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Discover a world of rare and popular antiques & collectables with the help of Romb. Here you can find a selection of the latest and best offers and listings on the market.

City of London, Central London

InventSports is pleased to bring you the most innovative and exciting sports-related products in the world. We take the best parts of...


Litherland, Merseyside


Hello, My name is Rolandas Rimkus and I am antler supplier from Lithuania, European Union. I can supply: Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Moose...

Selling Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Moose antlers in smaller and larger quantities thumb-116378
Selling Red Deer, Fallow Deer, Moose antlers in smaller and larger quantities thumb-116379

Hastings, East Sussex

Get ready to discover our new collection of Carved Wooden Boxes at Goldenhands. Handcrafted with precision and imbued with exquisite...

Exquisite Carved Wooden Boxes - A Treasure for Your Home! thumb-125168

Canterbury, Kent

Artisan Memorials is a UK Stonemason supplying quality, bespoke gravestones, headstones & memorial plaques throughout the UK Keywords:...



Tigers Decorative have now been trading for three generations. We specialise in interesting antiques and decorative pieces, ranging from...


Petworth, West Sussex

David Swanson Antiques is run by David Swanson, one of UK's best-known dealers in 17th & 18th-century oak and country furniture. He has...


Petworth, West Sussex

Anthony Short Antiques first opened an antique gallery 23 years ago in Antwerp. I am following my father's footsteps, having been in the...



Here at Larkin's we have a passion and appreciation for beauty, design and craftsmanship and we strive to find new homes for our lovely...



We offer antiques, collectables, vintage and railwayana from the 18th, 19th 20th and 21st Century. Specialising in furnishings and...


Winchester, Hampshire


Vintage 5ft Mannequin.  Please Note: Jewellery NOT Included.  5ft tall Galvanized Mannequin with Swirls, Flowers and...

Vintage 5ft Mannequin thumb-45349
Vintage 5ft Mannequin thumb-45350
Vintage 5ft Mannequin thumb-45351

Taunton, Somerset


I have nine figures for sale as listed below:  Gollom HN 2913 £100.  Gimli HN2922...... £ 60.  Bilbo...

Lord of the Rings Figures by Royal Doulton thumb-45346
Lord of the Rings Figures by Royal Doulton thumb-45347

Crumlin, County Antrim


I have a small antique anvil for sale, it has been in my garage for years and I've never used it. In my opinion, it hasn't been used...

Antique Anvil thumb-45339
Antique Anvil thumb-45340
Antique Anvil thumb-45341
Antique Anvil thumb-45342

Swansea, Swansea


Vintage blow torch with all working parts.  Great clean up project Vintage blow torch.

Vintage Blow Torch thumb-45337

Kintore, Aberdeenshire


Antique watercolour painting of a coastal scene. It measures 13.5 by 18.5 in (34 by 47 cm).  The painting is in very good condition.

Antique Watercolour Painting of a Coastal Scene thumb-45332
Antique Watercolour Painting of a Coastal Scene thumb-45333
Antique Watercolour Painting of a Coastal Scene thumb-45334
Antique Watercolour Painting of a Coastal Scene thumb-45335

Southport, Merseyside


Gorgeous pine TV cabinet with two cupboards, it sits on four lovely bun feet and is a real quality piece of furniture, the dimensions...

Gorgeous Pine Tv Cabinet with Two Cupboards on Bun Feet thumb-45326
Gorgeous Pine Tv Cabinet with Two Cupboards on Bun Feet thumb-45327
Gorgeous Pine Tv Cabinet with Two Cupboards on Bun Feet thumb-45328
Gorgeous Pine Tv Cabinet with Two Cupboards on Bun Feet thumb-45329

Royston, Hertfordshire


Antique Hunting Crop with horn handle, over 100 years old. Silver detailing with assay marks clearly visible. Leather whip end-repaired...

Hunting Crop thumb-45322
Hunting Crop thumb-45323
Hunting Crop thumb-45324

Acton, West London


This ad is for an antique brass effect table lamp, including the shade.  It's in brand-new condition and has never been used....

Antique Brass Effect Table Reading Lamp thumb-45312
Antique Brass Effect Table Reading Lamp thumb-45313
Antique Brass Effect Table Reading Lamp thumb-45314
Antique Brass Effect Table Reading Lamp thumb-45315

Antiques & Collectables For Sale in the UK is an exciting opportunity for antique and collectable enthusiasts to find items that have been lovingly preserved over generations. Whether you're looking for furniture, jewellery, crockery or any other type of antique and collectable item, there are many benefits to purchasing them in the UK. Purchasing antiques & collectables from the UK can bring joy, financial value and connections to the past. Explore five key benefits of buying Antiques & Collectables For Sale in the UK.


The beauty of buying antiques & collectables from the UK is their uniqueness! Every piece has its own story and history attached to it which makes it a one-of-a-kind item for you to treasure for years to come. Many pieces have been around for centuries and so when purchasing them you're connecting yourself with a piece of British culture from many years ago which is truly special.

Financial Value

As well as being unique, antiques & collectables are also likely to gain value over time due to their rarity and desirability. As such, investing in these items can provide excellent returns on investment if they are well cared for and treasured properly. It's important to consider not just the price but also the potential resale value of any item before purchasing it so you know what your money could be worth in future years.


In addition to their financial value, antiques & collectables offer a level of craftsmanship that simply cannot be matched by modern pieces available today as they were created using traditional methods that do not exist anymore such as hand-crafted woodwork or intricate weaving techniques used in carpets or tapestries. By purchasing antiques & collectables you can invest in quality pieces that will still look great even after decades when compared to equivalent modern items which may fade or show signs of wear within a couple of years after purchase due to mass production techniques used during manufacturing processes today.

Show Your Personality

What better way is there than showing off your individual style than by expressing yourself through antique furniture and decor? Buying vintage items can add personality to your home with unique pieces that no one else will ever have! Not only does this help make your space stand out but it also helps keep alive styles from previous centuries giving us an insight into how people lived then compared with now - allowing us all a connection with our pasts without having to leave our front door!

Supporting Small Businesses

Buying antiques & collectables from small businesses based within the UK supports local talent who often preserve classic pieces which could potentially be lost forever if not cared for properly by someone who appreciates them for what they are worth - both financially and sentimentally speaking! This plays an invaluable role in helping maintain the heritage within Britain which would otherwise be forgotten due to modern-day life taking precedence over the more traditional lifestyles we used to live decades ago!