Secretarial Services

If you are looking for secretarial & PA specialists with experience and knowledge, here is the right place to find them. Romb provides you with a comprehensive selection of listings.

Hackney, North East London

Extra Hands PA Services provides lifestyle management and business administration service and is run by myself, Cheryl Aalit, an...


Manchester, Greater Manchester

- Laptop Required.  - Prefer the candidate to know slack and Trello application but not essential, training is provided.  -...


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

I am an administrator with 15 years of experience. I am able to offer my services to your company to take the pressure off and allow you...


Bristol, South West England

I work as a Virtual Assistant offering remote Admin and Event support to Business Professionals throughout the UK.  My experience...

Virtual Assistant Services - Do You Need Help with Admin? thumb-41954

Pontypridd, Rhondda Cynon Taff

Experienced Secretary/PA/Administrator is available for businesses throughout the UK.  Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook...

Virtual Assistant / Secretarial / Administration / Proofreading Services thumb-41952

Portlethen, Aberdeenshire

Private secretary, reliable, available by private appointment by those wishing to sort out their paperwork! Reasonable rates - a minimum...


Staines, Surrey

Virtual Administration Assistant and Document Controller.  General Admin, Accounts Help including checking emails, responding to...


Whitchurch, Hampshire

I am an experienced Secretary with over 10 years of experience. If you need help with copy & audio typing, diary management or any...


Brentford, West London

30 years of legal experience - Transcription, secretarial, admin, virtual admin, copy typing, document review & amendments, audio...


Verwood, Dorset

Hello, my name is Jenny.  I am a very experienced Personal Assistant. Having been made aware of the growing demand for virtual...


Secretarial services are essential in the United Kingdom, providing a wide range of administrative and clerical support that can make businesses more successful. Secretaries provide a valuable service to businesses, allowing them to focus on core tasks without needing to worry about administrative matters. They also benefit employers by ensuring accuracy and attention to detail in all aspects of their work, as well as freeing up time for more pressing tasks. 


Secretaries contribute to the professionalism and credibility of any organisation, from large firms to start-ups. Their expertise in office management and administration leads to improved customer relations and better handling of paperwork and correspondence. Furthermore, secretaries can be responsible for ensuring accurate data entry, maintaining filing systems and organising documents properly. Ultimately, hiring a secretary can help maintain a professional image which is important in attracting potential customers or investors.

Time Efficiency

Hiring a secretary can free up an employer’s time immensely by taking on mundane tasks such as scheduling, filing or typing memos. This leaves employers with more time to focus on their own projects or activities; thus enabling them to be more productive and efficient with their working hours. Secretaries provide invaluable assistance when it comes to managing workflow or dealing with urgent situations that require immediate attention.


The organisation is key for business success - having someone dedicated to managing paperwork, schedules and data entry makes sure that everything runs smoothly without any issues cropping up last minute. Secretaries are trained in various methods for organising information effectively so that all resources are managed efficiently - from physical documents such as contracts or invoices to digital records stored on computers or online platforms. In addition, secretaries can take responsibility for setting up databases or other data storage systems which help track performance over time and facilitate future planning processes.


The accuracy of any task is paramount in order to ensure its success; mistakes can lead to costly consequences further down the line when they compound into bigger problems. Having a professional secretary onboard means that every piece of information is correctly recorded with precision accuracy - this applies especially when it comes to completing forms or writing reports which require absolute attention to detail at all times.

Cost Savings

It might seem counterintuitive but hiring a secretary can actually save money over the long run - due to their expertise, they ensure that work gets done quickly while minimising errors which could lead to costly rework later on down the line if not dealt with immediately upon completion of the said tasks. Furthermore, having someone dedicated solely towards clerical tasks ensures that no employee has too much work piled onto them - in effect leading towards improved morale since everyone feels adequately supported without feeling overwhelmed by deadlines or workloads.