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Looking for a wrecked or damaged MINI for sale? Our selection of salvage cars includes vehicles in every condition. Search by model and location salvage MINI for sale in your area!

Newport, Wales


Mini cooper 1.6 petrol sports 6months tax n has MOT, sum service on the car but dont have no papers to show u, air condotioning cd...

Mini thumb-19086

Ilford, East London


Mini Cooper 1.5 petrol 2014, £20.00 tax 70+mpg. 52,000 miles genuine warranted miles. Come with 2x keys, v5 log book & mot. Vehicle...

2014 Mini Cooper 1.5 thumb-19029
2014 Mini Cooper 1.5 thumb-19030
2014 Mini Cooper 1.5 thumb-19031
2014 Mini Cooper 1.5 thumb-19032

Colchester, Essex


2005 54 plate Mini Cooper, Cat C. This is an excellent example of a very very well looked after Mini Cooper. The car is in great pre...


Barnsley, South Yorkshire


2010 mini cooper diesel light front n airbags starts drives cat c any questions 07931489262 delivery can be arranged.

2010 Mini Cooper 1.6 thumb-19046
2010 Mini Cooper 1.6 thumb-19047
2010 Mini Cooper 1.6 thumb-19048
2010 Mini Cooper 1.6 thumb-19049

Immingham, Lincolnshire


I really like the old shape mini coopers I would take a scrap one with a lot of problems because I am looking to work on one.


Coleraine, County Londonderry


2003 Mini One, Cat C. Just home from England. Needs bonnet, bumper bottom arm easy repair. Running and moving.

2003 Mini Hatch One 1.6 thumb-19068

Carlton, Nottinghamshire


10 months mot absolutely beautiful pre acident condition lightest damage you will come across should be a very very cheap repair. Drives...

2008 Mini Cooper 1.6 2dr thumb-19022
2008 Mini Cooper 1.6 2dr thumb-19023
2008 Mini Cooper 1.6 2dr thumb-19024
2008 Mini Cooper 1.6 2dr thumb-19025

Newport, Wales


52 plate 5months tax MOT expired 3days ago. new tyres alloys. red n blk half leather seats. 52,600 on the clock. sports exahust. tinted...

Mini cheap thumb-19082
Mini cheap thumb-19083
Mini cheap thumb-19084

Ilford, East London


Mini one d new shape diesel 90 + mpg, 2014 64 reg, road tax free £0.00, manual. 12,000miles ***genuine warranted miles***, 2 x keys....

2014 Mini One D 1.5 thumb-19061
2014 Mini One D 1.5 thumb-19062
2014 Mini One D 1.5 thumb-19063
2014 Mini One D 1.5 thumb-19064

Bolton, Greater Manchester


Stunning Mini 1.6 Cooper diesel, 73000 miles, 2-spoke leather steering wheel, adjustable steering column-wheel - rake-reach, air bag...

2009 Mini Hatch Cooper 1.6 D thumb-19053
2009 Mini Hatch Cooper 1.6 D thumb-19054
2009 Mini Hatch Cooper 1.6 D thumb-19055
2009 Mini Hatch Cooper 1.6 D thumb-19056

Edmonton, North London


This is for a mini cooper s 2002, with only 65k, mint condiotion, MOT, logbook, two keys, starts and drives. Loud rattling when drives...

2002 MINI Cooper S 1.6 thumb-19070
2002 MINI Cooper S 1.6 thumb-19071
2002 MINI Cooper S 1.6 thumb-19072

Banff, Aberdeenshire


Mini Cooper s for sale, This is for the WHOLE car. Non runner. Engine had blown and had been dismantled and is the back of the car....

2002 Mini Cooper S 1.6 thumb-19014
2002 Mini Cooper S 1.6 thumb-19015
2002 Mini Cooper S 1.6 thumb-19016
2002 Mini Cooper S 1.6 thumb-19017

Bradford, West Yorkshire


2010 Mini One 1.6 3dr 98 bhp petrol - damaged repairable salvage. Damage to front corner and rear corner - airbags ok- as seen in...

2010 MINI ONE 1.6 3dr thumb-19000
2010 MINI ONE 1.6 3dr thumb-19001
2010 MINI ONE 1.6 3dr thumb-19002
2010 MINI ONE 1.6 3dr thumb-19003

Cambridge, Cambridgeshire


Front end crash damaged. Just replacement panels required. Bonnet, front panel, headlamps, bumper.. great little car with under 100k on...

2009 Mini One 1.6 thumb-18994
2009 Mini One 1.6 thumb-18995
2009 Mini One 1.6 thumb-18996
2009 Mini One 1.6 thumb-18997

Croydon, South London


03 Plate CAT D Mini One (Black) FOR SALE - Parts needed - front & rear bumbers, front headlights. The vehicle has been sanded down,...


Birmingham, West Midlands


2005 Mini Cooper 1.6 petrol 55 reg, black with green roof/spec. Lightly damaged along the driver side as seen in pics. Replacement wing...

2005 Mini One Cooper S Conversion thumb-19074
2005 Mini One Cooper S Conversion thumb-19075
2005 Mini One Cooper S Conversion thumb-19076
2005 Mini One Cooper S Conversion thumb-19077

Poringland, Norfolk


Mini one, recently in a accident, structurally in tact, work required on body. Airbags did not go off in the accident. Working inside...


Buying used Salvage Mini in the UK is a great way to get an affordable, reliable car with the classic style that the Salvage Mini is renowned for. Not only do these Salvage Mini come at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one, but they also offer considerable savings in insurance and running costs.

Furthermore, buying a used salvage Mini can often be more reliable than purchasing a brand-new vehicle because they have been thoroughly inspected and repaired by qualified mechanics. This means that you can enjoy peace of mind along with your purchase of a salvage Mini. Additionally, many salvage Mini can be registered as classic cars which can reduce your annual taxation payments significantly. For those looking for an economical yet stylish vehicle that won't break the bank, buying a used salvage Mini in the UK is certainly worth considering.

Cost Savings of Purchasing a Salvage Mini

Salvage Mini cars for sale offer drivers a great opportunity to own a high-performance vehicle at a fraction of the cost. When buying a salvage Mini, drivers can usually expect to pay less than half the price of the same model when purchased brand new. This is an attractive option for those searching for ways to get their hands on luxury vehicles without breaking the bank. Buying a salvage Mini from an authorized dealer also ensures that all necessary repairs have been completed, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you can get moving quickly in your mini-marvel.

Quality of Salvaged Minis

Salvage Mini cars can be a great deal if you're looking for an affordable used car. Not only are they typically much cheaper than purchasing a salvage Mini model from a standard dealership, but most of them have sustained only minor damage that can be repaired relatively easily. Even when such salvage Mini has sustained major damage, experienced mechanics will know the right repairs to make to restore the salvage Mini to its original condition and keep it running properly. Shopping around for salvage Mini cars is worth it, as they can often bring big savings with just a little work.

Accessing Rare Parts and Accessories with a Salvaged Mini

If you’re looking for the perfect raised salvage Mini car that has unique antique or hard-to-find parts, purchasing a salvage Mini model may be the ideal option for you. Finding an older version of these salvage Mini often means you’ll have access to rare and difficult-to-find parts, from specific accessories to the car itself. With pre-installed original parts on a salvaged Mini, there is no need to find them separately, which both saves time and money. So for those looking for a customised classic salvage Mini with special personalized features, always explore the salvage options first!

Environmental Benefits of Buying a Salvage Mini

Salvage Mini is a great way to get an amazing car with an even better carbon footprint. When you buy a salvaged Mini, you are not only getting a great deal - you're also helping preserve natural resources by avoiding the need to manufacture new cars. Manufacturing new cars requires raw materials such as metals and plastics, but when buying salvage Mini cars for sale those resources are already in use from a previous production. This means fewer pollution emissions during the manufacturing and transportation stages associated with new cars, which makes salvaged Minis a very eco-friendly choice for your next car purchase.