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Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Address: 16 Crescent Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2LU Phone Number: 01892 240532 Website URL: Description: Lotus Wellness...

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Doncaster, South Yorkshire

Looking for a serene place to relax and rejuvenate? Look no further than "Ladda's Authentic Thai Massage" in Doncaster, South Yorkshire....


Swindon, Wiltshire

Asian Massage Therapy is a leading spa and massage therapy studio that adopts a holistic wellness approach. We offer massage therapies...


Southampton, Hampshire

New Begonia Therapy is a professional massage studio near Southampton's centre. We offer unique and customised massages tailored to each...


City of Edinburgh, Midlothian

Are your looking a Best Holistic and Sports Massage Edinburgh we are best massage edinburgh,our service hot stone massage Deep tissue...


Twickenham, West London

Hi,  I’m Sanka fully qualified MALE therapist. You have any aches and pains or even daily stresses from everyday life or...

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Reading, Berkshire

Welcome to the rejuvenating world of blissfully oriental relaxation body massage.  The relaxing experience will enhance body...

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Haringey, North London

My name is Camellia. I am a certified massage therapist with 4 years experience.  I do incall massage in my studio flat.  I do...


Neasden, North West London

Hi, I am an Indian massage therapist trained by best massage experts in India and I have 3 years of experience I do very nice massage to...

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Doncaster, South Yorkshire

If you want to relax after a hard day at work - relax with Bowen therapy. Japanese massage technique for stress release. Osteopathy for...


Edinburgh, Scotland

Professional, qualified male massage therapist providing deep tissue massage for people who have musculoskeletal problems or doing...

Male Massage Therapist (Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Relaxing) thumb-42218
Male Massage Therapist (Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Relaxing) thumb-42219
Male Massage Therapist (Deep Tissue, Sports Massage, Relaxing) thumb-42220
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Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Hello, my name is Jenny and I am a fully qualified and insured Professional Massage Therapist.  Everything you need to know in relation...


Romford, East London

Relax or Invigorate, the choice of massage is yours Please inform me of any injuries or allergies. I use pure Almond & Apricot oil with...

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Massage Therapy Swedish, Relaxing, Deep Tissue or Sports thumb-42215

Bournemouth, Dorset

Hello: everybody how are you?! (Coronavirus 2019) government by law safety measure: stay at home saves lives!  My shop is closed...

Relax Your Spirit With Massage 30Mins£15 thumb-42207
Relax Your Spirit With Massage 30Mins£15 thumb-42208
Relax Your Spirit With Massage 30Mins£15 thumb-42209
Relax Your Spirit With Massage 30Mins£15 thumb-42210

Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Benjamin Has the following to say about a massage from Mikes:  I honestly can't recommend Mike enough, He is extremely professional,...

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Relaxing, Sports, Deep Tissue, Swedish Massage thumb-42203
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Romford, East London

Outcalls only.  Specialising in deep tissue sports/rehab/relaxation massage.  All sessions are 1 hour.  With 4 years plus...

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Sports Massage / Relaxation Mobile thumb-42195
Sports Massage / Relaxation Mobile thumb-42196

Hackney, North East London

I'm a 37-year-old male massage therapist. I have 10 years of experience in the field. I am trained in 3 types of massage, Ayurvedic, Chi...


The use of massage therapy in the United Kingdom is on the rise as more individuals choose to experience its various benefits. Massage therapy is a practice that has been used for centuries, and it continues to be a popular choice for many who seek relief from physical and mental ailments. The UK has seen an influx of massage therapists over the past decade, making it easier than ever to find someone qualified and experienced to help you with your needs. This raises the question: what are the specific benefits of using massage therapists in the UK? Here are five reasons why more people are turning to a massage therapy in order to improve their well-being.

Stress Relief

Massage therapy can provide an effective tool to combat stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that massages can reduce levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress, by up to 50%. Massages can also help relax tense muscles, which often accompany stress and anxiety. By decreasing tension in muscles, massage can help reduce pain associated with tension-related knots or trigger points. Furthermore, massage has been linked with improved blood flow throughout the body which can cause relaxation of both mind and body.

Improved Mobility

Using a massage therapist can improve mobility within both muscle groups and joints. With regular sessions from a qualified professional, it is possible to regain flexibility that may have been lost through age or injury. Massage also helps stimulate circulation around tight muscles; this increased flow brings oxygenated blood into areas where it was previously hard for blood vessels to reach. The combination of these effects can help increase elasticity in tissues and enable an improved range of motion in joints as well as restore balance in muscle tone throughout the body.

Pain Reduction

The effects of massage on pain are quite remarkable; many people report feeling reduced pain almost immediately after a session with their therapist. A combination of deep tissue work along with stretching techniques can release adhesions that form between muscle fibres due to constant contraction or trauma; this ultimately reduces pain at both a local level and beyond depending on how widespread the restriction was before treatment began. Additionally, endorphins released during a session further contribute towards decreased tension-related discomfort throughout both muscle groups and connective tissues alike.

Improved Athletic Performance & Recovery Time

The United Kingdom has long been celebrated as a centre of excellence for sports and athletics, with world-class athletes coming from all corners of the nation. One of the key components to athletic success is optimal physical performance, and there's no better way to achieve this than by using a qualified massage therapist. Massage therapy is widely accepted as one of the best methods to improve athletic performance and recovery time, allowing athletes both amateur and professional to reach their peak physical condition while staying injury-free.

Massage therapists work by targeting problem areas within the body's muscles, tendons and ligaments which can become stressed or damaged during intense sporting activity. By applying pressure through massage techniques such as kneading, effleurage, friction and tapotement, these problematic areas are relaxed, greatly reducing muscular tension and inflammation which can often lead to injuries or impair performance. This can also help accelerate healing times for existing injuries thus allowing athletes to return to competition quicker than would otherwise be possible. Additionally, regular massage sessions can help stimulate circulation in order to increase oxygenation levels and remove metabolic waste products from tissues more effectively – this allows muscles to recover faster between workouts whilst maintaining endurance during strenuous training regimes.

Mental Clarity & Relaxation

Whilst improved physical performance is undoubtedly an important benefit that massage therapy brings, it is also worth noting that it offers significant psychological benefits too. In addition to helping reduce muscle tension within the body, it can also have an immensely calming effect on both mind and spirit; this is due in part because massage raises levels of serotonin (the neurotransmitter responsible for regulating mood) whilst simultaneously decreasing cortisol levels (the hormone associated with stress). As such, massage therapy can be an incredibly effective means of achieving mental clarity and relaxation – something that is incredibly important for any athlete who needs focuses if they are to reach their peak performance level.

Furthermore, regular massage sessions are known for producing endorphins– neurotransmitters which act as natural painkillers – resulting in heightened feelings of well-being throughout both body and mind alike. This helps not only with relaxation but pain management too; whether from existing injuries or those caused over time due to stress or overly strenuous exercise regimes. All these factors combine together creating a sense of balance between mental clarity & relaxation alongside improved athletic performance & recovery time – something which few other therapies offer on such an effective level as massage therapy does here in the UK.