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Glasgow, Scotland


The Dog Groomers Manual by Sue Gould.  Book is in Brand New Condition. 


Stafford, Staffordshire


Like new, has never been used. Each page has space for a photo of your dog doing a deed.

Doggy Deeds Pet Moments Book thumb-47164
Doggy Deeds Pet Moments Book thumb-47165
Doggy Deeds Pet Moments Book thumb-47166
Doggy Deeds Pet Moments Book thumb-47167

Heanor, Derbyshire


I am happy to post for £3 with payment 1st through PayPal, please.  If you want any info drop me a line if I can help I...


Exeter, Devon


Everything that you need for a new bird pet, see photos Pets, budgerigar, finch or canary books and cage with accessories.

Pets, Budgerigar, Finch or Canary Books thumb-47158
Pets, Budgerigar, Finch or Canary Books thumb-47159
Pets, Budgerigar, Finch or Canary Books thumb-47160
Pets, Budgerigar, Finch or Canary Books thumb-47161

Wolverhampton, West Midlands


Cambridge English, as new with CD available, no marks, audio CD unused.


Ayr, South Ayrshire


As per pics soft and hardback copies Cat dog pet books all good condition.


Hove, East Sussex


Kids books bundle animal rescue pets x 13.  In great condition.  Have all been wiped with antibacterial wipes.


Gloucester, Gloucestershire


Nice stories are suitable for children who read well lots of writing and like animals. 3 books.

Pet Lovers - Books thumb-47153

Hedge End, Hampshire


Good condition.  Collection only.  £2 each for rats, guinea pigs and rabbit books.  £3 each for corn snakes,...


Norwich, Norfolk


This book was read once. It is in excellent condition. (RRP £9.99).

Stephen King Pet Sematary thumb-47150

In the United Kingdom, buying Pets & Animals Books & Magazines is an excellent way to stay informed about all the latest trends and developments in the animal world. Whether you are looking for information on breeders, health care tips or just want to enjoy some interesting reading material, there are many benefits to buying Pets & Animals Books & Magazines in the UK. 

Access to the Latest Information

By purchasing Pets & Animals Books & Magazines in the UK, you can stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in a variety of animal-related topics. You can also find out more about vet services and available pet products as well as any new regulations or laws related to pet ownership. This makes it easy to keep up with everything related to your pets or animals that you may be interested in.

Expert Advice

Many of the Pets & Animals Books & Magazines available in the UK contain expert advice from professionals such as vets, trainers and animal behaviourists. This gives readers access to valuable advice which they may not otherwise have access to. It also ensures that readers are getting accurate information instead of relying on outdated sources or unreliable information found online.


Another great benefit of buying Pets & Animals Books & Magazines in the UK is that they are usually very affordable compared to other forms of media such as television or radio programmes. This makes it easier for people with limited budgets to still stay informed about important and interesting topics related to their pets or animals without breaking their budget.

Interesting Content

Not only do Pets & Animals Books & Magazines provide useful information but many also feature entertaining content as well such as true stories about animals, fun facts about different breeds and much more. This makes reading these publications not only informative but fun too!


One major benefit of buying Pets & Animals Books & Magazines in the UK is that there is a wide variety available catering to different interests and tastes. Whether someone loves cats, dogs or horses there will be something out there for them! Furthermore, many publications come in both print and digital formats making it even easier for people to find what they’re looking for when it comes to animal-related entertainment or information.