Top Tips for Keeping Your Smartphone Secure


Even if it is something as small as using a pin code for unlocking your smartphone as protection, there are many things you can do in order to ensure the security of the device you are using on a daily basis as well as the protection of your own personal information. It should be one of your priorities to do so, therefore, today we list seven of the simplest yet effective ways to help you boost the security of your smartphone.

Avoid Giving Out Personal Information

You get a text message and it looks like it is coming from your bank or some sort of service provider you have. However, is this text message really coming from them or it is a fraudulent activity? In case you get a request or text requiring an account or personal information from a business, if you are in doubt whether this is really the business contacting you or a scam, make sure to contact the business and confirm the message is coming really from them. You should also be very cautious when tapping on links you can find in unsolicited emails or texts you get.

Use a Pin or Password to Lock Your Phone

This should be common sense already, but if you need a reminder – you need to use a pin, password or another pattern to lock your mobile phone. Setting one up is pretty easy and straightforward. If your smartphone uses an Android operating system, simply go to Location and Security Settings and there you will be able to see and follow the instructions. In case you are a user of an iOS smartphone, you can find such functions in the General options of their settings.

Download Only from Trusted Stores

Do you want to download a new game or an app? Make sure you are downloading from trusted stores only. Do not forget to check the ratings and reviews. Do not forget to also read the app’s privacy policy which will provide you with more information on what features of your smartphone the app will have access to.

Always Back Up Your Data

We cannot even count how many hearts wouldn’t be broken if we all backed up the data on our smartphones. Backing up your data is not as much for the security of your phone but more for protection and restoring of all the data and information you store on your phone if something happens with it. There are many apps you can use for storing all your pictures, videos, music, documents and more.

Regularly Update Your OS and Apps

This one is important so you can keep your smartphone running, but also ensure higher security for it. By regularly updating your smartphone’s software and operating system you are not only getting new features but also better protection and security.

Log Out of Websites After Making a Payment

Do you love online shopping with the help of your smartphone? There is nothing wrong or bad with that, just make sure you close the website you are shopping from after you make the payment and transactions are complete. Avoid making transactions online when you are on public Wi-Fi.

Turn Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth When Not Using It

This will prevent thieves and scammers from connecting your smartphone and stealing files and personal information and data.


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