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Welcome to romb.co.uk. By accessing romb.co.uk you are agreeing to the following terms of use and conditions. The Terms and Conditions page of the website is designed to work as a guide and help you have a better and safer experience while using the website. These Terms and Conditions also constitute a legally binding agreement between you and romb.co.uk and are effective for all current users of the website, and upon acceptance for new users. You, as a user, accept these Terms and Conditions, when registering a website account and by otherwise accessing and using the romb.co.uk website, services, tools.

Using romb.co.uk

As a condition of your usage of romb.co.uk you agree that you will not:

  • Violate any laws and legal agreements
  • Violate the posting an advert rules
  • Post any threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, indecent or harming material
  • Post false and misleading material or communicate false and misleading messages of any kind
  • Infringe any third-party rights
  • Distribute spam, viruses or promote pyramid schemes
  • Copy, modify or distribute any other person’s content without their consent
  • Collect content for any purpose without express written permission
  • Collect content for other users without their consent
  • Sell any counterfeit items or otherwise infringe the copyright or other rights of third parties

The responsibility for any information or content you post on the website is yours, as well as you bring the responsibility for all consequences that may result from the content and information you are posting. We refuse our right to refuse or delete content and information that we find inappropriate for our website. We also reserve our right to restrict any user’s access and usage of the website or refuse registration. If we believe that you are harming the terms and rights of romb.co.uk, we reserve the right to temporarily or permanently refuse you access to the website without any notice prior to that.

Fees and Services

Using the website is generally free, but romb.co.uk reserves the right to charge you for some services. You will be notified, when you need to pay for services, or if there are any changes in the Fees and Services policy of the website, prior to applying the changes. If the service you use requires a payment, you will be able to review and accept terms that will be clearly disclosed at the time you use the service.

You acknowledge that your ads may be deleted any time from the website, in case you are harming the general Terms and Conditions of romb.co.uk. In case you would have paid a fee for using services of the website, you will not be entitled to a refund.


The website contains content from romb.co.uk, you and other users. The website and all its content is protected by copyright laws. Content that is displayed on the website is protected as a collective work and compilation, pursuant to copyright laws and international conventions. By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of the website, you also agree to not copy, modify and distribute any content from the website. In addition, you waive all moral rights you have in the content to the fullest extent permitted by law.


By agreeing with the general Terms and Conditions of the website, you also agree to not keep us responsible for things that other users share, post or do. We do not review all user’s postings and we are usually not involved in the actual communication and transactions between users. Considering the fact that the majority of the content on our website comes from users, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of adverts and any other forms of content shared by other users, or user communications and the quality, safety, or legality of everything offered. We do not accept liability of any description for the posting on unlawful, threatening, harming or abusive information, or content from any kind that violates the rights of any other person.