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Uxbridge, West London


Persian Rug.  150cm x 100cm.  Excellent quality, very durable.  Persian rugs are made from natural durable materials such...


Uxbridge, West London


Turkish Rug.  Sizes:  Width 160cm.  Length 230cm.  Good quality.


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


Quality Nourison Large 5ft3 x 7ft 9 rug it's from the nomad collection I can deliver locally or collection is most welcome excellent...

Quality Rug Rrp 350 thumb-45134

Edinburgh, Scotland


Great condition.  W. 206CM.  D. 57CM.  Please Note: This item is located in Falkirk for a viewing, Delivery available...

A Kelim Hall Runner Rug (Delivery Available) thumb-45132

Edinburgh, Scotland


Large size handmade wool rug. Preowned Pakistani Bukhara rug in good condition.  Large size 185x290cm £360.  Available...

Bukhara Handmade Wool Rug thumb-45079
Bukhara Handmade Wool Rug thumb-45080
Bukhara Handmade Wool Rug thumb-45081
Bukhara Handmade Wool Rug thumb-45082

Edinburgh, Scotland


Rug, good quality.  Size 140cm x 80cm.  Feel free to view.  Been reduced from £95 to £80.


Kentish Town, North London


Still in good condition. Bought recently.  Quick sale due to quick move.  67 x 200 cm.  £5or best offer. ...

Blue Shaggy Rug thumb-45074
Blue Shaggy Rug thumb-45075
Blue Shaggy Rug thumb-45076

Exeter, Devon


A brand new round rug bought for £90 and only being sold due to a house move. In new condition with no marks and comes from a...

Brand New Round Rug thumb-45072

City of London, Central London


Dating back over 2500 years, the art of Persian rug making is a marriage between stunning designs and intricate craftsmanship. What...

Genuine Persian Rugs thumb-45063
Genuine Persian Rugs thumb-45064
Genuine Persian Rugs thumb-45065
Genuine Persian Rugs thumb-45066

Ilminster, Somerset


Excellent condition, no flaws, measuring 220cm long x 150cm wide. Genuine oriental woven rug.

Genuine Oriental Woven Rug thumb-45057
Genuine Oriental Woven Rug thumb-45058
Genuine Oriental Woven Rug thumb-45059
Genuine Oriental Woven Rug thumb-45060

Basildon, Essex


Persian Tabriz rug /hand made/hand-knotted fine Tabriz size 300x200cm/ wool Hand made/ wool. Posted by Robert in Other Goods, Antiques...


In the UK, Gobelens, Rugs & Oriental Carpets are popular choices for home décor. Not only do they add beauty and elegance to any space but they also offer many benefits that can be enjoyed for years to come. From increased comfort and warmth underfoot to unique style and texture, buying these types of carpets in the UK is an excellent way to enhance your home or office. Here are five of the main benefits of buying Goblens, Rugs & Oriental Carpets in the UK.


Gobelens, Rugs & Oriental Carpets are designed to provide maximum comfort underfoot. The high-quality materials used make them soft and luxurious to walk on, while their dense pile traps heat beneath your feet keeping you warm during colder months. Additionally, their thick layers make them highly durable providing long-lasting comfort without needing regular repairs or replacement due to wear or tear.


Gobelens, Rugs & Oriental Carpets are great insulators as well as comfortable floor coverings. Thanks to their heavy fibres trapping heat within a room, they help maintain consistent temperatures throughout the year - reducing energy bills and making it much easier to keep rooms comfortable in wintertime when temperatures outside drop significantly.


Gobelens, Rugs & Oriental Carpets come in a variety of styles and sizes so you can find something suitable for any room in your house no matter what kind of décor you have. Whether you prefer traditional or contemporary design aesthetics there are plenty of options available that won't break the bank either - meaning you can easily update your interior without spending a fortune!

Low Maintenance

Thanks to their tightly woven fibres Gobelens carpets require very little maintenance - unlike other carpet types like wool which require regular vacuuming and cleaning routines if you want them to last long enough without looking worn out too soon! All you need is a light vacuum once every two weeks or so just to get rid of any dirt particles that may have accumulated over time - leaving more time for enjoying life instead of worrying about keeping up with chores all day!

Unique Style & Texture

Gobelens and carpets offer unique style and texture that gives every room a touch of luxury without having to spend big money on expensive furnishings or décor pieces like antiques or artwork! The intricate patterns combined with vibrant colours make these carpets stand out from other flooring options available - allowing people who appreciate fine details and quality craftsmanship to show off their sense of taste even in small spaces such as bedrooms or offices!