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East Boldon, Tyne and Wear


Used but in full working order Hotpoint Dishwasher experience model. 

Hotpoint Dish Washer Experience Model thumb-44570

Belfast, County Antrim


This is in very good condition and it can be delivered to you.  We can take your old furniture as a trade-in.

White Dishwasher Like New Condition £125 thumb-44568

York, North Yorkshire


Used Hotpoint dishwasher in good working condition, still has frontage on from my kitchen but can be removed and your own put on, it is...

Hot Point Dishwasher thumb-44564
Hot Point Dishwasher thumb-44565
Hot Point Dishwasher thumb-44566

Washington, Tyne and Wear


White. Full size. Used but in excellent working condition. Needs to be collected.


Glasgow, Scotland


Zanussi Digital Display Dishwasher for sale 60cm wide in Very Nice Condition and good working order. Delivery Arranged if required.

Zanussi Digital Display Dishwasher for Sale 60Cm Wide thumb-44560
Zanussi Digital Display Dishwasher for Sale 60Cm Wide thumb-44561

Clapham, South West London


Super reliable, works perfectly.  Without broken parts.  Clean and good condition.  All washing functions work. ...

Bosch Tabletop Dishwasher thumb-44556
Bosch Tabletop Dishwasher thumb-44557
Bosch Tabletop Dishwasher thumb-44558

Holloway, North London


Integrated dishwasher for sale in all location of London. It is good in working condition as well outer look.

Integrated Dishwasher for Sale thumb-44553

Leicester, Leicestershire


Please note this a mini compact dishwasher, not a big one standard!  collection only.  Works any problem.  50 D, ...

Mini Dishwasher Kenwood - Very Good Conditions thumb-44551

Holloway, North London


Slightly use Haier dishwasher for sale in all location of London. It is good in working condition as well outer look.

Dishwasher for Sale thumb-44549

Bristol, South West England


Good working order.  Has time delay and evolution function.  Henleaze Lake picks up.  Could deliver locally for a fiver.

John Lewis Dishwasher thumb-44544
John Lewis Dishwasher thumb-44545
John Lewis Dishwasher thumb-44546
John Lewis Dishwasher thumb-44547

One of the greatest advantages of buying a dishwasher in the UK is its convenience. After a long day at work, you don't have to worry about spending hours scrubbing dishes and getting your hands all wet — just pop them into the dishwasher, set it and forget it! Dishwashers also make life much easier for families with children who would otherwise be left with the task of cleaning all dishes after every meal. With a dishwasher, you can free up your time to spend more quality time with your family or take part in leisure activities.

Another major benefit of having a dishwasher is that it saves money in the long term. Although they may initially seem expensive, they are actually very cost-effective as they help reduce water consumption by up to 75%. This means fewer utility bills and more money saved! Additionally, operating costs are much lower than traditional manual methods of dishwashing, so you'll be able to save even more money over time.

A third advantage of owning a dishwasher is that it helps keep your kitchen hygienic as germs and bacteria can easily spread on dirty dishes. The high temperature and special detergents used in these machines effectively kill off any germs or bacteria that may remain on pots, pans and other kitchen items when done manually. As such, this helps ensure food safety for everyone in your household.

Dishwashers also help keep your crockery looking brand new for longer periods since they are specifically designed to gently remove dirt from delicate items like porcelain or china plates without damaging them as they do not need to be subjected to vigorous scrubbing by hand. This can help save you money on replacements over time too!

Some models come equipped with special settings like “eco mode” which allow users to choose low-temperature cycles designed for less energy consumption while still getting the same level of effectiveness as higher temperature cycles would provide — making them an even more eco-friendly choice when compared to manual washing methods that waste large amounts of electricity and water resources each year unnecessarily!