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Harrow, North West London


GCSE AQA Design & Technology Grade 9-1.  Published by CGP.  Very Good Condition.  ISBN - 978-1-78294-752-3.


Coventry, West Midlands


!!!BRAND NEW!!! Paperback. Covers the basics of computers that every manager should know.

Information Technology in Business Management thumb-46653

Kingston upon Thames, South West London


AQA Design and Technology Textbook.  Suitable for AS & A-Level students.  Excellent condition.  Collection only.


Norwich, Norfolk


Three volumes of Junior Science by Stuart Miall 1956 reprint. Good condition, pages clean, Tiny bit of wear.

Rare Science Books thumb-46649
Rare Science Books thumb-46650

Bristol, South West England


Lonsdale Science revision guide - Separate |Sciences (Modular) the Additional Modules.  Used book, good condition - no notes,...


Islington, North London


Science in nursing fourth edition sees my other listings Science in the nursing fourth edition.


Islington, North London


Nursing: Arts and science edited by Alison Kitson see my other listings.


Bath, Somerset


Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour - Third Edition - Holt et al 2015.  Psychology University textbook originally used...

Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour thumb-46641
Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour thumb-46642
Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour thumb-46643
Psychology - The Science of Mind and Behaviour thumb-46644

Derby, Derbyshire


Exercises in Technical Drawing for “O” Level. Published in 1975. Good condition for 45 years old. £3 collected from...

Exercises in Technical Drawing for “O” Level. thumb-20214
Exercises in Technical Drawing for “O” Level. thumb-20215

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


Clearing garage of a box of technical oil well drilling engineering, rig and project management books and related manuals, available for...


Buying books and magazines about science and technology from the UK can be a great way to stay up to date on the latest scientific advancements and technological trends. Not only will you get access to the cutting-edge research that is being conducted in the fields of science and technology, but you will also benefit from some of the unique advantages that come with buying these kinds of publications from the UK. Here are five of the biggest benefits associated with purchasing science and technology books and magazines in the UK.

Access to Cutting Edge Research

The UK is home to some of the world’s leading scientific institutions, universities, and research centres which are at the forefront of innovation when it comes to advances in science and technology. By buying publications about science and technology directly from British sources, you will be able to gain access to some of these groundbreaking research projects as they happen. This means that you can stay ahead of your competitors by staying up-to-date on all of the new developments happening in these fields.

Unique Insights into Trends

When purchasing books or magazines about science and technology from sources based in the UK, you should also expect some unique perspectives on certain topics due to domestic influences on what gets published there. UK-based authors may have a better understanding of certain trends that are specific to their country such as innovations in healthcare or manufacturing processes for example, which can give buyers insight into how things work over there compared to elsewhere around the world.

High Quality Content

The British publishing industry is known for its commitment to producing high-quality content that adheres strictly to certain standards set by various regulatory bodies within its borders such as The British Committee on Standards or The Press Complaints Commission (PCC). As such, any book or magazine bought from a source based in Britain should be expected to meet a minimum level of quality assurance which could mean it is free from errors or bias when compared with similar publications sourced elsewhere around the globe.

More Affordable Prices

It’s not often talked about but purchasing books or magazines about science and technology directly through British sources can often result in much more affordable prices than those found outside it borders due largely to localised discounts available within its marketplace compared with other countries around the world like Australia or America for instance where prices may be higher due more taxes & import fees being applied at their point of sale making them generally less competitive than their British counterparts when it comes cost difference overall.

Accessibility & Availability

Purchasing books & magazines related to Science & Technology from British sources provide greater levels of availability & accessibility to customers throughout Europe, particularly if items purchased pertain to certain topics like artificial intelligence ( AI ) where resources available within Britain might be hard to find anywhere else. Plus, because many major online retailers offering delivery across Europe are based within Britain, customers who order items from them typically receive delivery faster than if ordering from another country outside Britain making Britain an ideal place to purchase Science & Technology related books & Magazines online.