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Southwark, South East London

Bermondsey Electronics work in the middle of the product design world. Imagine for example if you wanted to created a pen that when you...



Multi-Room Audio Specialists Providing the Highest Quality of Home Audio-Visual and Smart Home Systems. stunning audio system for...


Kinghorn, Fife


Brand new still in the box. Play music, ask questions etc.  Connect to the internet and control lights /music etc by voice control.

Google Home Hub Smart Speaker thumb-44316

Cranbrook, Kent


Bought for a house renovation but didn't end up using it. As new, never used before.

Nest Thermostat E - White, Heating, Smart Home thumb-44312
Nest Thermostat E - White, Heating, Smart Home thumb-44313
Nest Thermostat E - White, Heating, Smart Home thumb-44314

Esher, Surrey


Harman Kardon Citation 500. Condition is Sealed and Brand New. Cash on Collection in person only.  The Harman Kardon Citation 500...


Wimbledon, South West London


Google Home Mini assistant smart speaker - chalk. Never been used. Was sitting in the box. Condition is like new.

Google Home Mini Assistant Smart Speaker thumb-44308
Google Home Mini Assistant Smart Speaker thumb-44309

Gloucester, Gloucestershire


Hardly used, in excellent condition.  Just say OK Google and the Google Home Mini responds, hands-free control over your home...


Leeds, West Yorkshire


As per title. 2 HDMI ports. 2 USB ports.Great telly, great picture. Remote is clean and works fine. Open to offers.

32Inch Samsung Smart TV. Excellent Condition thumb-44277
32Inch Samsung Smart TV. Excellent Condition thumb-44278
32Inch Samsung Smart TV. Excellent Condition thumb-44279

Uxbridge, West London


Alexa is always happy to help: manage your day and get instant information. Check weather and traffic on your way out.  Voice...


Wisbech, Cambridgeshire


Samsung 5.1 3D blueray smart home cinema all boxed ready to go only been used a hand full of times very good condition and works as it...

Samsung 5.1 Smart 3D Home Cinema System thumb-44271
Samsung 5.1 Smart 3D Home Cinema System thumb-44272
Samsung 5.1 Smart 3D Home Cinema System thumb-44273
Samsung 5.1 Smart 3D Home Cinema System thumb-44274

Ballymena, County Antrim


Unused, boxed Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit.  Features and benefits:  Full control when home or away via the Yale home app....

Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit, with Extras thumb-44265
Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit, with Extras thumb-44266
Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit, with Extras thumb-44267
Yale Smart Home Alarm Kit, with Extras thumb-44268

Solihull, West Midlands


New. Unwanted present. X Smart Home Wireless Doorbell.

X Smart Home Wireless Doorbell thumb-44262
X Smart Home Wireless Doorbell thumb-44263

Buying a Smart Home Solution in the UK has become an increasingly popular option for homeowners as it offers a range of benefits that can make our daily lives easier and more convenient. Smart Home Solutions allow you to stay connected to your home from anywhere in the world, giving you control over your home environment and access to new capabilities. Whether you are looking for convenience, security, or energy efficiency, there are numerous advantages to investing in Smart Home Solutions in the UK. 

Increased Convenience

Smart Home Solutions allow you to automate many tasks that would otherwise be time-consuming and tedious. From setting up automated lights and temperature controls to scheduling reminders and alerts, these systems offer an unparalleled level of convenience that can make your life much easier and less stressful. With a smart home system, you can also set up voice commands so that you can control various aspects of your home with just your voice – making it even easier for you to stay organized and on top of things.

Enhanced Security

Smart Home Solutions provide enhanced security measures compared to traditional alarm systems. Smart sensors can detect activity within a house when it is empty, allowing you to monitor any suspicious activity from anywhere in the world via a smartphone or tablet. You can also receive real-time notifications about any unusual activity happening in your home so that you know if something needs your attention right away. Additionally, some smart home systems also allow users to remotely lock doors from their phones or tablets – giving homeowners peace of mind even when they're away from their homes.

Energy Efficiency Boosts

Investing in a Smart Home Solution means that you have greater control over how much energy is being used in your home - helping save money on utility bills while reducing environmental impacts. Many systems come with features such as geofencing which allows users to adjust lighting levels automatically depending on where they are located; motion sensors which optimize energy use by turning off lights when no one is present; and temperature sensors which help maintain optimal temperatures inside the house while using minimal energy resources. These features help ensure that energy is being used only when needed while still maximizing comfort levels inside the house - ultimately resulting in significant savings on utility bills over time.

Customization Possibilities

Another major benefit of investing in a Smart Home Solution is the ability for users to customize their experience according to their individual needs and preferences - allowing them to create a space perfect for their lifestyle. With features like advanced analytics which track usage habits over time; personalized climate control settings tailored specifically for each family member; voice command capabilities; and remote access options enabling users to check up on their homes at any time - Smart Homes have become highly customizable spaces which provide unique benefits tailored precisely towards what each user wants out of their living environment.

Easy Installation Processes

Installing a Smart Home System used to require complicated wiring processes – but this has now changed thanks to advancements in technology such as WiFi-enabled devices and Bluetooth-enabled appliances which make setup much simpler than before. This means that just about anyone with basic tech knowledge can install most standard Smart Home Systems without having any prior experience or expertise – allowing homeowners who want quick installation processes without needing professional help or assistance from retailers to get access quickly and easily without having any troubles fitting it into their schedule or budget constraints.