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Greenwich, South East London

We cover London and the surrounding counties. Providing security systems for business and residential customers.  We provide FREE...

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Wallsend, Tyne and Wear


Response SL3 wireless house security alarm.  Includes external alarm box, control panel, 2 PIR & 2 contacts & instruction...

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Portadown, County Armagh


Mi Guard alarm system.  Never used still in the box.  One control panel, 2 pet friendly, PIR motion sensors (two way) 3...


Fareham, Hampshire


Bought before we moved never put it in as no longer need it new in box grab a bargain.

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Birmingham, West Midlands


We do low-cost his vision CCTV camera package installations from £199.  2/3 MP.  5MP 4K.  8MP 4K.  As well...


Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire


BUNKER can provide CCTV or Alarm Systems for your home or business.  We can assist you in tailoring the most effective design to...

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Birmingham, West Midlands


Grade 2 insurance approved alarms system. Dont be fooled by cheaper diy alarms system, that are not grade 2 approved alarm...


Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire


Two realistic-looking dummy security cameras plus one solar alarm system. Brand new and unused as I bought more than required. An...

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Harrow, North West London


We are DSL Smart Security - sale CCTV / Alarm products and Install systems at your property for a reasonable price.  -...

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Manchester, Greater Manchester


Wireless Alarm System £300 Fully Installed.  The most award-winning wireless security system in Europe.  What you...

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Alarms & CCTV Systems are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. The benefits of having such a security system in place can be substantial, providing safety and peace of mind to property owners. Not only can they help protect against potential intruders, but they may also provide additional benefits such as monitoring of staff, deterring antisocial behaviour and reducing insurance premiums. Look at five key benefits of buying Alarms & CCTV Systems in the UK, with more detail and facts than you may find elsewhere.

Increased Security

When an intruder attempts to gain access to a property protected by an alarm system they are likely to be deterred by the sound which is typically generated when the alarm is triggered. This sound alone can make a big difference in terms of discouraging potential thieves or intruders from entering your property. Additionally, alarms that are linked to a central control room may alert police and other emergency services who will then take appropriate action (e.g., dispatching officers).

Improved Safety

Alarm systems offer an additional layer of protection for people on the premises at night or when there is nobody else around. With sensors that detect intrusions or movement inside or outside buildings, alarms are designed to trigger if someone enters without permission - alerting anyone nearby that there may be an intruder. This extra layer of protection ensures people living in properties feel safe and secure even when home alone.

Reduced Insurance Costs

By installing an alarm system it is possible to reduce insurance premiums as most home insurers give discounts on premiums for homes equipped with suitable security systems – so investing in one could potentially save you money over time! There are certain criteria which must be met before any insurance discounts are approved; therefore it is important to consult your insurer before making any purchases.

Monitoring Staff Performance

For businesses such as shops or warehouses where staff members work alone for long periods at night, CCTV systems can be useful for monitoring their performance and ensuring that regulations are being followed correctly (e.g., access policies). They can also pick up any suspicious activity that may occur nearby – which could include theft or vandalism – allowing employers to investigate further if necessary.

Deterring Anti-social Behaviour

CCTV cameras act as a powerful deterrent to anti-social behaviour such as graffiti or littering near homes or businesses; criminals think twice when they know their actions will be caught on camera! Having visible surveillance systems installed can give passers-by the impression that someone is always watching what happens around the property - making them less likely to act out any criminal intentions they might have had initially.