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Wembley, North West London


Prices from £30 per hour !! Covid-19 special.  Travelling tattoo artist taking bookings.

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High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire

40% off all tattoos. (call for quote).  We can travel to you.

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Birmingham, West Midlands


Ear & Nose piercing. Fully qualified with over 10 years of experience. Use caflon studs. Starting price £10 for 1 ear and...

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Croydon, South London

My name is Pablo, I’m tattoos artist and started my life in tattoo 10 years ago, I can do a lot style of tattoo, between realism...

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Westminster, Central London


I am a fully insured and licensed tattoo artist, cosmetic tattooist and piercer working in a studio close to Paddington station and am...

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City of London, Central London


Hello, my name is martin I specialise in black and grey tattoos. If you are interested in a tattoo just give me a message and we can go...

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Luton, Bedfordshire


Hey, I'm a tattoo artist currently in Luton. Tattoos at great offers and quality of work is. 

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Rochdale, Greater Manchester


Stunning faux henna temporary tattoos by @hennabymevy. With other 34k followers on Instagram and lots of henna bookings, Hennabymevy...

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Greenwich, South East London


Home-based tattoo artist in Greenwich. Text me on Instagram mihai.tattoo with what and where would you like tattooed! Available spaces!!

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Tattooing and piercing have been around for centuries, with their roots tracing back thousands of years to different cultures around the world. In the United Kingdom (UK), tattoos and piercings are becoming increasingly popular as ways for people to express their individual styles and creativity. The demand for these services has significantly increased in recent years due to their rise in popularity, along with their many benefits. Explore five of the main advantages that come from using tattoo & piercing services in the UK.

Increased Confidence

Having a tattoo or piercing can be a great way to express yourself and make a statement about who you are as an individual. It can also give you a serious boost of confidence when you show off your artwork or jewelry proudly. Whether it's a small subtle design hidden away or something more visible like a sleeve tattoo, having it can be highly empowering and liberating. This is especially true if you have chosen something that is meaningful to you personally, as it can remind you of why you choose to express yourself in this fashion every day.

Improved Social Connections

One of the major advantages of using tattoo & piercing services in the UK is that it can help people establish better social connections with others who share similar experiences and interests. Those who choose to get tattoos or piercings often find themselves part of an exclusive community – enabling them to form friendships and even business partnerships which may not otherwise have been formed without these shared experiences. It’s also much easier for someone with tattoos or piercings to bond with other individuals who have similar designs or jewelry - providing them with instant conversation topics and mutual interests – making socializing easier overall.

Enhanced Self-Expression

For those looking for self-expression through body art, tattoos & piercings offer an effective means of achieving this goal. Whether they are large works covering entire body parts or discreet designs located elsewhere on the body – they allow individuals to express themselves in ways they wouldn’t be able to with words alone. It could be anything from images representing beliefs and values, symbols denoting important life events, or simply creative designs used purely for aesthetic value – whatever it may be; tattoos & piercings provide a unique outlet for personal expression.

Pain Relief Benefits

Another benefit associated with getting a tattoo or piercing done is that it can actually reduce pain levels in certain areas of the body – particularly those prone to chronic pain issues such as lower back problems or arthritis pain caused by old sports injuries etc. Tattoos & piercings can also help reduce stress levels overall as well due to several factors such as improved self-expression capabilities and increased confidence levels resulting from having them done professionally etc. Therefore they offer excellent therapeutic benefits too which shouldn’t be overlooked either!

Professional Options Available

In addition to all these benefits, there are also several professional options available when considering getting tattoos & piercings done safely within the UK today. There are now numerous studios set up throughout England which specialize in performing high-quality work carried out by experienced professionals; thus giving individuals greater peace of mind knowing that their artwork has been designed/executed correctly using the latest health & safety protocols too!