The Most Satisfying DIY Jobs


According to a recently taken pool, statistics show that cutting the grass, jet-washing a patio, and polishing different surfaces are considered the most satisfying jobs among DIY-ers and handymen.

Other positions in the top ten of most satisfying jobs are occupied by adding the final layers of fresh paint and digging weeds in the garden.

The research was commissioned by Draper Tools among two thousand adults. Kev Smith from Draper Tools commented: “Brits’ love of strangely satisfying DIY jobs goes to show the joy you can get from a spot of home improvement.

“As we are spending more time indoors, it’s the perfect opportunity to tackle some of those little jobs you may have been putting off."

“But be careful if you are meant to be working from home – the hypnotic pull of operating a jet washer or using a paint roller can mean you lose track of time – and your inbox.”

Other jobs around the house that are deemed as highly satisfying by the participants in the pool include fixing wonky floorboards and hammering nails into wood.

Almost a quarter of the interviewed participants are enjoying the mesmerising and “freeing sensation” of applying fresh layers of paint over a blank wall with the help of a roller tool.

In order to get motivated and inspired, almost one-third of responders share they are spending time watching videos where oddly jobs around the house are filmed, including dirty patios being slowly blasted clean, and this brings them satisfaction and makes them want to do some chores around the house.

The same amount of responders shares that DIY jobs are not a burden for them but more like a hobby, a relaxing and pleasing way to spend their free time and to switch off from the hectic or boring everyday life.

The average adult in the UK spends more than 2 hours every day watching DIY programmes on TV or online. Three in every ten British adults are finding and describing these programmes as “relaxing”.

Considering the current situation, the majority of the population in the country is now working from home. As a result, seven in ten of the respondents consider the next three months to be the “perfect time” to start a new DIY project around the house. Clearly, people feel inspired and motivated to make their homes more comfortable, functional, and enjoyable since they are spending their time mostly home and working from home too.

Since people feel the need to make their homes convenient, one-quarter of the respondents already expressed their desire to clean their patio with warmer days just around the corner, while almost four in ten had some garden weeding and other jobs around the yard to deal with.

Meanwhile, almost three in every ten of the respondents interviewed are planning to tidy up their garage or shed, while 15% are planning to go through their toolboxes, declutter and sort out everything in there.

According to OnePoll research, one in twenty adults is even planning to fit a whole new bathroom.

Mr Smith of Draper Tools added: “That’s the great thing about DIY – the jobs are as big or as small as you want them to be."

“And while not all of them are satisfying while you are doing them, there is always a satisfaction to be had at the end of a project.”


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