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Leyton, East London


Welcome to in car music, east london's leading stockists & installer of car audio & security products, car dvd & navigation....

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Bromley, South East London


With its distinctive and slick looks, the BT-2800 is an attractive solution to your hands-free requirements. Simply attach the unit to...

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Fakenham, Norfolk


Handsfree Nokia car kit. All in excellent working order and complete with installation kit and instructions. £20 ono. 


Bristol, South West England


Parrot Minikit Neo 2 HD Hands-Free Car Kit Boxed In Great Condition - as new.  Voice-controlled Bluetooth visor kit with HD...


Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear


The Microphone is designed for use with Wired and Bluetooth Stereos where an external mic does not exist or needs replacing.  Kit...

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Leytonstone, East London


Fast and Intelligent Charger: This Bluetooth Car charger comes with USB output 5V/2.5A. It is able to charge devices fast. It will...

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Northolt, West London


Connecting to the car's aux socket this then communicates via Bluetooth with your phone, so you can make and receive calls, and listen...

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Buying a mobile phone car kit or handsfree device is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. With so many great benefits and features, it’s not surprising that drivers across the country are choosing to install these gadgets in their vehicles. Not only do they offer convenience, but they also provide an added sense of safety when driving. From the improved sound quality and wireless charging capabilities to hands-free calling and more, investing in a car kit or handsfree device can make your journeys smoother, safer and more enjoyable. Take a closer look at the top five advantages of buying mobile phone car kits & handsfree devices in the UK.

Enhanced Safety

One of the main benefits of installing a car kit or handsfree device is enhanced safety while on the road. By keeping both hands free from holding a phone and eyes off screens, you can reduce distractions while driving and stay focused on the task of navigating safely around traffic. Additionally, most modern models feature voice commands allowing you to access functions such as music or navigation without taking your eyes away from the road ahead.

Improved Sound Quality

Another advantage of investing in a mobile phone car kit & handsfree device is greatly improved sound quality when making calls on your mobile phone while driving. With noise cancellation technology built into many modern models, conversations are crisper and clearer than ever before meaning you don’t miss out on important details or become frustrated by poor connection quality. Furthermore, some models even come with additional features such as adjustable volume levels for further customisation options for better audio quality when speaking on the go.

Wireless Charging Capabilities

In addition to improved sound quality, many modern mobile phone car kits & handsfree devices boast wireless charging capabilities that allow users to keep their phones powered up even whilst driving long distances. This means no more worrying about cables getting tangled up whilst travelling around - all you need to do is place your handset onto its designated spot within the vehicle for instant power-up! Keep in mind though that some cars may require specialist installation due to compatibility issues with certain brands and models of smartphones - so make sure to check ahead if you plan on investing in this type of gadget!

Hands-Free Calling

Another great benefit of having a car kit or handsfree device installed is being able to make calls while behind the wheel without needing to pick up your handset physically - perfect for those who need to keep their attention firmly fixed on driving! Most modern sets feature dedicated buttons which allow you to answer calls with just one press - no fumbling around trying to pick up your phone needed! Many also come with automated voice services which enable users to control functions such as volume levels without needing physical contact with any controls or buttons either - perfect for when you need both paws firmly gripping onto that steering wheel!


Investing into a mobile phone car kit & handsfree device offers an overall greater level of convenience compared to using your smartphone alone whilst behind the wheel. Easy access controls and automated services such as automatic connection setup upon entering vehicle mode mean that using this type of gadget is both easier and quicker than ever before - perfect for those moments when time really matters! Moreover, some brands even offer additional services such as emergency call assistance should any problems arise during longer journeys too - providing peace-of-mind further down the line as well!