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Canterbury, Kent


All females.  Beautiful colours.  8 weeks and just over.  No inoculations as too young.  Not neutered as also too...

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Buying rabbits as pets in the UK is becoming increasingly popular due to their friendly, social and intelligent nature. Rabbits are great companions and provide a lot of joy and entertainment to their owners. They are also low-maintenance pets, requiring only minimal grooming and care. In addition, owning a rabbit can have many other benefits such as providing companionship, teaching responsibility and improving mental health. Explore the various advantages of buying a rabbit as a pet in the UK in greater detail.


When you buy a rabbit as a pet, it can quickly become an integral part of your family. Rabbits form strong bonds with their owners over time and they love receiving affection from people they trust. They can be very loyal companions who will eagerly follow you around or snuggle up beside you when you are feeling down. Furthermore, having a rabbit to keep you company can help reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.


Owning a pet offers an opportunity for children to learn about responsibility by taking on duties such as feeding, cleaning cages and playing with their rabbits on a regular basis. This teaches kids how to care for another living being which is an important life skill that can benefit them in the future. Parental supervision is important during this process to ensure that the animals are looked after properly.

Mental Health Benefits

Having rabbits as pets has been found to have several positive impacts on mental health including reducing stress levels, calming anxiety and lifting moods. Spending time with your rabbit every day can help relieve some of the pressure of everyday life while also allowing you to relax more deeply than before. The unconditional love that these animals give their owners may also boost self-esteem by making people feel cherished and valued in return.

Low Maintenance Cost

Although there are initial costs associated with buying rabbits such as cages, bedding etc., they require much less upkeep than other pet options such as cats or dogs. As long as they are given proper food, shelter and water every day, rabbits generally need minimal attention from their owners beyond occasional grooming or healthcare check-ups at the vet's office when necessary. This makes them ideal pets for those who don’t have enough time or money available for more intense forms of pet ownership.


Rabbits need regular exercise in order to stay healthy both physically and mentally, however, they don’t necessarily require vast amounts of space like some other animals do due to their small size which means they don't need large enclosures or yards etc.. You can easily set up play areas indoors with tunnels and boxes for them to explore which will help keep them active throughout the day without taking up too much room inside your home either!