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Aberdeen, Scotland


Perfect condition. Collection Kingseat B&O home phones.

B&O Home Phones thumb-44254
B&O Home Phones thumb-44255

Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Panasonic cordless home phone with built-in answerphone Cordless home phone + answering machine.

Cordless Home Phone + Answering Machine thumb-44252

Herne Bay, Kent


Just bought a new style.  Few little scratches on the glossy black surface.  Comes from a smoke-free home and non-smoker.

Idect Home Phone thumb-44248
Idect Home Phone thumb-44249
Idect Home Phone thumb-44250

Eastleigh, Hampshire


Binatone digital home cordless phone. Super condition. Used for 3 months. Boxed with all accessories shown. Perfect working order. Fair...

Binatone Digital Home Cordless Phone thumb-44245
Binatone Digital Home Cordless Phone thumb-44246

Salford, Greater Manchester


Brand new and boxed big button home phone.  Easy to read big buttons.  Desk/wall mountable.  Hands-free...

Big Button Home Phone (Brand New) thumb-44243

Ealing, West London


Binatone blue landline home phone. To be fitted on a wall or surface. With microfilter.


Ealing Common, West London


White landline home phone with the microfilter. To be fitted on a wall or surface.


Diss, Norfolk


Panasonic cordless home phone, good working order just no longer needed.  Instructions included.  Collection only.

Panasonic Cordless Home Phone KX-TG6611 thumb-44238
Panasonic Cordless Home Phone KX-TG6611 thumb-44239

Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire


Bought 2019 all working order complete set nice in white bought for parents but keypad to small for them may need new batteries looks...

BT Premium Cordless Home Phone White thumb-44236

Falkirk, Falkirk


1 year old, infrequently used in a home office, good condition and all working as a set.  BT 8600 Trio DECT Cordless Phones with...

BT 8600 Trio Advanced Call Blocker Cordless Home Phone Set thumb-44234

In the UK, Home Phones & Answering Machines offer a wide variety of benefits for the user. From convenience and ease of use to cost-effectiveness and quality of service, there are numerous advantages to owning a Home Phone & Answering Machine. Explore five distinct benefits of buying Home Phones & Answering Machines in the UK, as well as some examples of how they can improve your life with their features and capabilities. So let's get started!


Home Phones and Answering Machines afford users unmatched convenience in keeping track of all their incoming calls. The ability to store up to twenty numbers in the memory means you never have to worry about missing an important call again. In addition, most models come with a built-in answering machine that can be set up to record messages when you're away or busy on another line. This eliminates the need for you to manually answer every call that comes in and saves you plenty of time throughout the day.


Investing in a Home Phone & Answering Machine is an extremely cost-effective way to stay connected with friends and family members both near and far. As compared to other forms of communication such as cell phones or landlines, home phone systems allow for much cheaper calls across multiple distances without sacrificing quality or reliability. This makes it the perfect option if you want reliable communication at an affordable price point.


When it comes to flexibility and portability, Home Phone & Answering Machines are second to none. Most models come with handsets that allow users to take them around their home or even outside without losing connection due to range limits like traditional landlines might suffer from. This makes them an incredibly versatile solution for those who regularly move between locations or just like having freedom over where they talk on the phone without worrying about connection drops.

Quality Of Service

While affordability is one thing, there's no denying that quality matters too when it comes to choosing the right Home Phone & Answering Machine system for your needs. Many models come with noise cancellation technology that ensures crystal clear sound during every call regardless of external noise levels or weather conditions outside your home. Additionally, some models feature built-in voicemail services so that you can still access incoming messages even if you don't pick up the phone on time or when unavailable for any reason whatsoever.

Customer Support

One final benefit worth mentioning is the customer support which plays a major role in ensuring your satisfaction with any telecom product you purchase from any brand name provider online or offline in the UK market today. Most providers offer extensive pre-sales assistance so that customers can make sure they are getting exactly what they need before spending money on any particular model while post-sales assistance includes help desk services via toll-free hotline numbers so that customers can reach out anytime they encounter any problems related to their devices such as technical issues or defective parts etc.