Who are the most experienced and professional electricians in your area? You can find that out by simply having a look at Romb’s comprehensive selection of service providers in the industry.

New Forest, Hampshire

Pattco provides electrical testing services to the commercial and industrial sectors, nationally and overseas, where UK wiring...


City of Edinburgh, Midlothian

Multi award winning Ideal Electrical Solutions are electricians who operate in Edinburgh, East Lothian and Midlothian. We are...


Knowsley, Lancashire

Established since 2006, RM THOMPSON has consistently maintained high standards from its inception to the present day. As a family-run...


Outside UK / Bedford, Bedfordshire


Illuminate your world with our best lighting solutions. At United Electrical Company, we're dedicated to brightening your spaces with...


Brent, North West London

Baxi Service promises to be your preferred destination if you are looking for the best Baxi Boiler Service in London. We have a decent...


Stevenage, Hertfordshire

C.K Electrical Contractors are specialist Stevenage electricians and have been providing quality electrical services for over 20 years.


Blaby, Leicestershire

Glenfield Electrical are commercial, domestic & industrial electrical contractors providing electrical installation services, including...


Wigan, Greater Manchester

We are Rannard Electrical Solutions Ltd, we offer friendly and reliable Solar services to the whole of the UK. Experienced electricians...


Richmond upon Thames, South West London

Need a reliable electrician Our emergency electrical services in the are available 247 for all your electrical needs Contact us for a...


Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire

RDC Electrical Milton Keynes is a reputable business dedicated to delivering top-quality electrical installation and testing services....


Swansea, Wales

harging an electric vehicle at home is the most convenient and cheapest way to charge, however this is currently only available to...


Breckland, Norfolk

Electric11 are Local Electricians covering Wymondham, Attleborough and the surrounding area. We undertake all types of electrical works,...


Southwark, South East London

Welcome to Fantastic Electricians, your trusted electrical service provider in London! We specialize in light fittings installation and...


Waltham Forest, North East London

We provide all aspects of electrical installations and electrical repairs services. Our electrician in London are here to meet all your...



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Liverpool, Merseyside

Welcome to Connex Electrical. We are a family-run business providing domestic and commercial electrical services in Liverpool and the...


Worthing, West Sussex

SRS Electrical Innovations Ltd – We are fully qualified and highly skilled electrical company covering the areas of London, Surrey,...


There is almost no home existing in the world nowadays that does not use the power of electricity. Electricity brings us comfort, functionality and we cannot imagine living without it. However, electricity should be handled and worked with care and with some precautions. Plus, whenever something goes wrong with the electric system of your home, you will look for the help of a professional electrician. Since you put so much trust in the skills and help of an electrician, here are some important things that every professional electrician wants you to know and keep in mind.

Tip by an Electrician: Warning Signs

Every professional electrician will tell you that the most important thing for your own safety and the safety of your home is never ignoring warning signs and red flags that indicate problems in the electrical system of your home. An electrician would recommend you to pay attention to things like popping noises from outlets, light switches that get too hot, breakers not resetting, other electrical issues. As an electrician would say – never neglect these things that may not seem like a serious issue at first, however, they can lead to bigger and more serious problems. Therefore, whenever you need to take care of such issues, make sure to contact a reliable and experienced electrician.

Tip by an Electrician: Know Your DIY Limits

Every electrician knows that many people, whenever they notice a small electrical issue around the house, may want to try to test their DIY skills and resolve the issue without the help of a professional electrician. However, when it comes to electricity, every professional electrician would recommend you to not even try to explore your DIY limits if you don’t have any previous experience. And even if you have, you better leave the job in the reliable hands of an experienced and reliable electrician. A professional electrician has all the knowledge needed for them to resolve problems with safety. So as an electrician would tell you, it is very important to know your boundaries and the limits of your skills.

Tip by an Electrician: White Is Not Always Neutral, Black Is Not Always Live

It is one of the electrician’s basics and even you, with no particular experience as a handyman, may know that basic rule that white is neutral and black is live. However, as a good electrician knows, this is not always the case. A good and experienced electrician knows that the electrical system of a home is very large, very complicated and often full of surprises like this one. Therefore, you are always recommended to hire the professional help of an electrician before assuming that everything works a particular way. Before you decide to work on a line yourself, always use a non-contact voltage tester.

Tip by an Electrician: Low Voltage Is Also Dangerous

Many people assume that working with really low voltage is not dangerous at all. A good electrician would tell you that working with low voltage can also be dangerous, especially in non-experienced hands. Therefore, an electrician would always recommend you to take basic precautions even when working with a low-voltage system. As an electrician would suggest, the best way is to treat low-voltage wiring as a standard one and work really carefully. At the end of the day, one important rule you want to remember is that it is not the voltage that is dangerous, but the current. It is possible to happen that low-voltage wiring draws higher than the safe current and in such cases, you will be really thankful for taking the right safety precautions.

Tip by an electrician: Warning signs
Tip by an electrician: Know your DIY limits
Tip by an electrician: White is not always neutral, black is not always live
Tip by an electrician: Low voltage is also dangerous