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It is time for a new haircut? Romb can help you. Simply have a look at our carefully selected section of the best hairdressers & barbers in the UK.

Wrexham, Wales

I am a level four qualified Hairdresser with extensive hairdressing experience, I am also a qualified hairdressing teacher and I am...


Ipswich, Suffolk

Mobile hairdresser with 14 years experience.  Qualified to the highest level of level 3 and level 2 in barbering also hold COVID 19...

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Mobile Hairdresser thumb-24581
Mobile Hairdresser thumb-24582
Mobile Hairdresser thumb-24583

Leicester, Leicestershire

Hi. I'm a mobile-only hairdresser, nail technician and makeup artist. I cover all of Leicester and the surrounding areas. With advanced...

Leicester Mobile Hairdresser thumb-24572
Leicester Mobile Hairdresser thumb-24573
Leicester Mobile Hairdresser thumb-24574
Leicester Mobile Hairdresser thumb-24575

Bradford, West Yorkshire

Hi,  I am fully insured & qualified hair extensions technician starting in 2005, I have over 10 Years experience fitting...

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Special Offers! Hair Extensions Specialists thumb-24565
Special Offers! Hair Extensions Specialists thumb-24566
Special Offers! Hair Extensions Specialists thumb-24567

Bristol, South West England

We are offering a chair for daily rent starting from £30. This is perfect for any freelance hairdresser looking to promote their...


Barking and Dagenham, East London

Contact to book an appointment.  Home Services Available for Additional cost.  Braids.  Shoulder length...

Weave/Afro-Caribbean Hairdresser thumb-24553
Weave/Afro-Caribbean Hairdresser thumb-24554
Weave/Afro-Caribbean Hairdresser thumb-24555
Weave/Afro-Caribbean Hairdresser thumb-24556

Croydon, South London

Hi, my name is Sam I’ve been a barber for the last four years.  Due to the current situation, I’m offering my barbering...


Seven Sisters, North London

Available in north, east, central London and Hertfordshire.  7 years experienced barbershop owner.  ( all tools are thoroughly...

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Acton, West London

Hello,  My name is Ibrahim, I’m offering mobile barber services in W3 East Acton.  Hair Cut.  Skin fade. ...

Mobile Barber Services in W3 East Acton thumb-24536
Mobile Barber Services in W3 East Acton thumb-24537
Mobile Barber Services in W3 East Acton thumb-24538

Clapham, South West London

Hi there, my name is Jose and I’m here to help your quarantine hair and beards.  I am based in Clapham but can travel to...

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Mobile Barber - 12 Years Experience & Professional thumb-24532

Hairdressing and barbering have been a staple of the UK for centuries, with many people taking advantage of these services to keep their hair in good condition and look their best. Whether you’re looking for a simple trim or more adventurous styling, hairdressing services provide myriad benefits that make them an invaluable asset. From the convenience of scheduling appointments to the relaxing environment of salons, here are five great benefits of using professional hairdresser and barber services in the United Kingdom.

Professional Advice

When it comes to styling your hair, whether you’re going for a dramatic change or just want to give your usual look a bit of a refresh, it can be daunting to try something new without any advice or guidance. Fortunately, when you visit a professional hairdresser or barber they can help you find exactly what suits your face shape, lifestyle and personality best – as well as provide tips and tricks on how to take care of your hair between visits. With so much experience under their belts, they can also provide helpful advice on products that can benefit your hair type and give you product recommendations if needed.

Extensive Services

When you visit a professional salon or barbershop, you aren't limited to just a few basic cuts; there are plenty of other services available too! From specialist colouring techniques such as balayage and ombre to pampering treatments like scalp massages, deep conditioning masks and complimentary blow-drys - all these provide an experience that will see you leaving feeling transformed inside and out. Many places even offer to wax services if you want to get rid of any unwanted facial or body hair!

Relaxation & Pampering

A trip to the hairdresser is not only about getting your hair done – it is also about relaxation and pampering yourself! Salons often offer scalp massage chairs which provide stress relief while cutting your hair; this helps keep the tension away from neck muscles during the service so that you leave feeling relaxed with no pain afterwards. Additionally, many salons offer complimentary head massages which feel incredible after sitting in one place for extended periods of time – something we all need in our busy schedules! Furthermore, most places now include aromatherapy oils infused into their shampoos which add another layer of relaxation during your session - perfect for escaping from everyday life’s stresses for an hour or two!

Hygiene & Safety

The safety elements in salons are incredibly important and should never be neglected – but unfortunately, this still happens sometimes when visiting independent hairdressers or barbers who may not follow stringent hygiene standards like those employed by professional establishments. Professional salons guarantee cleanliness with strict protocols on sterilising equipment before every customer uses it; this keeps both clients and staff safe as well as ensures quality results each time someone visits them! All salon staff must also adhere to Covid-19 safety regulations set out by the government – so if ever unsure don’t hesitate to ask them directly about their practices before booking an appointment.

Convenience & Flexibility

One major benefit when it comes to using professional hairdressing services is their convenience factor - especially beneficial during times like these when there may be restrictions on movement imposed due to coronavirus social distancing measures! Most salons/barbershops are open during flexible hours throughout weekdays as well as weekends (and some even stay open late!), making sure they accommodate everyone's individual needs while providing great value-for-money service at the same time. Also having a personalised appointment means that customers can choose exactly when suits them best rather than waiting around in queues at walk-in shops; this makes it easier than ever before for people who work long shifts or have children at home etc., saving valuable time while making sure they always look their absolute best!