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Construction & Builders Jobs

Discover the best construction & builders job offers in the UK with our help. Narrow down the options to the best opportunity for you.

City of London, Central London

Trades Centre seeking experienced Flooring Installers/ Flooring Sanders to work providing high-quality services to our customers across...


Belfast, County Antrim

£15,000 - £19,999 pa

We’re hiring an installation engineer/fitter!This job primarily involves installing equipment from shower doors to armchairs and...


Andover, Hampshire

Required: Handyman.Location: Long Parish, Andover.Start Date: ASAP.Duration: 2 weeks +.Duties will include:Making good, ceiling to be...


Croydon, South London

We are an expanding electrical contractor looking to take on highly motivated individuals with some experience in the domestic...


Inverness, Highland

Labourer wanted for all types of roofing work.Cash in hand, full-time job.Please contact Alec for more details on: 07926223577.Phone...



Groundwork Labourer,pushing wheelbarrows,Loading skips,Hand diggingKnocking up concreteExperience preferredThe work is around Croydon...


Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire

Experienced bricklaying squad required for a construction site in the Clydebank area for a long-term contract. CSCS card essential....


Bristol, South West England

Roofer/Labourer needed to work full time in and around Bristol. Must have a full valid driving license so please only apply if you have...



£100 or more pd

Shuttering Carpenter.One of our high-end commercial clients is looking for a Shuttering Carpenter for an ongoing project based on...


Liverpool, Merseyside

£12 - £14.99 ph

Experienced tradesmen needed to join a good team.Ability to produce high-quality work and willing to help with other tasks on site.A...


Aughnacloy, County Tyrone

You will be required to work as part of a team, fitting insulated roof and side panels. Gutters and trim require more detailed attention...


Leicester, Leicestershire

Bricklayer wanted to join an existing gang, newly qualified or improver welcome. For this position, the candidate must have a CSCS card...


Shefford, Bedfordshire

Bricklayers are required for a large housing site in Shefford, Bedfordshire.Price & daywork available must have CSCS, weekly...


Rottingdean, East Sussex

Bricklayers are required at Fairfax Site Rottingdean. £225+Apply on-site or text 07833 574426.


A recent research study in the UK regarding the topic of construction and building jobs showed that only a very small percent of young people are interested in construction and building jobs and considering a career in the field. The survey shows that the lack of interest in construction and building jobs is not due to a problem in the industry, shortage of job opportunities or the quality of jobs. The lack of interest in construction and building jobs is mainly a result of the perception of these roles in general.

Almost half of the interviewed young people perceive construction and building jobs as highly physically demanding roles, while a bit more than thirty percent of the interviewed ones consider construction and building jobs to be very difficult. These are the two major factors forming the shortage of specialists in the field in the industry. The situation is not significantly different in the UK too. However, gone are the days when construction and building jobs used to mean labour-intense roles. The industry has changed a lot and the field is getting more and more technologically advanced, which makes it possible for the young and ageing workforce and specialists to be a part of the industry.

Nonetheless, the labour shortage continues to be one of the main problems in the field. The majority of those hiring are reporting that they find it difficult to find the exact professionals and specialists they need. On the other hand, fewer people are searching for a construction and building jobs. The good news is that if you are interested in construction and building jobs, with the right research you have some great opportunities ahead.

Why should you really consider construction and building jobs? Let’s explore more in-depth.

Construction and Building Jobs: Career Stability

Despite the labour shortage, we can consider that around the world construction needs are rising. More and more people and companies need new homes and workspaces, therefore construction and building jobs will always be needed and in high demand. A recent study by Sageworks found out that seven of the ten industries with the highest sales growth in the world are related to construction and building.

Therefore, if you are considering and looking for construction and building jobs, this is probably the best time for you. The steady growth of constructions needs is not just saturated in certain parts of the world, but everywhere. So, no matter where you are based, you will easily find some great opportunities for construction and building jobs. If you are looking to enter an entirely new industry that provides career stability, looking for construction and building jobs is also the answer for you.

Construction and Building Jobs: Salaries on the Rise

A part of the reason why many young people are not interested in construction and building jobs is that they believe these jobs are not paid well. Hard work for little pay is a common idea, however, this does not make it a truthful one, at least not anymore. If you are looking for a role that will not only pay your bills, you can definitely search for construction and building jobs. Construction and building jobs salaries are currently on the rise and expected to continue this tendency steadily in the next years.

In fact, construction managers nowadays can make as much as an engineer or a computer programmer. Therefore, if you are interested in a well-paid job, construction and building jobs may be the thing you are looking for. However, keep in mind the salary is factored by the market you are located in or interested in. Therefore, make sure to not only look for construction and building jobs but also research the market in-depth and you will know what to expect.

Construction and Building Jobs: Technical Industry

One main thing that can make you stay away from construction and building jobs despite the high salaries is the work process itself. When thinking of construction and building jobs, you are probably thinking of heavy hammers, blueprints and nails and you may not be the one who is particularly good at working with these. However, this is a huge mistake. Construction and building jobs nowadays involve a lot around technically advanced applications and devices, while manual construction tools are more and more left to the past. Advanced technology is now becoming a necessity on job sites and offers a great opportunity for the development of new skills for those looking for and interested in construction and building jobs.

Construction and Building Jobs: Changing Labour Market

Not only the influx of technology involves in construction and building jobs and the career opportunities in the industry are changing, but the workforce is also changing and evolving too. As a result of the ever-changing labour market of construction and building jobs, nowadays women and a lot more minorities are getting involved and working in the industry too. So if you are a part of a minority or a woman wondering if construction and building jobs for you, the answer is yes, you can definitely find a lot of opportunities if you are interested in construction and building jobs. There are sure changes for the better, although the industry has a long way to go in order to ensure significant improvements in training and recruiting for a more balanced workforce.

Construction and Building Jobs: High Worker Satisfaction

You don’t see yourself sitting in front of a laptop in an office around the clock? Well, construction and building jobs may be right up your alley then. Construction and building jobs are non-traditional and offer high worker satisfaction. If nine-to-five is not your thing, most construction and building jobs are done outside the office. Construction and building jobs are pretty active and dynamic, which can be a great chance for you to enjoy a more extroverted job.

In addition, construction and building jobs provide satisfaction not many careers offer – you can see your work put into physical motion and actually build something from scratch. Maybe this is why many people involved in construction and building jobs are happy, as recent studies show. Overall, construction and building jobs are far from traditional and you may find joy in that aspect exactly.

Construction and building jobs: Career stability
Construction and building jobs: Salaries on the rise
Construction and building Jobs: Technical industry
Construction and building jobs: Changing labour market
Construction and building Jobs: High worker satisfaction