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Littlehampton, West Sussex


Kids modified Dawes blowfish 16" bike. Different stickers, chain and handlebar grips as the daughter wanted them pink! Used condition,...

Kids Dawes Bike 16 inches thumb-21780
Kids Dawes Bike 16 inches thumb-21781
Kids Dawes Bike 16 inches thumb-21782
Kids Dawes Bike 16 inches thumb-21783

Belfast, County Antrim


Purple and white, (14+). I think it is 24 inches but I am not sure. Can adjust gears. Comes with a matching helmet. It has only been...

Purple Mountain Bike thumb-21772
Purple Mountain Bike thumb-21773
Purple Mountain Bike thumb-21774
Purple Mountain Bike thumb-21775

Portsmouth, Hampshire


Girls bike good condition 20inch wheels Girls bike. 

Girls Bike thumb-21762
Girls Bike thumb-21763

Perth, Perth and Kinross


Kids Bike - 18" wheels, BMX style. Suit roughly 5-7-year-old. Good condition. Tyres are good but the inner tube may need...

Kids Bike thumb-21740
Kids Bike thumb-21741

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire


All working in good condition kids mountain bike with suspension front and back.


Darlington, County Durham


Pretty much unused. Freeing if up space. Kids bike cycle.


Coatbridge, North Lanarkshire


Specialized Hotrock 24 Inch Wheel Mountain Bike - black/blue frame. 21 gears. Seat tube frame - 32CM. Saddle currently sitting at 58CM...

Specialized Hotrock Kids Bike thumb-19956
Specialized Hotrock Kids Bike thumb-19957
Specialized Hotrock Kids Bike thumb-19958
Specialized Hotrock Kids Bike thumb-19959

Airdrie, North Lanarkshire


16-inch wheels would suit 3 to 7 yrs. Only the grips show any signs of use, nearly like new, top quality kids bike that is built to the...

Bicycle, Kids Bike, Cube Kids 160 thumb-19950
Bicycle, Kids Bike, Cube Kids 160 thumb-19951
Bicycle, Kids Bike, Cube Kids 160 thumb-19952
Bicycle, Kids Bike, Cube Kids 160 thumb-19953

Stirling, Stirling


Bmx bike. Been in the garage for a few years but all in working order. Alloy frame. Also selling another BMX.

Child's Kids Boys Girls Bmx Bike thumb-19946
Child's Kids Boys Girls Bmx Bike thumb-19947
Child's Kids Boys Girls Bmx Bike thumb-19948

Aberdeen, Scotland


Halfords Apollo Interzone, Front Suspension, Kids Mountain Bike - 24” - 18 Shimano Gears - Front Disc brakes Front and rear mudguards...


Sheffield, South Yorkshire


Peugeot kids racing bike, 12 speed, suitable age 6+, 24” wheels. Bottom bracket to top tube 15”.  Top tube centre to centre...

Peugeot Kids Racing Bike thumb-19941
Peugeot Kids Racing Bike thumb-19942
Peugeot Kids Racing Bike thumb-19943

Glasgow, Scotland


Red kids ridgeback mx14. 14inch wheels (aged 4-6). In great condition.

Kids Ridgeback Mx14 Bike thumb-19939

Faversham, Kent


Lighter and more versatile than an MTB, a Dimension series Ridgeback combines the principles of a hybrid with a specification and...

Kids Bike - Ridgeback Dimension 20 2017 thumb-19934
Kids Bike - Ridgeback Dimension 20 2017 thumb-19935
Kids Bike - Ridgeback Dimension 20 2017 thumb-19936
Kids Bike - Ridgeback Dimension 20 2017 thumb-19937

Beith, North Ayrshire


One boy's bike will suit age 2-4. One girl's bike suit age 5-8. Not a lot use at all few marks here and there but overall in good...

Kids Bicycle/Bikes thumb-19928
Kids Bicycle/Bikes thumb-19929
Kids Bicycle/Bikes thumb-19930
Kids Bicycle/Bikes thumb-19931

For many families, buying kids' bikes for sale for their child is an important milestone. Not only does it open the door for outdoor fun and exercise, but it can also be a great educational tool and a way to develop skills such as balance, coordination, and physical strength. But with so many kids bikes for sale options available, including both new and used kids bikes for sale in the UK, it’s important to understand the advantages of each option before making a purchase.

New Kids Bikes for Sale: Pros & Cons

When purchasing a new kids bikes for sale, there are several advantages that come with the purchase. One of the biggest benefits is that you can be sure that the kids bikes for sale is free from any structural damage or other repairs that may have been necessary had you purchased an older model. Additionally, since new kids bikes for sale are typically covered by some type of warranty or guarantee, you can rest assured knowing that should anything happen to your kids bikes for sale while they’re riding it, you’ll likely be able to get it repaired or replaced at no additional cost to you. Finally, when buying a new kids bikes for sale in the UK, you also have access to all of the latest safety features such as reflective paint and helmets designed specifically for young riders.

On the other hand, one of the biggest drawbacks of buying a new kids bikes for sale is cost. While some models may offer budget-friendly prices, others may be quite pricey – making it difficult for families on tight budgets to afford them. Furthermore, if your child is growing quickly or has yet to fully develop their sense of balance and coordination on two wheels then investing in a brand-new model may not make much sense if they won’t get much use from it in its lifetime.

Used Kids Bikes for Sale: Pros & Cons

When shopping for used kids bikes for sale in the UK there are several benefits that come along with them as well. One major advantage of used kids bikes for sale is cost – used bikes for sale tend to come at more affordable prices than those that are brand-new kids bikes for sale meaning families on tight budgets who still want their children to enjoy cycling can find what they need without breaking their bank accounts. Additionally, because these kids bikes for sale have already been ‘broken in’ so to speak they tend to perform better than brand-new ones right out of the box since they don't require as much adjustment once your child starts riding them regularly.

On the other hand, there are some risks associated with buying secondhand bikes for sale as well – primarily due to not being able to accurately assess their current condition without taking them apart completely or having them professionally inspected prior to purchase which may prove too costly for some potential buyers of kids bikes for sale. Furthermore due to age sometimes parts might need replacing sooner rather than later which can add up quite quickly over time depending on how often your child rides their kids bikes for sale and how hard they push it when doing so.

Ultimately when trying to decide between buying new or used kid's bikes for for sale for your family here in the UK there isn't necessarily one right answer as each situation is unique, however, understanding both sides will help ensure you make an informed decision when selecting just what type best suits your needs both now and down line!