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Warrington, Cheshire


We act as the exclusive UK distributor for HCK outdoor refrigerators. HCK has the largest range of outdoor fridges and accessories in...


Brent, North West London

Effective material handling is essential for streamlining operations and increasing efficiency in the fast-paced industrial environment...


Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


Excellent Kenwood fridge freezer, barely 2 years old. Built-in wine rack. Selling due to moving to furnished accommodation.

Kenwood Fridge Freezer thumb-44593

Bournemouth, Dorset


Beko large frost free fridge freezer 60 cm wide by 186 cm height nice n clean perfect working order.  free delivery 20 miles from...

Beko Large Frost Free Fridge Freezer Free Delivery thumb-44589
Beko Large Frost Free Fridge Freezer Free Delivery thumb-44590
Beko Large Frost Free Fridge Freezer Free Delivery thumb-44591

Bournemouth, Dorset


Hotpoint fridge freezer 55 cm wide nice n clean perfect working order.  free delivery within social requirement distance we are not...

Hotpoint Fridge Freezer Free Delivery thumb-44587

Derby, Derbyshire


Chest freezer medium size, modern, and perfect working order, possible local delivery 65 pounds.

Chest Freezer thumb-44585

Pudsey, West Yorkshire


Very tall fridge freezer, absolutely amazing clean condition and comes with instructions. Looks brand new. All details for the size are...

Large Fridge Freezer thumb-44582
Large Fridge Freezer thumb-44583

Washington, Tyne and Wear


Selling on behalf of my nana.  Bosch fridge freezer.  Only 10 months old.  Brilliant condition.

Bosch Fridge Freezer thumb-44579
Bosch Fridge Freezer thumb-44580

Derby, Derbyshire


Fridge freezer silver half and half size frost-free Beko. Good clean used condition, perfect working order, possible local delivery 75...

Fridge Freezer, Beko thumb-44577

Great Yarmouth, Norfolk


Working condition, could do with new door seals, the light does not work inside and there is a scratch from moving on the side - hence...

Pink Smeg Fridge Freezer thumb-44575

Derby, Derbyshire


Freezer BOSCH tall upright frost-free with 6 deep drawers, digital temp readout. Excellent freezer in perfect working order, nice clean...

Freezer, 6 Drawers Bosch thumb-44573

Derby, Derbyshire


Freezer BOSCH tall upright frost-free with 6 deep drawers, digital temp readout. Excellent freezer in perfect working order, nice clean...


Birmingham, West Midlands


Appliances are reconditioned/tested and come with 3 months guarantee. Please contact us for further details.  direct discount west...


If you are looking to buy a fridge or freezer for sale in the UK, then you have come to the right place. With so many options available on the market today, it can be difficult to know which one is best for your needs. That's why we've put together this guide – to help you understand what features and specifications are important when choosing a new appliance for your home. We'll cover everything from energy ratings and size considerations to prices and delivery options so that you can make an informed decision when buying a fridge or freezer for sale in the UK.


Buying a fridge & freezer for sale in the UK is cost-effective as they are generally more affordable than other refrigeration options available in the market. Additionally, UK retailers offer discounts and deals throughout the year to make these products even more affordable. This cost-effectiveness helps many households save money on their electricity bills as compared to buying a separate refrigerator and freezer for sale.

Space Saving

Fridges & freezers for sale are ideal for smaller kitchens as they take up less space due to their combined design. This makes them perfect for those with limited kitchen space, as well as those looking to maximise the functionality of their kitchen. With a fridge & freezer for sale, you can get the same amount of storage but without cluttering your kitchen space with two separate appliances.


Fridges & freezers for sale are designed with durable components that last for years, thus reducing repair costs over time. Many models also come with warranties so that in case of any malfunctions or repair costs, you will be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty policy and won’t have to spend extra money on repairs or maintenance work.

Quality Assurance

Unlike other refrigeration products that can become quickly outdated due to changing style trends, UK fridges & freezers for sale tend to stay up-to-date because of their high-quality materials and reliable construction standards – something only possible through strict quality assurance regulations set by the British government and industry regulators alike.

Easy Installation

Installing a fridge & freezer for sale is simple and easy compared to other refrigeration products because most models come pre-assembled so all you need to do is plug them into your kitchen socket and start using them right away! Plus, if you run into any trouble during installation there are plenty of professional installation services available where experienced technicians will help you out every step of the way – making sure everything runs smoothly from start to finish!

Benefits of Buying a Used Fridge

Buying a used fridge for sale is an excellent way to save money and get access to a quality cheap fridge for sale. Refurbished fridges for sale come at much lower prices than brand new ones, and you can save even more by shopping around for cheap fridge for sale. Purchasing from reputable sellers with good returns policies will help you get the best deal on your cheap fridge for sale and ensure that the model is of good quality. With a used cheap fridge for sale, you can trust that you’re investing in a more economical way while enjoying all the benefits that come along with having a reliable refrigerator for sale in your home.

Cost Savings From Selecting a Used Fridge for Sale

For home remodels on a budget, selecting a cheap fridge for sale is an excellent way to save money. Fridges for sale are expensive appliances, but getting a used one can be a great money-saving choice for homeowners. Used fridges for sale not only cost less upfront but can also save you money in the long run because they use less energy to run. Even if you don't have many other projects happening in your home, choosing from the cheap fridge for sale models can help you cut costs without compromising quality. Not only will you get the refrigerator you need at an affordable price, but you'll also be doing your part to conserve resources and help the environment as well.

How to Find the Right Used Fridge to Fit Your Needs

When you're looking for a cheap fridge for sale, it's important to make sure the model you choose fits all your needs. Consider size and energy efficiency of the used fridge for sale and think about what sort of food storage space will be required. Don't forget to check online reviews or ask friends and family for their recommendations. Pay particular attention to the warranty of any used refrigerator, as having one in place will give you added peace of mind. Take some time to compare prices between different models before making your decision - this could help you get a better bargain on your next cheap fridge for sale!