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African grey Congo parrot Tommy Hand tame step up to every one friendly Love flying around and sit on your shoulder Tommy is 4 years old...

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Hand tame African grey thumb-127455

If you are considering purchasing birds as pets, the UK is one of the best places to do so. UK bird breeders and suppliers offer a wide variety of avian species with expert advice and assistance. Birds purchased in the UK are known for their health, quality, and value for money due to experienced breeders taking great care when producing them. Explore five of the most beneficial reasons for buying birds in the UK.

Quality Assurance

When looking to purchase birds in the UK, you can be sure that they will come from trusted sources and have been bred with the highest standards in mind. All birds should have a ‘passport’ which records their vaccination history and other medical information so buyers can be sure that they are getting healthy animals with no underlying health problems or issues. Furthermore, reputable avian breeders will ensure that all birds have been bred responsibly and ethically before they are sold to customers.

Expert Advice

The team at UK avian suppliers and breeders pride themselves on offering expert advice that is tailored specifically to your needs as a potential bird owner. Many sellers are also happy to provide detailed information about different species so that buyers can make an informed decision about what type of bird best suits their lifestyle, environment, and level of experience as an owner. Some suppliers even offer free consultations prior to purchase so potential owners can ask any questions or discuss their requirements further before committing to a sale.

Range of Species

Purchasing birds in the UK gives you access to a wide range of species from around the world; from parrots to owls, macaws to finches – whatever your preference may be! The selection available means there is something suitable for everyone; whether you’re looking for a pet companion or simply want something beautiful to admire every now and then – there’s something out there just right for you!

Value For Money

Birds purchased in the UK tend to be reasonably priced compared with those found elsewhere due to lower overhead costs associated with running an aviary here than elsewhere in Europe or beyond! Furthermore, many breeders offer discounts on large orders or when multiple specimens are purchased at once – making them even more affordable than ever before!

Local Support Networks

One benefit not often considered when it comes to buying birds in the UK is increased access to local support networks such as vet clinics specialising in avian care as well as clubs catering specifically for bird owners/enthusiasts who offer invaluable advice and guidance on animal welfare topics such as nutrition, housing etc., ensuring owners feel confident enough take care of their new feathered friends properly from day one!