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Southall, West London

LandDate Available 09 Jun 2020
Per Month

This spacious area of land in Southall is available for rent.  It has 24hr security, and the yard is gated.  It can be used as...


Tooting, South West London

LandDate Available 11 Jun 2020
Per Month

If you see this add - half of the land is still available - messages with the details below will only be responded to.  11 min...

Large yard 2750m2+ for storage /carwash / Scaffolding / Vehicles thumb-22703

Derby, Derbyshire

LandDate Available 15 Jun 2020
Per Week

Land available and suitable for a variety of uses.  Van Sales Forecourt, Storage Yard, etc.  Price £300.00 per...

Storage Yard/Land /Van Sales thumb-22700
Storage Yard/Land /Van Sales thumb-22701

Edinburgh, Scotland

Per Month

1x land plot 65-metre x 25 metres in the fenced-off yard. Ideal for storage/business use. Currently, 2 other tenants on site 1 have...

Land for Rent 20 Mins from Edinburgh City Centre thumb-22698

Bristol, South West England

LandDate Available 01 Jun 2020

Looking for a mid-size land for long term rent around 50-75 miles around Bristol.  I would like to use for a static caravan house.


Pershore, Worcestershire

LandDate Available 23 Jun 2020
Per Week

Well-fenced/ hedged paddock on a private road with bridle paths all around.  There is the possibility of the sole purpose of one...

Grazing Land / Diy Grass Livery thumb-22695

Coventry, West Midlands

LandDate Available 29 Jun 2020

Binley, Coventry. good size plot of land available for rent very secure and good location.  Would be ideal for small builders to...


Tooting, South West London

LandDate Available 17 Jun 2020
Per Month

If you see this add - the land is still available - messages with the details below will only be responded to.  Enderby Wharf,...

Large Yard 18,000 Square Metre for Rent thumb-22690
Large Yard 18,000 Square Metre for Rent thumb-22691
Large Yard 18,000 Square Metre for Rent thumb-22692

Southampton, Hampshire

LandDate Available 22 Jun 2020
Per Month

Grazing between Denmead and Hambledon. Please don't ask if still available. The land is available to rent if this ad is in place as will...

Grazing Land to Rent thumb-22685
Grazing Land to Rent thumb-22686
Grazing Land to Rent thumb-22687
Grazing Land to Rent thumb-22688

St Albans, Hertfordshire

LandDate Available 16 Jun 2020
Per Month

Hard standing open storage on a 24-hour manned site.  Would suit Vehicle / Truck and Trailer / Container storage.  88,000...

Land to Rent - Noke Lane, St Albans thumb-22678
Land to Rent - Noke Lane, St Albans thumb-22679
Land to Rent - Noke Lane, St Albans thumb-22680
Land to Rent - Noke Lane, St Albans thumb-22681

One of the biggest benefits of renting land is having access to a wide range of potential uses. Renting land can be a great way to expand your business, grow crops, or invest in real estate without having to purchase the property outright. It can provide an affordable alternative to buying a larger piece of land, as well as flexibility for businesses and individuals who need immediate access to acreage for their projects.

Renting land often allows for more flexibility in terms of legal and zoning regulations than purchasing outright would. This is because rental agreements are typically shorter than those associated with conventional sale contracts, providing occupants with the opportunity to try out a location before committing long-term. Additionally, rentals may not be subject to certain zoning restrictions or need approval from other local authorities, which can make it significantly easier and faster to gain access to the land.

From an environmental perspective, renting land can also be beneficial as it allows individuals and companies to reduce their carbon footprint while still engaging in activities that require the use of land. This is because they are able to use the space on a short-term basis instead of permanently converting it into something else and therefore avoid any long-term environmental damage associated with such practices. Additionally, it may be possible for renters to develop eco-friendly projects on the rented property since they are not held financially responsible for any permanent changes they might make.

For those seeking financial benefits, renting land can help them save money by avoiding large up-front costs associated with purchasing a property outright. Furthermore, renters may also benefit from lower monthly payments compared to those received from traditional mortgages or loans taken out for real estate purchases. Finally, rental agreements usually offer specific provisions that allow tenants better protection from unexpected costs should something unforeseen occur during their occupancy period.