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Bournemouth, Dorset


Finished University over the summer and no longer need this helpful piece of literature.  The Business of Sport Management, 2013,...


Bournemouth, Dorset


Finished University this summer and no longer need this book.  Managing Sport Finance, 2011, Robert Wilson, 1st Edition.  The...


Plymouth, Devon


Sports nutrition for women. Books, Comics & Magazines in Plymouth.

Sports Nutrition for Women thumb-47602

Leicester, Leicestershire


Hardback, colour illustrated textbook. Very good condition, no highlighter, ink, creases or rips.  5th Edition.  523...

Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology - Book thumb-47599
Foundations of Sport and Exercise Psychology - Book thumb-47600

Bristol, South West England


Both books are in very good condition. There is some damage to the back of the dust jacket of ‘Fowler’.  For collection...


Edinburgh, Scotland


Stirling moss 2nd book of motorsport, published in 1958, in good condition but the dust jacket is rough around the edges.

Stirling Moss 2Nd Book of Motor Sport thumb-47593
Stirling Moss 2Nd Book of Motor Sport thumb-47594
Stirling Moss 2Nd Book of Motor Sport thumb-47595
Stirling Moss 2Nd Book of Motor Sport thumb-47596

Larkhall, South Lanarkshire


Brand new condition rare only 10'000 made.  Perfect gift for the F1 sports fan or for a collector's.

F1 Sports Memorabilia Winnow Your Words Kimi's Book of Haiku thumb-47589
F1 Sports Memorabilia Winnow Your Words Kimi's Book of Haiku thumb-47590
F1 Sports Memorabilia Winnow Your Words Kimi's Book of Haiku thumb-47591

Manchester, Greater Manchester


Collection of 34 Sport related books for sale Topics include: Football/Running/Cycling/Cricket.  All books read once and still in...


Carmarthen, Carmarthenshire


Swansea city programs 1980s.  News of the world football annuals.  Glamorgan cricket yearbooks.  Various cricket...

Rare Sports Book Collection thumb-47583
Rare Sports Book Collection thumb-47584
Rare Sports Book Collection thumb-47585
Rare Sports Book Collection thumb-47586

Chippenham, Wiltshire


A range of sports science books used whilst at University as part of my Sports Science degree.  Like new.  Collection only:...


Sports books and magazines are a great way to stay up to date on the latest trends, news, and events in the world of sports. In the UK, there are numerous publishers offering a variety of quality publications that provide informative and entertaining content for readers. From professional sporting leagues to amateur teams, there is something for everyone. Buying sports books and magazines in the UK can be beneficial in numerous ways, providing entertainment, knowledge, and insight into the world of sports.


Sports books and magazines offer great convenience when it comes to accessing knowledge about your favourite team or sport. Whether you're looking for team stats or simply want to read up on what's going on in your favourite league, purchasing a magazine or book is an easy way to get access to all the information you need without having to search through hundreds of websites. Additionally, these publications are available both in print form as well as digitally meaning readers have even more options for how they want to access their content.


For those who like collecting sports books and magazines, buying them from UK publishers can save you money over time compared with buying from international sources. Many UK publishers will offer discounts when you subscribe or if you buy multiple issues at once. This allows readers to get their favourite publications at reduced rates making it easier for them to stay updated without breaking the bank.


The UK offers a wide variety of sports-related publications that cater to all sorts of interests. Whether you're interested in football, rugby, cricket or any other kind of sport there are likely multiple magazines or books dedicated solely to that subject matter giving readers plenty of options when deciding which one they'd like to purchase. Additionally, many titles are published regularly so readers don't have to wait long after they've bought one issue before being able to buy another one covering a different topic or event.

Quality Content

When purchasing sports books and magazines from UK publishers readers can be sure that they'll be getting quality content full of accurate facts and opinions from experts in the field who understand their subject matter inside and out. This means that not only is reading enjoyable but also highly informative giving readers the opportunity to learn more about the topics they love while enjoying themselves at the same time.

Supporting Local Businesses

Buying sports books and magazines from local publishers helps support small businesses that often don't get enough recognition for their hard work and dedication towards producing quality content for passionate fans across Europe. By doing this we can help ensure that future generations will have access to high-quality titles with insights into various sporting events allowing us all better understand and appreciate our favourite pastimes even more than we already do now!