care and extra helpers services are becoming increasingly popular options for those in the UK looking for assistance during difficult times. Whether you’re a senior, disabled or just struggling to keep up with day-to-day tasks, home care and extra helpers can provide a reliable source of assistance that allows you to maintain your independence and dignity. 


One of the main advantages of using home care and extra helpers services is their accessibility. There are numerous providers across the UK offering these services which mean individuals can find one that meets their specific requirements in terms of location, availability, cost, etc. Considering there is no need to leave home in order to access these services, they are an ideal option for those who may not be able to travel easily due to disability or age-related issues.

Tailored Services

Another benefit of home care and extra helpers services is that they can be tailored to individual needs. A good service provider will take into account each user’s lifestyle, health status, and personal preferences as well as any special requirements that must be met in order to ensure a comfortable experience. This allows users to feel secure knowing their needs are being specifically addressed without sacrificing independence or comfort.


When choosing a home care or extra helper service it’s important to consider professionalism. A reputable provider should have experienced staff members who understand how best to meet user needs while also providing them with respect and kindness at all times. This ensures peace of mind for both parties involved knowing that the user is being provided with quality service from professionals who recognize the importance of treating customers ethically and with patience at all times.

Options Available

Home care and extra help services come in many forms including housekeeping/cleaning, meal preparation/cooking and even transportation among many others so individuals have plenty of options available when deciding on which type best suits their needs. Furthermore, users often have the ability to choose one basic package and then add additional ‘extras’ such as gardening or pet sitting which means they get exactly what they need without paying over the odds for something unnecessary.

Economical Solution

Despite their effectiveness, it is important not to overlook their affordability too – using home care or an extra helper can often prove more economical compared with other alternatives (such as residential homes). While some packages may seem expensive initially it can work out cheaper overall once long-term costs associated with other solutions are taken into account – this makes them an ideal choice for those on a strict budget but still wanting quality support from experienced personnel.