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Durham, County Durham


Bob Dylan "The Band " Double Album.  In good condition.  Collection only ( Social distancing ).

Bob Dylan / The Band ( Double Album ) thumb-49111
Bob Dylan / The Band ( Double Album ) thumb-49112

Atherstone, Warwickshire


All excellent condition Bands cd bundle ~ Radio 1 live lounge ~ NME.

Bands Cd Bundle ~ Radio 1 Live Lounge ~ Nme thumb-49107
Bands Cd Bundle ~ Radio 1 Live Lounge ~ Nme thumb-49108
Bands Cd Bundle ~ Radio 1 Live Lounge ~ Nme thumb-49109

Edinburgh, Scotland


I'm selling my collection of over 150 CDs, seldom played, some rare or very rare and collectable. From a pet-free, non-smoking...


Blackburn, Lancashire


Collection of fifteen Military Band LP’s as shown in the photographs.  Includes one box set of 4 LP’s and one 2 LP...

Military Bands thumb-49099
Military Bands thumb-49100
Military Bands thumb-49101
Military Bands thumb-49102

Harrow, North West London


Grubson & Sanepid Band ‎– Przystanek Woodstock 2015 (Limited Edition) 2xLP Brand New, Still Sealed £30.  ...

Grubson & Sanepid Band  thumb-49095
Grubson & Sanepid Band  thumb-49096
Grubson & Sanepid Band  thumb-49097

Tunbridge Wells, Kent


12" single.  Please see pictures for more details.  Condition of record ex.  Condition of sleeve ex. ...

Rock Band UFO thumb-49042
Rock Band UFO thumb-49043
Rock Band UFO thumb-49044

Norwich, Norfolk


Selection of eight 12 inch vinyl records including the following titles:  Cheryl Kennedy, David Holliday, Shirley Chapman &...

Vinyl Records Selection of Individual Artists, Bands & Compilations thumb-49033
Vinyl Records Selection of Individual Artists, Bands & Compilations thumb-49034
Vinyl Records Selection of Individual Artists, Bands & Compilations thumb-49035
Vinyl Records Selection of Individual Artists, Bands & Compilations thumb-49036

York, North Yorkshire


1969 US Pressing of STAO-132.  Gatefold.  Not Graded but good condition.  Perfect Christmas Present for a fan of The...

The Band - the Band - Stao-132 - 1969 thumb-49030
The Band - the Band - Stao-132 - 1969 thumb-49031

Bournemouth, Dorset


Over 100 CDs collected over many years. Big bands. Musicals. Classical. Too many to list separately but feel free to message me any...

Large Collection of Over 100 Classical and Big Band Cds thumb-49028

Carlton, Nottinghamshire


The Rite Band. Ideal for any record collection.

The Rite Band thumb-49025
The Rite Band thumb-49026

Buying tickets for bands and groups in the UK can be a great way to experience live music in a relaxed setting. Not only does it provide an opportunity to get up close and personal with your favourite performers, but there are also plenty of other benefits that come with purchasing a ticket for a band or group in the UK. From being able to support musical talent from all over the UK, to having access to exclusive discounts, buying tickets for bands and groups in the UK can be a great way to spend an evening. In this article, we will discuss five key benefits of buying tickets for bands and groups in the UK.

Supporting Local Talent

One of the primary advantages of purchasing tickets for bands and groups in the UK is being able to support local musicians. By attending gigs and concerts put on by local artists, you are helping them develop their craft as well as giving them valuable exposure which can help encourage more people to come out and enjoy their performances. This also helps build a sense of community as you get to know other fans who have similar interests in music from around the country.

Great Value For Money

Tickets for bands and groups performed within the UK typically offer excellent value for money when compared to larger international acts or festivals. This makes it possible for fans on tighter budgets or those hoping for several nights out at live events still be able to attend a show without breaking the bank. Furthermore, some venues may even offer discounted prices on certain days or during specific periods, making it easier than ever before to pick up tickets at affordable prices.

Access To Exclusive Discounts And Offers

By purchasing tickets directly from venues or online retailers rather than third-party websites or vendors, buyers can often gain access to exclusive discounts or offer that may not otherwise be available elsewhere. This could include discounts on food and drink options inside the venue, reduced prices on merchandise-related items such as t-shirts and CDs, or even early entry into special events that may only be available through pre-purchasing tickets online. By taking advantage of these offers buyers not only save money but enrich their overall experience of attending gigs and concerts throughout the UK.

Access To Professional Production Quality

When buying tickets for bands and groups performing in the UK you can rest assured that each event will have been professionally produced by experienced professionals skilled in creating unforgettable experiences with top-notch sound quality and lighting effects that add an extra dimension when watching live music performances from any genre imaginable. Furthermore, many larger venues boast production equipment made specifically designed with sound quality in mind which helps elevate each performance from just an ordinary gig into something truly extraordinary.

Unique Experiences & Venues

Many artists touring around the country are known for playing shows at unique venues such as historic theatres, converted warehouses, old churches, or even outdoor locations such as parks. Having access to interesting venues adds another level of excitement when attending any gig, concert, or festival – making each event its own special experience unique from anything else available around town. From large arenas down to small pubs, no matter what type of show you’re looking forward to there’s sure to be something suitable within driving distance.