Best Computer Tricks Everyone Should Try and Know


Do you use the full potential of your computer? What about if something happens? You frantically start researching online for tips and tricks that can help you save the day. Well, no need to search in a rush no more, simply have this guide to helpful and precious computer tips and tricks always on your hand and you will find the answer to many things you are looking for.

If you can easily get back to a tab you have accidentally closed, simply press Control, or in case you have a Mac press Command, + Shift and + T and the closed tab will magically reappear.

You want to screenshot something on your screen, but you don’t want everything on the screen to be visible and you cannot get bothered to edit the screenshot and crop the parts of the picture you don’t need. Well, the best thing you can do in this case is by going to Start and then using the Snipping Tool if you are a Windows user. In case you are a Mac user, simply press Command + Shift + 4 and you will bring up the tool, then drag only the area you want and you are good to go.

You can easily repeat your last command on Excel by pressing the F4. For example, simply select a cell, highlight it in yellow, then any other cell can be highlighted in yellow by simply pressing the F4 button.

The fastest way to open a new tab on your browser is by clicking on the middle button of your mouse. In order to close an open tab on your browser quickly, once again, click the middle button.

You can also easily make a copy of a file using this method. If you are a Mac user, simply hold the Alt key and then click and drag the file. If you are working on a PC, instead of clicking the Alt key, click on the Control key and hold. This will automatically make a copy of the file and you will drop it anywhere you want by unclicking the key.

You can easily reverse search for an image on Google Chrome. All you need to do is to press S while you are right-clicking on the image and this will automatically do a reverse Google search and help you find out where this image is from and where it originated.

Now, let’s go to YouTube. You can pause a video with one click or also easily skip backward and forward ten seconds. To pause a video simply use the Space bar. If you have not already clicked on the video, this can cause scrolling down the page and not pausing the video. Therefore, you can also press the K key to play and pause the video whenever you want. The J key will then cause the video to go backward ten seconds, while the L key will cause the video to go forward ten seconds.

Clicking the Window key together with one of the arrows, right, left, up, or down, you will be able to move your current window to a side of the screen.

Clearing your cache is important every now and then. To do it in just seconds, simply press the Control key + Shift + R. This will refresh your page.

Do you want to lock your computer in just seconds? Then hit the Windows key and then L to lock your computer if you are using a Windows machine. In case you are a Mac user, click Command + Option + Eject or Power for Mac computers with no optical device.

Do you want to rotate your screen? Well, no one really does, but it is a fun idea for a prank. Here is what to do. If you press Control + Alt + one of the arrow keys, it will rotate your screen that way.

You want to type in something quickly and no time to open Word? Well, you can easily turn your browser into a simple text editor by pasting data:text/html, <html contenteditable> into the address bar in the browser you are using.

Here are three easy ways to use when you have zoomed in your browser too much and you want to go back to normal. You can press the Control key + 0 to reset it to default. Then, you can press the Control key plus + to zoom it in. Finally, press Control plus – to zoom it out. If you are a Mac user, instead of the Control key you need to press the Command key.


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