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Torquay, Devon


3 DVDs. will sell separately. Pitch perfect, Katy Perry the movie, Johnny English Reborn. £2 each.


Hethersett, Norfolk


Cars 3 and The Lego Movie DVDs - good condition.  Collection Hethersett.


Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire


Bulk deal or each price is negotiable, send a message, some new some opened.

DVDs Movies, Documentaries, Kids thumb-45174
DVDs Movies, Documentaries, Kids thumb-45175
DVDs Movies, Documentaries, Kids thumb-45176
DVDs Movies, Documentaries, Kids thumb-45177

Presteigne, Powys


Scary movie DVDs for sale.  Includes - 1,2,3 & 4 of the franchise.  Buyer to collect.  Thank you for looking.


Clapham, South West London


7 DVD movies all perfect working order.  Inside man.  Adult beginners.  Billy Connolly tour.  Three billboards...


South Shields, Tyne and Wear


Job lot/bundle of 10 Horror, Thriller, Paranormal Movies DVDs plus 1 box set.  Includes The Amytivillie Horror original and...

10+ Horror, Thriller, Paranormal Movies DVDs Job Lot Bundle thumb-45147
10+ Horror, Thriller, Paranormal Movies DVDs Job Lot Bundle thumb-45148

Saltash, Cornwall


Selection of forty movie DVD of mixed genres.  All in very good condition.


Saltash, Cornwall


Selection of fifty-plus movie DVDs of mixed Genres.  All in very good condition.


City of London, Central London


I have approximately 67 or more DVD movies which I got from a house clearance.  The price is for the whole lot.  Centrally...

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67 Movie Film DVDs thumb-45139
67 Movie Film DVDs thumb-45140
67 Movie Film DVDs thumb-45141

The UK is known for its diverse range of movies, DVDs and VHS tapes available on the market. Shopping for these items in the United Kingdom not only provides an abundance of options, but also a number of other benefits that can be gained from making purchases in this way. Buying movies, DVDs and VHS tapes in the UK offers consumers a wide selection of titles to choose from, access to some of the best deals available, convenience, ease-of-use and protection. In addition to all these fantastic advantages, shoppers also benefit from being part of a vibrant international marketplace that has something for everyone. This article will explore the many benefits of buying movies, DVDs and VHS tapes in the UK in more detail with five headings:


Shopping for movies, DVDs and VHS tapes in the UK gives customers access to an extensive range of titles from leading studios as well as independent filmmakers. With such a large selection available, customers are sure to find what they are looking for no matter their tastes or preferences. Many online vendors offer additional content like extras and bonus features that add even more value to each purchase. Moreover, shoppers can often find rare titles or hard-to-find versions at competitive prices that may not be available elsewhere.

Deals & Special Offers

When it comes to shopping for movies, DVDs and VHS tapes in the UK there are plenty of great deals to be had. Online retailers often have regular sales which give customers access to discounts on popular titles as well as exclusive offers which may only be valid for limited periods of time. Customers can take advantage of these deals whenever they arise as long as they act quickly before stocks run out or time expires on any special offer. Furthermore, loyalty programs may reward repeat customers with additional savings or rewards when making bulk purchases over certain thresholds such as minimum spend requirements or frequency caps on purchases within set time frames.

Convenience & Ease-of-Use

With convenient delivery options now available throughout much of the United Kingdom it's never been easier to shop for movies, DVDs and VHS tapes online than it is today. Reputable websites use secure payment methods which makes shopping even more hassle-free as customers don't need to worry about their personal details being compromised during transactions. Many online stores also provide helpful information about each product along with user reviews so shoppers can make informed decisions before committing their money to a purchase decision. Additionally many services now offer digital downloads allowing people instant access after checkout rather than having to wait days or weeks while physical copies arrive through traditional postal methods--a major bonus if you’re eager to watch something right away!

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