Advertisement Banners & Boards For Sale

Buy advertisement banners and boards for your collection or as a part of your interior. Here you can discover the best finds, simply check our collection of listings.

Helston, Cornwall


Good quality heavy and foldable A Board for shop etc.  Complete with protective plastic covers, one for each side to protect your...

Advertising Shop Signage 'A' Board Frame thumb-45054
Advertising Shop Signage 'A' Board Frame thumb-45055

Bedford, Bedfordshire


LEGO Official advertising boards used by the LEGO shop in Milton Keynes, Brand New and Have Only Been Used For Display Purposes.

LEGO Official Advertising Boards thumb-45048
LEGO Official Advertising Boards thumb-45049
LEGO Official Advertising Boards thumb-45050
LEGO Official Advertising Boards thumb-45051

Exeter, Devon


Logo and writing made of some sort of gold metal. Open to offers.

Advertising Boards. Need Some Restoration thumb-45046

Tonbridge, Kent


For sale is this Antique wooden advertisement board for vintage Sunlight Soap.

Sunlight Soap Wooden Advertising Board thumb-45044

Exeter, Devon


Vintage Easel, chalk one side, whiteboard for dry wipe pens the other side. The tray under the board.  Ideal for outside a shop or...

Advertising Board / Easel Chalk or Board Marker £20 thumb-45041
Advertising Board / Easel Chalk or Board Marker £20 thumb-45042

Leicester, Leicestershire


Coke branded Advertising board. Ideal for taking away /restaurant business.  With blackboard on both sides. Folds flat when not in...

Advertising Board £45 Folding thumb-45037
Advertising Board £45 Folding thumb-45038
Advertising Board £45 Folding thumb-45039

Edinburgh, Scotland


I've had this for around 30 years and use it as a cutting board for lemons and limes. I've checked e-bay and the internet and cannot see...


Sydenham, South East London


Hi everyone, I have for sale a 2 sided advertising board. It’s in very good condition.  Price £20.

Advertising Board thumb-45033
Advertising Board thumb-45034

Edinburgh, Scotland


Solid wooden chalkboard. Approximately 92cm x 53cm. Folding both sides with a blackboard for advertising.

Wooden Folding Chalk Advertising Board thumb-45031

Barnsley, South Yorkshire


Advertising banners.  Freestanding with aluminium bases.  Approx 7ft tall x 2 ft wide.  X 3.  One is new with a...

Advertising Banners. X 3. Free Standing. Good Clean Condition thumb-45027
Advertising Banners. X 3. Free Standing. Good Clean Condition thumb-45028
Advertising Banners. X 3. Free Standing. Good Clean Condition thumb-45029

Advertisement Banners & Boards for Sale in the UK can be a great way to promote your business and get your message out there. With so many different types of banners and boards available, it is important to know the benefits of each one before making a purchase. Here are the advantages of using outdoor advertising, such as banners and boards, in the UK, including increased visibility, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, impact on customer behaviour, and sustainability.

Increased Visibility

Utilising outdoor advertising such as banners or boards is an effective way to increase brand visibility. These products are designed to capture people's attention with their size and design, which helps make sure that no potential customers miss out on your message. The bigger the banner or board you choose, the more likely your message will be seen by more people – leading to a higher chance of gaining customers. Additionally, due to their location outdoors (often by major roads), these products are perfect for reaching a wider range of demographic groups.


Unlike other forms of advertising such as TV commercials or radio ads that often require large amounts of money upfront for production costs and airtime/airtime slots - Advertisement Banners & Boards For Sale in the UK provide a much more budget-friendly option for businesses who want to promote their services or products without breaking the bank. And since they can often last up to 5 years with proper care and maintenance (depending on material choice), they provide great value for money over time which is why many businesses opt for this form of advertising.


Another benefit of investing in Advertisement Banners & Boards For Sale in the UK is their flexibility when it comes to placement options - meaning you can strategically place them where you need them most depending on what goals you have set for yourself (e.g if you're looking to increase foot traffic at a certain location). This also allows businesses plenty of room for experimentation – allowing them to see what works best before committing long-term resources to more expensive marketing strategies like TV commercials or radio advertisements.

Impact On Customer Behaviour

For any business wanting maximum ROI from their marketing efforts - outdoor advertising has been proven effective at persuading customers into making decisions sooner rather than later - resulting in an increased chance of conversions and sales over time compared with other traditional forms of advertising which may take longer periods of time before tangible results are seen. Moreover, studies have found that seeing an advertisement multiple times creates recognition among consumers which can lead to an even higher chance of conversion due to familiarity with brands/products/services etc.


One final advantage worth noting here is that Advertisement Banners & Boards For Sale in the UK offer a sustainable solution when compared with other forms of marketing such as print media or TV ads which often require large amounts of energy consumption or resources during production processes (think paper pulp used for magazine printing). By opting for this method instead businesses can help reduce their environmental footprint while still being able to effectively communicate their message – making it an attractive option for those looking for ways to be ‘greener’ yet still remain competitive on today’s market landscape