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Job in City of London, Central London

Contract Type Freelance

We are a young, fast-growing, Central London based fully regulated mortgage and personal loans company looking to expand our operations...


Job in City of London, Central London

Junior IT Admin / Helpdesk Engineer, Learn Back Office Master Desktop IT Support and Laptop / Mobile Device Support and IT Systems...


Job in Stratford upon Avon, Warwickshire

We are looking for an up-and-coming PA secretary for a fantastic full-time opportunity within a high-end professional service firm in...


Job in Richmond, North Yorkshire

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Job in Colchester, Essex

Use a computer to key in assignments. Proofread finished work and correct errors in spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Print and make...


Job in Glasgow, Scotland

Hello, I have plenty of time at home due to COVID-19 lockdown. Happy to do any sort of computer work; data entry, reporting, excel,...


Job in York, North Yorkshire

Title: Data Entry and Administrator Location: York Salary: £10 - £12 per hour Office Administrator required to start ASAP...


Job in City of London, Central London

Data Entry Work: - Daily Pay £120. - Flexible Work Hours. - Work from home allowed.


Job in Seven Sisters, North London

We are looking for an entry-level assistant to answer phones and enter data in our online business website. Accommodation to be...


Job in Woking, Surrey

Data Entry Administrator. The data administrator will input data and check items are rightfully recorded in the systems. Also, will...


Data entry jobs mainly revolve around a few main processes as part of the job, including typing and voice recording for entering data into computers. Data entry jobs are available in a wide variety of industries and business sectors, including finance, transportation, healthcare, transportation, and more. Find more about data entry jobs and the key features of this occupation.

Data Entry Jobs Explained

Data entry jobs involve professionals in the field who add, verify and edit electronic data. Some of the processes related to data entry jobs include transcribing notes from business meetings, adding raw data to databases, adding sales figures into electronic formats, etc. Therefore, data entry jobs specialists are pretty much the people handling electronic data and operating devices used for entering and editing data.

Under the umbrella of data entry jobs fall careers such as typist, coder, transcriber, word processor, and more. Data entry jobs can be used and needed in a number of different industries. Data entry jobs also have several methods of payment. So if you are looking for data entry jobs, you will see how some of them are paid by the project, others will be by keystrokes per minute, or you may receive an hourly wage. In general, if you are interested in data entry jobs, you are recommended to opt for and choose data entry jobs that pay based on your typing speed as you are likely to earn more money in this industry if you type fast enough.

Gaining Data Entry Jobs – How?

If you are looking for data entry jobs, you need to know how you can gain such a career. You will be encouraged to pursue practical experience as it will significantly help you in the role. Here are some ways you can gain practical experience that will be beneficial for data entry jobs:

  • Education – You can do some educational opportunities through your school, college or university. Technical sessions and workshops should be available too.
  • Internship – If you are wondering whether data entry jobs are your cup of tea or not, we recommend you opt for an internship in the field. Through an internship for data entry jobs, you will also create some valuable contacts in the field.
  • Certifications – Earning a certificate will help you improve your skills and your prospects whenever you are looking for data entry jobs in the future.

Data Entry Jobs – Different Types

There are two main types of data entry jobs you can choose from if you are considering this career path:

  • Remote Data Entry Jobs – One of the main benefits of remote data entry jobs is that you can choose the location you are working from. Typically, you will also be able to choose the working hours too, which makes remote data entry jobs really convenient. Remote data entry jobs are also usually paid by the hour. During some periods they may also be paid per keystrokes or per project. One of the main qualities employees look for when it comes to removing data entry jobs are responsibility, discipline, ability to complete tasks. Finally, remote data entry jobs are also a great option as a side job in addition to a full-time one in a completely other field or while you are getting a degree at university.
  • In-house Data Entry Jobs – In-house data entry jobs are most likely to be paid an hourly wage. Unlike remote data entry jobs, with an in-house one you are more likely to get bonuses such as merit bonuses, paid time off, and health benefits.

How to Be Successful in Data Entry Jobs

A set of several skills will make you an efficient and successful employee if you are interested in data entry jobs. These steps can help you develop and improve your skillset required for the job:

  • Language Skills – For data entry jobs you will definitely need a high level of English language skills.
  • Better Typist – Part of data entry jobs is being a good typist and working at a high speed. Practising is the best and probably the only way to help you improve your typing speed. Thirty-five words per minute are considered a great result for a good typist.
  • Computer Skills – Data entry jobs definitely require a set of computer skills. Mostly, your computer knowledge and experience should be focused on working with software that enables the input and edit of electronic data. Free online tutorials are available and you can benefit from them if you don’t have any previous experience, but are interested in data entry jobs. It can be really helpful to understand and know how to work with other office machines such as printers and scanners.
  • Interpersonal Skills – If you are interested in data entry jobs, you need to understand that part of your job will involve communicating with employees and colleagues. Customer service skills will be part of your job, therefore you need to make sure you master them.

Advantages of Data Entry Jobs

Working in this field can offer some advantages worth considering:

  • Easy access to jobs – Since many industries require data entry jobs, you will be most probably spoilt of choice and opportunities if you are interested in this career path.
  • Opportunities for independent work – Data entry jobs are not necessarily always connected to big companies and corporations and you can definitely opt for doing the job as a freelancer.
  • Low entry barriers – Working as a data entry specialist does not require you to have a specific education, degree, or a high level of experience. The cost and effort involved in gaining a field for this type of occupation are also considerably lower compared to many other job opportunities and careers.

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