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Looking for painters decorators in London? We are a bespoke painting and decorating service established in 2007, described by the Daily...



A home is a haven where the deepest affection is felt. It is comfortable, warm, welcoming and is representative of the those that live...



We have a large 2500 square foot air-conditioned showroom in the heart of Horsham, West Sussex with free parking and are the biggest...


Westminster, Central London

Hi there,  I am a freelance Interior Designer with experience with both high end residential and commercial projects (hotels,...

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City of London, Central London

Jessica Lightbody has a BA (Hons) degree in Interior Architecture & Design from Westminister University | Hotel, Restaurant, Retail,...

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City of London, Central London

Real Animation works ltd.  Interior Design services. Commercial and Residential.  Services:  All of our residential,...

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Stirling, Stirling

Hi there! I'm a junior interior designer and back in the Stirling area for the foreseeable future and wanting to offer my interior...

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Hackney, North East London

Showy Interiors is a small start-up Interior design business based in Hackney East London born from my love of designing spaces. As an...

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Caerphilly, Caerphilly

Our friendly interior and architectural design services is tailored for mainly residential and commercial projects... With nearly 10...

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Newham, East London

Local Planner is a team of experienced planning consultants, designers, planners, structural engineers, and party wall surveyors. ...


Westminster, Central London

-planning permission for a loft conversion, extensions, & conversions.  Plans prepared, house drawings by computer, ...

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City of London, Central London

WHO WE ARE:  Tectonics Architecture & Build is an architectural practice based in London's iconic Canary Wharf area. Our...

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Manchester, Greater Manchester

Property Maintainess Services.  Bespoke: Kitchens Installation, Tiling walls and floors, Wooden flooring. Electrics, Light...

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Interior design services have become increasingly popular in the United Kingdom, as more and more people recognize their importance in creating beautiful, functional spaces within their homes. Interior designers are not only able to transform a room into something that is aesthetically pleasing but are also instrumental in helping homeowners maximise their living space. With an interior designer's expertise, homeowners can enjoy a home that is both comfortable and stylish. 

Increased Functionality & Comfort

Interior design services can be incredibly beneficial to homeowners looking to increase the functionality and comfort of their living spaces. By working with an experienced professional designer, homeowners can ensure that all aspects of a room, from wall colour to furniture placement, are taken into consideration when putting together a cohesive design plan. This means that each item in the room will be carefully chosen to ensure maximum efficiency and maximum comfort for the homeowner.

Save Time & Money

Using interior design services can also save homeowners both time and money by avoiding costly mistakes or unnecessary purchases. Designers have access to resources not available to average consumers which allows them to source materials quickly and at affordable prices. Furthermore, designers may be aware of existing furnishings which could be re-upholstered or refinished instead of replaced, helping reduce overall costs while still achieving desired results.

Professionalism & Expertise

When working with an experienced interior designer, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving quality workmanship from someone who has specialized knowledge in the field. With decades of experience under their belts, these professionals know what works best within each unique space and have access to resources not available on the retail market which allows them to create stunning designs tailored specifically for individual clients’ needs. Sophisticated layouts coupled with innovative materials will bring any room up-to-date while maintaining a timeless appeal.

Aesthetic Appeal & Style

In addition to functionality and comfort, interior design services provide aesthetic appeal to any space whether it’s modern or traditional in style. With an eye for detail and a creative flair for colour combinations, designers are able to create stunning interiors that perfectly reflect their client's individual tastes and preferences. Whether it’s traditional country elegance or sleek urban chic – there is something for everyone when it comes to designing a room with personality and style!

Lasting Value & Enjoyment

When investing in quality interior design services from professionals like those at Mattison Interiors Ltd., homeowners can expect lasting value from not only enjoying the aesthetics of their newly designed rooms but also from increasing the value of their property should they choose to sell later down the line - allowing them to make back some (if not all) of their investment! Moreover, each chosen aspect within a room has been meticulously thought out so that owners can truly enjoy each element whilst making use of them daily - creating a harmonious living environment where one loves being surrounded by beauty every day!