Coffee Machines For Sale

Everybody enjoys high-quality coffee. You can become your own professional barista with the help of an amazing coffee machine. Shop and sell coffee machines here, on Romb.

Fareham, Hampshire


Red coffee machine for sale has a timer so u can set it to make a coffee for in the morning comes with instructions £10 collection...


Bristol, South West England


Morphy Richards coffee machine. It is in good working order. I have gone over to instant coffee!

Morphy Richards Coffee Machine thumb-44817
Morphy Richards Coffee Machine thumb-44818

Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire


Tassimo coffee machine with coffee holder. Used but very good condition. Collection only from hu4.

Tassimo Coffee Machine with Holder thumb-44815

Watford, Hertfordshire


Bravilor Bonamat filter machine. 2 jugs. Works perfectly. Filter Coffee Machine.


Poole, Dorset


Gaggia Color Espresso Coffee Machine Colour Deep Red. Makes espresso and froths milk.  £100 Ono - Sold with all accessories...

Gaggia Color Espresso Coffee Machine Colour Deep Red thumb-44808
Gaggia Color Espresso Coffee Machine Colour Deep Red thumb-44809
Gaggia Color Espresso Coffee Machine Colour Deep Red thumb-44810
Gaggia Color Espresso Coffee Machine Colour Deep Red thumb-44811

Torquay, Devon


Only 6 weeks old, and you can check that via the serial number. Came from the office that's not required anymore.

Coffee Machine thumb-44805
Coffee Machine thumb-44806

Manor House, North London


Best coffee I have ever tasted from a capsule machine. Feel free to come to have a cuppa before you buy.  This machine is from the...

Nespresso Professional Gemini CS 100  thumb-44801
Nespresso Professional Gemini CS 100  thumb-44802
Nespresso Professional Gemini CS 100  thumb-44803

Perth, Perth and Kinross


Russell Hobbs coffee machine. As new. Excellent working order. Can deliver if local.


Lancaster, Lancashire


Tassimo Coffee Machine with Brita filter in the tank. Has barely been used. Has a slight chip on the front at the top as you will see in...

Tassimo Coffee Machine thumb-44796
Tassimo Coffee Machine thumb-44797
Tassimo Coffee Machine thumb-44798

Leicester, Leicestershire


Krupps coffee machine. Full working condition. Good condition.


Having your own coffee machine in your home or office can be a great way to save time and money while still enjoying the fresh taste of hot, delicious coffee. With so many different models on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you. However, there are some major benefits that come with owning a coffee machine that make them worth considering. Not only will you have access to freshly brewed coffees whenever you want them, but you also won’t need to waste money at expensive cafes each day. Plus, having a machine at home means less waste from disposable cups and lids as well as reduced waiting times when compared with visiting cafe outlets. If these sound like advantages that would benefit you, then investing in a good quality coffee machine could definitely be worthwhile!

Save money by making your own coffee at home

Purchasing a coffee machine is an easy way to save money and enjoy fresh cups of coffee without leaving your house. Not only does having a coffee machine make it easier to get your morning jolt, but it also gives you the opportunity to play around with flavours and create custom cups of joe. There are many types of machines available, from traditional filter models to fancy espresso machines that yield high-end barista-quality drinks. Plus, with all the time saved from not needing to wait in line at the local cafe, you can make up for money lost in no time at all!

Variety of different types of coffee drinks

If you are a fan of coffee, there is no better way to ensure you have your favourite brew available whenever you want it than by purchasing your own coffee machine. With a machine, you can explore all the different types of espresso drinks - from cappuccinos and lattes to Americanos and ristrettos - that are available. You can also customize each drink according to how much crema, foam, or even sweetness would prefer. A top-of-the-line coffee machine will provide consistently smooth quality with each cup so that you never have to worry about settling for the second best!

A perfect cup of coffee quickly and easily

Purchasing a coffee machine can be a great way to up your morning routine and provide yourself with delicious, ready-made coffee in no time. Not only does it save you money from purchasing daily coffees from the shop, but it allows many customization options to make the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of your home. You can choose ground beans or pods depending on your preference and make the brew that you like best - whether an espresso shot perked up with milk and sugar or just a black filter drip. And beyond delivering tasty cups with precision grinds and shots, they look great as well! With so many stylish options there is sure to be one that fits your kitchen perfectly. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a coffee machine and make every morning something special!

Fresh, hot coffee anytime

Few things start your day off better than a hot and freshly brewed cup of coffee. The convenience of having a coffee machine in the home can make all the difference in terms of quality, convenience, and cost savings - especially when compared to expensive, pre-made drip coffee from stores or restaurants. With a good coffee machine, you have the ability to customize your brew and create drinks that give your morning that special something. Not only are these machines easy to use, but they also save costs since you'll be able to buy beans in bulk and prepare them at home instead of making frequent trips to overpriced speciality cafes. In conclusion, investing in a machine for home use is an affordable way to enjoy great-tasting java any time you want it.

Wide range of sizes, styles and features

Buying a Coffee Machine is an excellent way to get the most out of your coffee-drinking experience. With so many different sizes, styles and features available, you can find one that perfectly fits your individual needs. Whether it's for convenience or a more in-depth brewing process, purchasing a coffee machine ensures that no matter what kind of coffee drinker you are, you will get the full aroma and flavour from each cup. Plus, with modern technology, even entry-level machines come with various temperature settings to bring out the best in any kind of bean. Nowadays owning a coffee maker is just as much of a staple as keeping other appliances around the kitchen - it's well worth investing in!