Carpet and Rugs For Sale

Boost the comfort and cosiness of your home. Here you can find a wide selection of great carpet and rugs offers and deals. You can also sell for free.

Kenilworth, Warwickshire

Mercia Carpets are a reputable, family run carpet / hard flooring / rug business that serve Kenilworth, Leamington Spa, Warwick,...


Rochdale, Greater Manchester


Available for sale is a beautiful rug in a grey/beige color, made of thick, high-quality wool. Here are the details: Dimensions: Width...

Beautiful Retro Wool Rug Carpet thumb-126370

Edinburgh, Scotland


A charming vintage rug in good condition. Dimensions are 79cm wide and 146cm long. Don't forget to check out our other items, with...

Vintage Kilim Style Rug Retro Carpet thumb-126275
Vintage Kilim Style Rug Retro Carpet thumb-126276
Vintage Kilim Style Rug Retro Carpet thumb-126277

Redcar, North Yorkshire


Brand new Bailey Pursuit caravan carpet, including a step rug and a larger inside rug, all in beige. Never opened, suitable for most...


Acton, West London


For sale: High-quality carpet underlay, 10mm thick. Two rolls available, each covering 15m². Price: £45 per roll, or...

Carpet Underlay 15m2 thumb-125387

Aberdeen, Scotland


Selling brand new carpet underlay of good quality. It is being sold as it is not required.

Carpet Underlay Brand New 1.38m x 7.8m thumb-125385

Birmingham, West Midlands


Job lot of carpet tiles available for sale. The lot includes what is visible in the picture, along with some offcuts. They are in used...

Carpet Tiles thumb-125383

Crystal Palace, South East London


Please note: Collection only from SE 19. For sale is a new piece of sisal boucle carpet, measuring approximately 140 x 320cm.

Sisal Boucle Carpet Cut Off thumb-124803

Dukinfield, Greater Manchester


Special Offers on Flooring: Slip-resistant vinyls available in 2m/3m/4m widths for £9 per square yard. Heavy-duty carpets in 4/5-meter...

Carpets and Vinyls Supplied and Fitted thumb-124797
Carpets and Vinyls Supplied and Fitted thumb-124798
Carpets and Vinyls Supplied and Fitted thumb-124799
Carpets and Vinyls Supplied and Fitted thumb-124800

Holt, Norfolk


Exquisite Berber Rug Handmade in the Atlas Mountains Description: Origin: Handmade in the Atlas Mountains Material: Non-fade vegetable...

Berber Rug thumb-124593
Berber Rug thumb-124594
Berber Rug thumb-124595
Berber Rug thumb-124596

Derby, Derbyshire


For Sale: Clean and Newish Rug in Littleover Derby Description: Condition: Nice, clean, and shows no obvious wear Size: 3x2 meters...

Rug 3x2 m, Littleover thumb-124590
Rug 3x2 m, Littleover thumb-124591

Worcester, Worcestershire


For Sale: 100% Wool Rug in Worcester Description: Material: 100% Wool Design: Multi-colour, perfect for use on plain wooden or tiled...


Telford, Shropshire


New Unused First-Grade Cowhide Leather Rug from South Africa Description: This premium cowhide leather rug is new and unused,...

Cowhide Rug thumb-124584
Cowhide Rug thumb-124585

Newark on Trent, Nottinghamshire


In excellent condition, this rug features a dark blue base with a diamond-shaped pattern in yellow and blue, complemented by matching...

Rug / Carpet, Dark Blue thumb-124368

Ebbw Vale, Blaenau Gwent


Beautiful small grey shaggy rug, perfect for bedrooms and compact living rooms.

Grey Shaggy Rug thumb-124366

Kingsbridge, Devon


For sale: Multi-coloured rug measuring 230 x 160 cm (5’3” x 7’7”). The rug is in good condition and is available...

Floor Rug thumb-119882
Floor Rug thumb-119883
Floor Rug thumb-119884

Hythe, Kent


Black and grey rug for sale. The dimensions are 240 x 170 cm, and it is made of cotton. The rug is in good condition with no marks.

Louis De Poortere Fading world Rug “Atlantic deep” thumb-119880

You are looking for carpets for sale and check what is available on the market? Well, we can understand why. Nothing can compare to the soft, comfy and cosy feel of a carpet under your feet. You want to get that feeling in your everyday life and spend quality time at home in comfort, therefore you are interested in carpets for sale. Carpets for sale are a great investment for your home. They are not only comfy and cosy, but they also ensure good insulation for your home during the colder months.

Carpets for sale are also a great option for households with young kids, they are safe and fluffy and reduce the risk of injury during fall. Well, compared to some other types of flooring, carpets for sale may require a bit more maintenance and care and in most cases, carpets for sale are not as lasting and hard-wearing as real wood, vinyl or laminate floor, for example. However, with all their advantages and the benefits they ensure for every home, carpets for sale definitely worth considering and they can be a great choice for every house.

With so many designs, colours and textures available on the market, shopping for carpets for sale can be a rather overwhelming experience and you are probably wondering where to start from when considering carpets for sale and purchase. There are so many different carpets for sale on the market and making a final choice you won’t regret really requires good research and considering all factors and aspects.

Some carpets for sale will be made from materials that wear out pretty quickly, other carpets for sale will require a lot more cleaning and maintenance, and there are also carpets for sale that can affect your health. Therefore, make sure to do your homework and take your time to consider all factors determining your final choice. Here are some helpful tips for when you are shopping for carpets for sale.

Carpets for Sale: Padding

The padding of carpets for sale is as important as the carpet itself. Do not get the temptation to skip the padding, because you won’t be able to experience half of the comfort carpets for sale provide to the home without it. The padding is the solid foundation that ensures support, strength, and some cushioning effect for extra comfort and better insulation to carpets for sale and your home in general.

Choosing inadequate materials for carpets for sale will also lead to quicker wear and tear. Padding is mostly made from rubber materials. As result, investing in padding along with carpets for sale when you purchase one is very important – it absorbs sounds, improves insulation, conceals subfloor imperfections, and most importantly – it supports the carpet and makes it more long-lasting and hard-wearing.

Carpets for Sale: Consider Various Styles

Carpets for sale are available in a really wide range of different styles, textures, materials, designs. While choosing the right colour and design to match your interior is not that hard, you may find it a bit more challenging to ensure you are considering the right styles of carpets for sale for your home when it comes to materials and texture. Most carpets for sale you will find available on the market are coming in styles such as plush, Saxony, Berber, textured, frieze, etc. All these terms apply to the different types of surfaces of different carpets for sale.

Each of these styles has its distinctive look, however, looks should not be the main thing you consider when investing in carpets for sale. It is essential to consider which is the right style of carpets for sale that can suit your lifestyle and does not require extra care. For example, more thick carpets for sale like plush ones are very suitable for households with young children because of their softness. However, they create an effect called “pooling” – areas of the carpet appearing darker. Footprints and vacuum tracks will also be visible. Therefore, plush carpets for sale work best when installed in low traffic areas. Barber carpets for sale are extremely durable, therefore they are suitable for high traffic areas of the house.

Carpets for Sale: Not Necessarily Expensive

We guess you want to get the best for your home, therefore, you are considering more expensive carpets for sale when your budget allows it. However, even the more luxurious and great quality carpets for sale do not have to cost a fortune and make you break the bank. Whenever you are shopping for carpets for sale, we recommend you to shop around and check different places for the carpets for sale they are offering and the price tags attached to them.

Indeed, carpets for sale are a pretty considerable investment for the interior of every home. However, this does not mean that you are not able to find some great deals and offers when you are looking for carpets for sale and still enjoy high quality and comfort without breaking the bank. Just be patient and do not miss checking different carpets for sale places and suppliers.

Carpets for Sale: Understand Maintenance Requirements

Maintenance requirements are very important when you are considering different carpets for sale and you will find them an important factor affecting your final decision. Some carpets for sale definitely require more attention and care, therefore they are not suitable for busy households and people with busy lifestyles. Neglecting your carpet for too long and not ensuring the right cleaning and maintenance routine can be very damaging and lead to quicker wear and tear.

Therefore, if you are too busy and cannot be bothered with carpet upkeep constantly, make sure to choose a more durable carpet that does not require too much maintenance. In case you are ready to sacrifice a bit more of your time and energy, then you can go for softer and fluffier carpets that may require a bit more maintenance, but feel super luxurious and soft.

Carpets for sale: Padding
Carpets for sale: Consider various styles
Carpets for sale: Not necessarily expensive
Carpets for sale: Understand maintenance requirements