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You can become the master chef in your own kitchen. All you need are the right cooking books & magazines. Shop for brand-new and second-hand with the help of Romb.

Kilwinning, North Ayrshire


Set of 7 Books - Brand New - £6 the Lot!!  My husband used to sell books for a living and we still have several titles/books...

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Goole, East Riding of Yorkshire


MRS Beeton's everyday cookery book for sale.  This classic cookbook is in excellent condition considering its age.  Can be...

Vintage Cook Book for Sale thumb-47877
Vintage Cook Book for Sale thumb-47878

Worthing, West Sussex


Le Cordon Bleu Complete Cooking Techniques as seen in the picture's non-smoking household.

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Cooking Techniques thumb-47874
Cooking Techniques thumb-47875

Leicester, Leicestershire


Book is in excellent condition showing very few signs of wear.  The front and back cover show very little wear, but there is some...

The Dairy Book Of Home Cookery thumb-47866
The Dairy Book Of Home Cookery thumb-47867
The Dairy Book Of Home Cookery thumb-47868
The Dairy Book Of Home Cookery thumb-47869

Bournemouth, Dorset


"It's all good" cooking book.  In good condition.  From pet & smoke-free home.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Poole, Dorset


Mary berry.  A handy book to have.  Lots of useful information.  No offers please do not ask.

Mary Berry Cooking Book thumb-47862

Alfreton, Derbyshire


Amy Willcock - Cooking for One book.  Never been used.  From a pet-free and smoke-free home.  Selling other books.


Cooking books and magazines are a great way to learn new recipes, techniques, and tips for creating delicious meals. In the UK, there are several different types of cooking books and magazines that can be purchased to help individuals become more comfortable in their own kitchens. Explore five major benefits of buying cooking books and magazines in the UK.

Variety of Options

The first benefit of buying cooking books and magazines in the UK is the sheer variety of options available. There are many different types of cookbooks and magazines to choose from, ranging from general guides to specialized collections focusing on particular cuisines or ingredients. Consumers can also find paper versions as well as digital versions available for purchase online. No matter what type of recipe one might be looking for, chances are one will find it in a UK cooking book or magazine.

Expert Advice

Another advantage to purchasing cooking books and magazines in the UK is expert advice. Many authors have spent years perfecting their craft, giving readers access to top-notch recipes with detailed instructions on how to execute them correctly. With this kind of expertise at hand, readers can feel confident trying out new recipes without worrying too much about mistakes or mishaps along the way.


In addition to providing expert advice, buying cooking books and magazines in the UK is convenient because they are widely available across multiple platforms such as bookstores, online retailers, libraries, etc. This makes it easier for consumers to get their hands on cookbooks no matter where they live or how limited their budget may be.

Cost Savings

Buying a cooking book or magazine in the UK can also prove to be cost-effective compared to other forms of entertainment such as going out for dinner or taking restaurant classes. Furthermore, many stores offer discounts when multiple cookbooks are bought together which increases savings even further.

Up-to-Date Recipes

When purchasing cooking books or magazines in the UK one can always count on finding up-to-date recipes with fresh ingredients as most publishers update their material regularly with current trends in mind. Additionally, some publishers even partner with industry experts who provide input on popular dishes which ensures readers have access to tasty new creations before anyone else does!