In case you need reliable plasterers and dryliners for your next project, Romb helps you discover the best services and offers available in the UK.

Edinburgh, Scotland

William Bain & Sons have been plastering homes and business premises since 1950.  We offer a full range of plastering services from...

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Didsbury, Greater Manchester

All plastering, skimming dry lining services.  Competitive prices.  Quick clean and tidy service.  We work 7 days a...

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Cookstown, County Tyrone

M-P plastering & rendering.......if you, re looking for a plasterer give me a call.

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Ferndown, Dorset

Happy new year.  Plasterer based in the Bournemouth area.  Most plastering aspects covered.

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Manchester, Greater Manchester

Quality, reliable, and experienced team of people with a confident and professional attitude.  Based in Manchester.  We...

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Exeter, Devon

I’m Marc, a developer, property renovator and maintenance person with a specialism in lime plaster and period buildings. Need...


Redbridge, North East London

Professional plastering at good prices.  Highly experienced.  All type of dry lining services.  All type of...

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Hamilton, South Lanarkshire

Plasterer with over 10 years experience for hire.  All aspects of internal plastering covered.  Ceiling repairs. ...

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Birmingham, West Midlands

Plasterer available covering Birmingham and surrounding areas. Free quotations and fully Insured. 18 years of experience. No job too small.

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Birmingham, West Midlands

I am a professional plasterer with 10 years experience and take pride in every job i undertake, i am trained to NVQ level 2 standard and...

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Edinburgh, Scotland

Time served reliable plasterer 35 years experience covering all aspects of internal and external works Ceiling specialist. Harling...

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The UK has long been home to skilled artisans, who specialize in Plastering and drywall construction. From intricate historical renovations to modern builds, the use of Plasterer Services can be invaluable in ensuring that a building project is put together correctly and safely. There are many benefits to using professional Plasterer Services in the UK, including cost savings, improved quality of work, better safety protocols, more efficient working times and expert advice on materials and techniques. 

Cost Savings

Using professional Plasterer Services for your building project can be an excellent way of reducing costs over time. Not only does it reduce the amount of time spent doing the job yourself or trying to teach someone else the skills needed for plastering and drywall construction, but it also reduces the risk of mistakes being made which could cause costly delays or repairs down the line. Professional plasterers have access to bulk supplies at trade prices and their experience ensures that they can get more done in less time when compared to DIYers or inexperienced tradespeople. This means you can save money on labour costs while also avoiding any costly mistakes that could arise from inexperience or incorrect materials being used.

Improved Quality Of Work

Professional Plasterers have an eye for detail which helps them produce a superior-quality finish each time they undertake a job. This is particularly important in historical restorations where accuracy is paramount; a skilled plasterer will ensure that all details are replicated perfectly in order to preserve the character of a building’s interior design or façade. Furthermore, experienced plasterers understand how different techniques affect the overall quality of their work; for example, sand-based renderings tend to last longer than lime renderings as sand helps protect against weather damage over time. In short, using professional plasterer services guarantees a high level of workmanship every time which will provide peace of mind for those working on projects where accuracy is key.

Better Safety Protocols

When using professional Plaster Services you can be sure that safety protocols are adhered to at all times since experienced plasterers are well aware of potential hazards associated with their trade and take appropriate measures accordingly; such as wearing protective clothing when dealing with potentially dangerous materials like asbestos or fibreglass insulation. Using professional Plasterer Services also ensures that there is always someone available with adequate training and insurance should something go wrong during the course of a job; meaning you don’t have to worry about taking responsibility if something does happen as your insurance provider will cover any claims should they arise due to negligence by an employee or contractor employed by the Plasterer Service company itself.

More Efficient Working Times

Thanks to their years of experience, Professional PlatSterers are able to complete jobs quickly and accurately without compromising on safety standards or quality control; meaning projects are completed faster which saves both money and time over DIY methods or inexperienced tradespeople attempting complex jobs they may not be equipped to handle effectively yet. Furthermore, many successful plastering businesses employ multiple staff members so projects can be split into sections allowing different professionals to work simultaneously on different areas thus speeding up overall completion times significantly when compared to single individuals attempting larger builds themselves such as extensions or renovations.