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Choosing the right preschools & early education service provider is not always an easy job, but is no more a challenge thanks to Romb. Let us help you make the right choice.

Bournemouth, Dorset

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Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


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Winslow, Buckinghamshire

Established in 1927, by Sheth Anandilal Poddar, Podar Education Network has, from the very beginning been focused driven and motivated...


The United Kingdom has a long history of providing quality education options to children of all ages. Preschools and early education services have been around for centuries, and they now form an important part of the educational landscape in the UK. Preschools and early learning centres provide an important platform for learning and development, offering support and guidance that can help children to develop the skills needed for success later in life. 

Early Education Stimulates Cognitive Development

Preschools are known to stimulate cognitive development in young children. Studies show that children who attend preschools are better able to learn new concepts, problem-solve, think critically, and develop their language skills more quickly than those who do not attend preschool programs. This is largely due to the fact that preschools use play-based learning techniques that allow children to interact with each other, explore their environment, and gain exposure to new ideas. As such, attending a preschool can give children a head start when it comes to academic achievement later on in life.

Enhances Social Skills

Preschools also offer a great opportunity for young children to develop social skills at a young age. Interacting with other peers helps them learn about teamwork, sharing resources, cooperation, respecting others’ personal space as well as developing communication skills like taking turns speaking or listening respectfully. These socialization experiences also encourage independent thought processes which can help them become more self-confident individuals as they grow older while boosting self-esteem levels too.

Promotes Creativity & Imagination

Preschools offer plenty of opportunities for creativity and imagination through activities such as art, music or dramatic play which may involve props or costumes. These creative activities allow children to express themselves while they make-believe stories or even create original artwork which helps them learn how to express themselves without words while sparking their imaginations as well as developing motor skills along the way too!

Offers a Structured Learning Environment

Apart from stimulating cognitive development with creative activities, structured learning environments also help teach young kids about routines and rules that will prepare them for primary school environments later on down the line where these values are essential for success. Having this structure helps ensure consistency when it comes time for students’ transition into formal school environments where there is often greater expectations placed on behaviour management from teachers compared with preschool settings but also introduces concepts such as organisation which can be beneficial further down the line too!

Helps Build Positive Attitudes Towards Learning

Being exposed to learning in an environment where it is fun and enjoyable helps instil positive attitudes towards both academics and education in general which carries through into adulthood where further study might be necessary or even desired by those looking to progress either personally or professionally within their chosen field of work! When kids associate learning with fun they tend towards having higher motivations when it comes time for exam season whereas those without this positive attitude might struggle more so motivationally during these times given how daunting studying can be sometimes!