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Strong mind in a strong body, achieve that with the help of the best martial arts courses that best meet your requirements. Explore the best offers in the UK here at Romb.

Northumberland, North East England

Learn self-defence with traditional Ju-Jitsu. All welcome!! Fully certified, insured and safe environment for all. 4th Degree Black Belt...


Portsmouth, Hampshire

*** LEARN MARTIAL ARTS - FIRST LESSON FREE - BEGINNERS WELCOME AT ALL CLASSES *** Kenshinkai Aikido is a Japanese martial art of...


Portsmouth, Hampshire


LEARN MARTIAL ARTS - FIRST CLASS FREE - BEGINNERS WELCOME AT ALL CLASSES. kskaikido@outlook.com Kenshinkai Aikido is a Japanese...


Glasgow City, Renfrewshire

Hey there, helping people gain confidence and feel safe has always been a calling for me. That’s why I founded Glasgow United Krav...



Martial arts classes for children Taekwondo class for kids free taster session Near Mirfield Martial arts classes for children Martial...



In the Art of Aikido, there is no aggression, tension or competition. Benefits include staying calm and relaxed under stress, and...



At Nishikan Martial Arts, based in Somerset, we have embarked on an exciting new programme that explores all aspects of the original...


Chelsea, South West London

Want to get fit and give the beautiful sport of boxing a go then you are in the right place ( FIRST session free )!!  Hi, I am an...

Personal Trainer (Boxing Coach) - Martial Arts thumb-42982
Personal Trainer (Boxing Coach) - Martial Arts thumb-42983

Acton, West London

Personal Trainer Offering Sessions Outdoors (In Local Park) Or Online: 1-2-1 Or Group Fitness Classes Via Zoom.    Online Zoom HIIT...

Personal Trainer & Online Trainer | Boxing / HIIT / Weight loss / Booty Building - Martial Arts thumb-42972
Personal Trainer & Online Trainer | Boxing / HIIT / Weight loss / Booty Building - Martial Arts thumb-42973
Personal Trainer & Online Trainer | Boxing / HIIT / Weight loss / Booty Building - Martial Arts thumb-42974
Personal Trainer & Online Trainer | Boxing / HIIT / Weight loss / Booty Building - Martial Arts thumb-42975

Buckingham, Buckinghamshire

Kids Kung Fu classes in Amersham and Hazlemere and an online option unto 7 classes per week to choose from.  The head instructor has...

Kids Kung Fu - Martial Arts thumb-42967
Kids Kung Fu - Martial Arts thumb-42968
Kids Kung Fu - Martial Arts thumb-42969
Kids Kung Fu - Martial Arts thumb-42970

Brixton, South West London

Capoeira Angola is a Brazilian art form combining dance, martial arts, music and basics acrobatics.  Capoeira training focuses on...

Capoeira Angola - Martial Arts thumb-42965

Midsomer Norton, Somerset

Japanese Martial Arts of the Ninja & Samurai.  The Bujinkan is an International organisation currently headed by DR Masaaki Hatsumi...

Ninjutsu (Bujinkan) Club - Martial Arts thumb-42962
Ninjutsu (Bujinkan) Club - Martial Arts thumb-42963

Walsall, West Midlands

We are a non-profit Martial Art Aikido club in Brownhills, Walsall who have been serving the Walsall community & surrounding areas for...

Aikido Martial Art thumb-42953
Aikido Martial Art thumb-42954
Aikido Martial Art thumb-42955
Aikido Martial Art thumb-42956

Billericay, Essex

Meridian kung fu has come to Billericay! Do you want your children to stay fit, stay safe and make new friends?  Enjoyed by hundreds...


Bury, Greater Manchester

We are a Shukokai based Karate club in Bury, Greater Manchester, England.  We see ourselves as being the best in Bury, Greater...

Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu - Martial Arts thumb-42945
Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu - Martial Arts thumb-42946
Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu - Martial Arts thumb-42947
Sutemi Shukokai Karate Ryu - Martial Arts thumb-42948

Wembley, North West London

I am an Advanced Level 4 Professional Personal Trainer in Exercise Science, Lower Back Pain Management, Anatomy, Physiology and...

Mobile Personal Trainer - Martial Arts / Boxing / Strength & Conditioning thumb-42935
Mobile Personal Trainer - Martial Arts / Boxing / Strength & Conditioning thumb-42936
Mobile Personal Trainer - Martial Arts / Boxing / Strength & Conditioning thumb-42937
Mobile Personal Trainer - Martial Arts / Boxing / Strength & Conditioning thumb-42938

Manchester, Greater Manchester


I provide martial arts sessions: £5 an hour.  Muay Thai, Judo & MMA specific - whether you're a complete beginner looking to get in...

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Martial arts is an ancient practice with a long history that has many benefits in today's world. Having originated in Asia, martial arts have spread around the world and today can be found practised in countries like the United Kingdom. Learning martial arts in the United Kingdom offers a wide range of advantages for all ages, from physical and mental health benefits to self-defence and discipline. Explore some of the key benefits of learning martial arts in the UK.

Improved Physical Fitness

Learning martial arts can offer a variety of physical benefits, such as increased muscle strength, improved balance and coordination, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. By practising martial arts regularly, individuals can build a better foundation for their overall physical health. With regular practice and proper form, the major muscles throughout the body are strengthened, helping to improve posture and reduce the risk of injury. Additionally, martial arts can increase an individual’s agility and speed, which will help them in any type of physical activity.

When learning martial arts it is also important to develop self-awareness and body control as these techniques help encourage control over one’s own movements and reactions in different situations. This can further help with coordination, balance and reaction time during physical activities or sports. Finally, learning martial arts helps to strengthen not only the major muscles but also the cardiovascular system by increasing breathing rate while continuing to maintain proper form. All of these benefits combined can help individuals reach their fitness goals faster than other forms of exercise alone.

Enhanced Mental Health

Learning Martial Arts brings numerous benefits to your mental health. Practising this discipline requires intense focus and concentration that helps to improve your attention span, sharpen cognitive abilities and even boost your memory. Furthermore, the movements and breathing techniques used in martial arts can help to reduce stress hormones in the body, resulting in feelings of calmness and relaxation.

Martial Arts also teaches practitioners how to manage their emotions better by controlling anger or fear and channeling it into positive energy instead. Studies have also shown that regular practice of martial arts can help you develop greater self-confidence as well as an overall improved sense of self-worth. In addition, it can help you become more mindful in all aspects of your life, allowing you to recognize and appreciate the present moment more fully. All these factors combined make learning martial arts a great way to enhance your mental health.

Self-Defense Skills

Learning Martial Arts provides a variety of benefits beyond the obvious ability to defend oneself in dangerous situations. Firstly, it enhances physical strength, agility and coordination as various techniques require endurance, power and accuracy to effectively execute. Martial Arts also helps to cultivate mental discipline and focus as practitioners must stay engaged for long periods of time in order to remember the techniques and practice them correctly.

Moreover, physical training can be an excellent way to achieve improved fitness levels, with regular practice leading to a higher level of fitness than normally achievable through usual physical activities. Lastly, while learning martial arts can equip individuals with self-defence skills that can be used in dangerous situations, it also helps build confidence and improves social skills when interacting with peers in classes or tournaments - both essential life skills that are beneficial regardless of whether someone ever needs to use their self-defence knowledge.

Improved Confidence

The benefits of learning Martial Arts are far-reaching, with improved confidence as a major positive effect. It develops resilience, courage, and steadfastness in individuals of all ages, allowing them to face difficult challenges with tenacity and assurance. By mastering each technique and movement, practitioners gain an increased sense of self-efficacy that boosts their morale and self-esteem. This can help them to be more assertive when dealing with conflict or confrontation outside the dojo.

Furthermore, those who practice Martial Arts become better equipped to handle stress and negative emotions in high-pressure situations due to the deep focus it requires. Confidence is also strengthened through physical conditioning, which leads to enhanced coordination, balance, agility, flexibility, strength and endurance. Furthermore, it can develop important traits such as discipline and respect for others attributed by regular practice and adhering to martial arts principles. All these attributes combined lead to greater confidence in one's own capabilities both inside and outside the dojo.

Increased Discipline

Learning martial arts helps to build discipline in practitioners in a number of ways. For starters, the strict rules that must be followed during class and tournament time means that practitioners are expected to exercise self-control and show respect for their peers, no matter their age or rank. This teaches them that before they can expect results from others, they must first demonstrate respect and show excellent discipline themselves. Furthermore, martial arts also teach practitioners the importance of physical control when engaging in combat - from maintaining a proper stance and breath control to utilising controlled strikes and holds, every practitioner must learn how to stay mindful of their movements as it can make all the difference in either winning or losing a match.

Discipline is also cultivated through mental focus - martial arts demand a high level of concentration which requires practitioners to stay focused on their task at hand while ignoring distractions around them. By learning and incorporating these principles into their practice, martial artists are able to develop strong willpower that will help them become more disciplined both inside and outside the dojo.