Aerial, Satellite and IPTV

Looking for the best aerial, satellite & IPTV offers in town? Romb is your trusted helping hand, we have made the selection for you, check out these listings and deals.

Palmers Green, North London

Established in London UK since 1998, and over 25 years of experience, we are happy to offer a professional and reliable service in the...

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Hayes, West London

We provide effective security solutions to our clients through professional CCTV systems installation, an excellent maintenance service...

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Worcester, Worcestershire


Brand new comes with clamps. Heavy-duty swan neck satellite/aerial pole.


Fareham, Hampshire


Solid satellite aerial,2x heads and bracket as per photos.  Ideal for international receiver boxes.

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Boldon, Tyne and Wear


18-inch brackets to erect satellite dish, Tv aerial or flag pole. Galvanised steel. Only £5.

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Glasgow, Scotland

All aerial and Satellite work carried out.  CCTV Systems,  Alarms,  Freeview,  Freesat,  BT Vision,  TVs...

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Manchester, Greater Manchester

Elec-sat Installation has been established since 1986 and specialises in the supply, design and installation of domestic and commercial...

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Sevenoaks, Kent

With over 10 years of experience, Sublime AV should be your first choice for all TV aerial installations, Freeview aerial installations,...

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Catford, South East London

We are High Vision Digital. We can Install or repair all of of your Satellite/Freeview Aerial or CCTV requirements.

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Since the advent of television, Aerial, Satellite and IPTV have revolutionized how people in the UK receive their TV signals. With their benefits far outweighing their limitations, it is easy to understand why this technology continues to be popular in the UK today. From providing access to a wider range of channels to enabling higher-definition viewing experiences, there is a myriad of reasons why customers should invest in these signal types. Explore some of the key benefits that Aerial, Satellite and IPTV bring to users in the UK.

Access to More Channels

Probably one of the most appealing aspects of using an Aerial, Satellite or IPTV is that they provide access to a far greater range of channels than terrestrial TV options alone can offer. This means that customers who opt for these signal types can watch more varied content that may not be available through traditional TV broadcasts. As well as providing more choice when it comes to shows and movies, viewers can also enjoy quality sports coverage from multiple sources at once - something which would otherwise require them to have multiple subscriptions with different providers.

Greater Convenience

Aside from offering greater variety when it comes to content selection, Aerial, Satellite and IPTV also provide users with enhanced convenience compared to traditional broadcast methods. This is because all three signal types rely upon digital formats which allow for quicker transmission speeds and smoother images – meaning that viewers don’t have to wait for long buffer times before enjoying their favourite shows or movies. Additionally, online-based providers like IPTV often make it easier for viewers to record shows or movies so they can watch them on their own schedule later on down the line – making it even simpler for consumers’ needs and preferences when it comes to content consumption habits.

Higher Quality Picture

Due largely in part due to their digital nature, Aerial, Satellite and IPTV signals also boast superior picture qualities compared to standard analogue ones - allowing users in the UK access HD and Ultra HD resolutions (depending on their device capabilities) that provide truly breathtaking visuals with reduced blurriness and higher levels of detail than ever before seen through traditional terrestrial broadcasts. This means viewers can enjoy crystal clear images across all devices – whether they are watching via a satellite dish on their TV set or streaming directly onto a laptop or smartphone over Wifi connection – making for an immersive experience every time they tune into their favourite show or movie!

Easy To Install

Another practical benefit of using these signal types is that many models come pre-equipped with everything you need for installation so all you need do is plug them into your compatible device (e.g., television set) and you’re good to go! This makes setting up easy enough even for those who aren’t particularly tech-savvy – meaning anyone can take advantage of these signal types without needing professional assistance during the installation process as you would often require when setting up certain other cable/satellite services out there today!

Cost Effective Option

Opting for an aerial/satellite/IPTV system offers cost-effective alternatives compared to some other subscription services available within the UK market today - especially when factoring in some introductory discounts provided by many service providers which help offset initial purchase costs making such services much more affordable upfront than they might first appear at face value! Additionally, most providers will charge no additional trading fees beyond what has already been agreed upon which further helps reduce any extra recurring expenses associated with such contracts – making them ideal solutions if you are looking for ways to cut back on your monthly spending yet still reap all the benefits associated with high-quality digital viewing experiences!