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Manchester, Greater Manchester


Collection of 68 Travel Writing books for sale.  All books read once and still in very good condition.  Must pick up from...


Portsmouth, Hampshire


Four city travel guides for Barcelona, Paris, Venice and Rome. Rome and Venice haven't been used at all. Barcelona is quite old but...


Norwich, Norfolk


London travel guide & map. From a pet and smoke-free home.

London Travel Guide & Map thumb-47737

Derby, Derbyshire


Some Heroes of Travel by W H Davenport Adams, 1st Edition published 1880. With quality prize binding for the Merchant Taylors' School...

Some Heroes of Travel, W H D Adams, 1880. 1st Edition thumb-47685
Some Heroes of Travel, W H D Adams, 1880. 1st Edition thumb-47686

Melksham, Wiltshire


A large variety of travel guides mostly ‘Berlitz’ (see in photos). For collection only.

Travel Guides - Book thumb-47683

Norwich, Norfolk


New Menorca travel guide book & map. From a pet and smoke-free home.

New Menorca Travel Guide Books & Map thumb-47681

Norwich, Norfolk


7 Alien Module guide books from GDW 1980s.  IN very good condition - number 5 has some rubbing to cover as can be seen in...

Very Rare Traveller Alien Module Books Guides 1980s thumb-47677
Very Rare Traveller Alien Module Books Guides 1980s thumb-47678
Very Rare Traveller Alien Module Books Guides 1980s thumb-47679

City of London, Central London


Three boxes of books. Over 100 Fiction & Non-Fiction Books, DVD, Travel Guides, Maps, Cooking, Football, History, Dating, Business,...

Over 100 Fiction & Non Fiction Books, DVD, Travel Guides thumb-47669
Over 100 Fiction & Non Fiction Books, DVD, Travel Guides thumb-47670
Over 100 Fiction & Non Fiction Books, DVD, Travel Guides thumb-47671
Over 100 Fiction & Non Fiction Books, DVD, Travel Guides thumb-47672

Whitley Bay, Tyne and Wear


Richard Hammond's experiences are hilarious. Adventures with Evel, Oliver and the Vice President of Botswana. 2008.


Travel books and magazines offer a plethora of benefits to UK travelers, from guidance on local customs and etiquette to ideas for cheap weekend getaways. In addition to offering a wealth of information, travel books and magazines can also help people save money by providing special discounts and offers on flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. Here are 5 of the top benefits of buying travel books & magazines in the UK.

Get the Latest Travel Information

Travel books and magazines provide up-to-date information about destinations, attractions, restaurants, hotels, events, customs and language tips – all invaluable when planning a trip or vacation. Many publications also include detailed maps that make it easier to explore new places without getting lost or spending too much time looking for your destination.

Find Unique Travel Ideas

For those who are looking for something different than the usual tourist traps, travel books and magazines can be great sources of inspiration. They often include recommendations for off-the-beaten-path destinations as well as insider advice on how to get around each city or country with ease.

Learn About Local Customs

One of the most important aspects of traveling is understanding how to interact with locals in order to fully experience their culture. Thankfully, many travel books and magazines provide helpful guidance on how to greet people in different countries including cultural do’s and don’ts as well as local etiquette tips so you can avoid any embarrassing moments!

Get Discounts & Special Offers

Many publications offer exclusive discounts on airfare, hotels, car rentals and other services that can help save you money while traveling abroad or domestically within the UK. These deals are especially useful if you’re trying to stick to a budget but still want quality experiences during your travels.

Stay Connected with Local Communities

Travel books & magazines are a great way for travelers to connect with locals who might have interesting stories or advice about their own country or city which they would be happy to share with curious visitors! Many publications also feature interviews with locals who can offer insights into their culture that may not be available elsewhere – an invaluable resource when planning your next holiday adventure!