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Looking for the best finds for your home? Do not hesitate to explore our comprehensive range of new and second-hand clocks from reliable sellers in your area.

Glasgow, Scotland


Novelty Kitchen Breakfast Clock.  21cm diameter clock, reaching 23cm max due to decoration. Keeps a great time.  Collect...


Cardiff, Wales


Old fashioned wall clock bottle green Wall clock.

Wall Clock thumb-48170
Wall Clock thumb-48171

Wimbledon, South West London


Small desk ornament with clock (battery needs exchanging) which can be used to store letters etc. Comes with the original box.  ...

Dubai Desk Ornament with Clock thumb-48167
Dubai Desk Ornament with Clock thumb-48168

Bournemouth, Dorset


This giant clock has a retro style. It has a wooden effect design with a metal cream rim. The numbers are wooden and raised from the...

Statement Wall Clock thumb-48163
Statement Wall Clock thumb-48164
Statement Wall Clock thumb-48165

Gateshead, Tyne and Wear


Large wall clock exactly like photo brand new still boxed Wall clock.


Shefford, Bedfordshire


Small battery-operated Aynsley china clock. 6.5 inches high, 4 inches wide and 1.75 inches deep. Excellent condition. Unwanted gift.

Aynsley China Clock thumb-48158
Aynsley China Clock thumb-48159
Aynsley China Clock thumb-48160

Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire


Sleep trainer.  Used but in great condition.  Some & pet free home.  Collection only.  Thanks for looking.

Clock Sleep Trainer thumb-48155
Clock Sleep Trainer thumb-48156

Leicester, Leicestershire


Hi for sale is this Retro Vintage Alarm clock made by Bush. Fully working with excellent display for time. Good sound for alarm and...

Bush 6585 MW/LW Electronic Alarm Clock Retro thumb-48149
Bush 6585 MW/LW Electronic Alarm Clock Retro thumb-48150
Bush 6585 MW/LW Electronic Alarm Clock Retro thumb-48151
Bush 6585 MW/LW Electronic Alarm Clock Retro thumb-48152

Reading, Berkshire


Guitar Clock with a hook behind to hang on wall was originally bought from the range.

Guitar Clock thumb-48147

Stafford, Staffordshire


Made to order 2 shapes fro 24” to 36” can also do white.

Hand Made Clocks thumb-48107

Clocks have been used for centuries to tell time, from sundials to modern-day digital and analogue clocks. Not only are they necessary for keeping an accurate measure of the time, but they also provide aesthetic appeal in any room where they’re placed. For those living in the UK, there are many benefits to buying a clock made in the country. From accessing quality craftsmanship to gaining access to unique designs, shopping for clocks in the UK is a great opportunity. Read on to discover just 5 of the many benefits of buying clocks in Britain!

Access To Quality Craftsmanship

The UK is known for its fine craftsmanship and quality manufacturing processes. Clocks produced domestically have consistently higher standards than those produced offshore, making them well worth their price tag. Furthermore, British clocks often come with long warranties and guarantees that are backed up by experienced customer service teams should anything go wrong during your purchase or after you own it.

Unique Designs And Styles

The UK has a long history of creating unique designs for its products and this extends to its clocks as well. From classic grandfather clocks with intricate woodwork and detailed moving parts to modern digital wall clocks that double up as picture frames, there’s something for everyone when shopping in Britain!

Support Local Artisans And Businesses

Buying domestic products helps support local artisans and businesses as well as contributing positively to the overall economy of the UK’s manufacturing industry. This helps ensure that your money is being reinvested into communities across Britain rather than going overseas or out of circulation entirely.

Variety Of Price Points

Whatever your budget may be, you’re sure to find something that fits it when shopping for clocks in Britain. You can often find antique pieces at flea markets or high-end designer brands at speciality retailers depending on what you’re looking for – all without breaking the bank! This makes it easy to purchase stylish pieces without compromising on quality or style while still staying within budget constraints.

An Investment Piece For Your Home

Clocks can add an air of sophistication as well as practicality to any home décor choice regardless of whether it be traditional or contemporary in style. Purchasing a clock from a reputable British manufacturer ensures that you are getting a piece that will last— both functionally and aesthetically—for years without needing costly repairs or maintenance down the line!