Cookies Policy

Every time you visit our website and use our services, we may use cookies and other similar techniques for collecting and storing information. By doing so, we are enabled to provide you with a better, faster and safer experience. We use cookies for advertising purposes too. This Cookies Policy page is designed to help you learn and understand these techniques and the way our website uses them. Our cookies and similar technologies have different functions.

Cookies are required for the functioning of some services, they help us improve our customer service and provide you with better-targeted marketing and advertising. We use cookies and similar technologies that only remain on your device as long as you keep your browser active and cookies that remain on your device for a longer period. You are free to block, delete and disable cookies and similar technologies if your device permits doing so.

Operationally Necessarily

We may use cookies and similar technologies that are necessary for the operation and the functioning of the website and services. This includes cookies that allow access to our website and services, that are required to detect and identify irregular website behaviour, prevent fraudulent activity and improve security.

Performance Related

We may use cookies and similar technologies to access the performance of our website and services, including as part of analytic practices to help us understand how the visitors and users of the website use it, determine if you have used our messaging, determine whether you have viewed an item or link, improve the content and material on our website.

Functionality Related

We may use cookies or similar technologies that enable us to provide you with functionality, when you are using our website and services, including identifying when you sign up, keep track on your specified preferences, interests, post items viewed so we may enhance the presentation of content on our website.

Advertising and Targeting Related

We may use cookies or similar technologies, including ads relevant to your preferences and interests. This usually includes technologies that enable us to understand the usefulness of our website, services, advertisements and content that have been delivered to you, whether you have clicked on an advertisement, etc. You have opt-out of the use of advertising-related cookies, but this does not necessarily mean that you will not see our advertising, but it means that this advertising will not be targeted to you through the use of cookies and similar technologies.