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Coleraine, County Londonderry

HouseBedrooms 3Date Available 30 Jun 2020

Am looking to swap my 3 bedroom house willow court Coleraine, very quiet area, good neighbours,3 bedrooms,3 bathrooms, double drive, gas...


West Bromwich, West Midlands

HouseBedrooms 2Date Available 16 Jun 2020

Two bedroom house, large garden.  Lovely area.  Considering any area within Birmingham.  Looking for another...

House Swap B34 thumb-22461
House Swap B34 thumb-22462
House Swap B34 thumb-22463
House Swap B34 thumb-22464

Diss, Norfolk

HouseBedrooms 2Date Available 16 Jun 2020

I have a spacious 2-bed bungalow ip22 5xd in a little village called Burston just before Diss.  As you can see from photos it...

Large 2 Bed Bungalow thumb-22451
Large 2 Bed Bungalow thumb-22452
Large 2 Bed Bungalow thumb-22453
Large 2 Bed Bungalow thumb-22454

Southampton, Hampshire

HouseBedrooms 2Date Available 16 Jun 2020

2 bedroom SCC house terraced brick has back entrance garden all new fenced two hardstands for sheds or summer house patio area, grass...

Swap Wanted out of Southampton thumb-22448
Swap Wanted out of Southampton thumb-22449

Carlton, Nottinghamshire

HouseBedrooms 3Date Available 16 Jun 2020

Hi got a 3-bed house in Carlton with driveway and large back garden downstairs bathroom nicely decorated, I'm looking for 3 bed only in...

3 Bed House Carlton Wanting 3 Bed Carlton Gedling Area's Only thumb-22446

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

HouseBedrooms 2Date Available 05 May 2020

2 bedroom terraced house in central Cambridge looking for 3bedroom house swap.  Lovely house on a private road.  Close to...

2 Bedroom Cambridge House Swap thumb-22443
2 Bedroom Cambridge House Swap thumb-22444

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

HouseBedrooms 3Date Available 30 Jun 2020

3-bed house plus separate dining room (you can use for an extra double room)near the football stadium on newmarket road. I looking...

House Swap thumb-22435
House Swap thumb-22436
House Swap thumb-22437
House Swap thumb-22438

Birmingham, West Midlands

HouseBedrooms 3Date Available 17 Jun 2020

Large 3-bed house with king size bedroom large bedroom and a smaller room that dan takes double bed bathroom upstairs and WC downstairs...

Large 3 Bed House Looking for 3 Bed Bcc House Only thumb-22425
Large 3 Bed House Looking for 3 Bed Bcc House Only thumb-22426
Large 3 Bed House Looking for 3 Bed Bcc House Only thumb-22427
Large 3 Bed House Looking for 3 Bed Bcc House Only thumb-22428

Haringey, North London

HouseBedrooms 1Date Available 17 Jun 2020

I have a large ground floor 1 bedroom in crouch end with a garden.  I am looking for a 1-2 bedroom in Highbury & Islington, or...

Large 1 Bedroom Ground Floor Street Property thumb-22416
Large 1 Bedroom Ground Floor Street Property thumb-22417
Large 1 Bedroom Ground Floor Street Property thumb-22418
Large 1 Bedroom Ground Floor Street Property thumb-22419

Leicester, Leicestershire

HouseBedrooms 3Date Available 24 Jul 2020

Good neighbours nice area in eyres Monsell off the sturdy road, well maintained, 3 good sized bedrooms all with built-in...


House swapping is a great way to enjoy a vacation without breaking the bank. Unlike conventional trips, which require paying for accommodations, house swapping allows two parties to trade their residences for a set period of time. This type of travel offers numerous advantages that should be taken into consideration when arranging a holiday.

One of the primary benefits of house swapping is the significant cost savings it provides. When you stay in someone else’s home, you won’t have to worry about booking a hotel or paying for costly restaurants and other expensive amenities associated with traditional vacations. Instead, all your meals and accommodations are already taken care of before you arrive - eliminating any unpleasant surprises that can often come up during an expensive trip. Additionally, you may be able to take advantage of utilities such as electricity and water that would normally cost extra at a hotel or resort.

Another advantage to house swapping is that it allows both parties to experience living in another part of the world without ever having to leave their own homes. This type of exchange provides travelers with an authentic cultural experience and helps them become more immersed in the local lifestyle by living as locals do. From sampling local cuisine to engaging with friendly neighbours, this unique form of travel provides an opportunity to learn more about different cultures while also creating lasting memories with friends and family members who join in on the adventure.

Finally, since house swaps involve exchanging personal homes rather than renting, travelers don’t need to worry about leaving behind valuable items or dealing with any potential damages caused by other guests during their visit. This ensures that everyone involved can enjoy peace of mind during their travels knowing that all belongings will remain safe and secure until they return home again after the agreed-upon exchange period ends.

In conclusion, house swapping is an excellent option for those looking for an affordable way to explore new places without sacrificing comfort or security - making it an ideal choice for budget-conscious vacationers seeking a truly one-of-a-kind experience abroad! With its cost savings, immersive cultural experiences and added protection for personal belongings, house swapping makes for a fantastic addition to any traveler’s repertoire - providing countless opportunities for adventure at each destination!