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Luton, Bedfordshire


Apple iMac G4 17" screen 1.25GHz Power PC 1.25GB RAM.  Need a new install of IOS.  All works perfectly.

Apple iMac G4 17
Apple iMac G4 17
Apple iMac G4 17
Apple iMac G4 17

Kesgrave, Suffolk


Apple iMac 24".  In original apple box.  2009 iMac All In One PC.  24" high-res screen 1920x1200.  8GB RAM. ...


Atherton, Greater Manchester


Used. Very Good Condition & Clean.  IT NEEDS A HARD DRIVE. It turns on & it plays start-up music tune & the Apple Logo...

Apple Imac Pc (All in One) thumb-43836
Apple Imac Pc (All in One) thumb-43837
Apple Imac Pc (All in One) thumb-43838
Apple Imac Pc (All in One) thumb-43839

City of London, Central London


2017 Mac computer, must go, brand new only ever watched movies on it. No offers pay and take it, or I can deliver for £10.

Mac Pc thumb-43832
Mac Pc thumb-43833
Mac Pc thumb-43834

Nuneaton, Warwickshire


Apple Mac pc Apple Mac PC. Computers, Laptops & Netbooks, Desktop & Workstation PCs.


When it comes to buying a computer, it is important to do your research and make sure you are investing in a product that will serve you well. If you’re looking for a reliable, high-performing machine, then Apple PCs are an excellent option. Not only do they offer superior performance and unsurpassed security features, but they also boast numerous benefits for customers in the United Kingdom. To give you a better idea of what makes Apple PCs such a popular choice for British customers, here are five key advantages of purchasing an Apple computer in the UK.

Price Matching

Apple UK offers price matching on all its products, meaning customers can be rest assured knowing they are paying the best possible rate for their machines. If customers find another store offering the same product at a lower cost within 14 days of purchase, Apple will match that price so that they get the most value out of their purchase. Price matching is not guaranteed if the product was purchased from an auction or third-party seller or if it is part of a special promotion – such as Black Friday sales or discount codes – but this feature still provides added peace of mind whenever customers buy Apple products in the UK.

Easy Returns

Apple also offers easy returns on all its products purchased in the UK. Customers have 14 days to return any item they don’t want with no questions asked. This includes full refunds and exchanges so long as items are returned with their original packaging and accessories intact and without any signs of use or damage. For added ease, customers don’t even need to bring their receipts along when returning items – Apple will just look up the purchase using their records in order to process the request.

Dedicated Customer Care Teams

In addition to providing consumers with convenient return policies, Apple also has dedicated customer care teams working 24/7 throughout the year to ensure all requests are solved promptly and efficiently– no matter how big or small. The team is made up of experienced professionals who have expertise in all things Mac-related– from software installation issues right down to hardware malfunction repairs– so customers can always count on them for help when needed. This feature alone makes it clear why many people prefer Apple PCs over competitors when shopping in the UK– there’s never any guesswork involved when getting support!

Free Professional Training & Tutorials

Another benefit of buying an Apple PC in the UK is free professional training and tutorials provided by certified instructors across every region that stock these products. Whether you’re new to computers or have been using them for years, attending one of these courses can really help broaden your knowledge about how to use your Mac more efficiently– creating documents, playing music files, editing photos etc.– while getting personalized help from industry experts who specialise in this particular type of machine. Plus, participants get resources like worksheets and video guides afterwards so they can continue studying at home after completing each class session!

Accessibility Features

Apple PCs come with accessibility features designed specifically for users with disabilities or special needs– making them much more user-friendly than most other computers available today. Everyone should be able to take advantage of modern technology regardless of physical abilities, thankfully this brand understands this concept perfectly and does its best to accommodate those with extra requirements through features like VoiceOver (which reads out text aloud) and Switch Control (which enables users who cannot use regular keyboards). Additionally, there is plenty more information available online about other accessibility features offered on Macs so users can discover further options suitable for their individual needs prior to making their final decision about which model would be best.