Top Tips for Giving Your Restaurant a Marketing Boost


Marketing a restaurant has never been more challenging and harder than these days. Considering the fact that the current situations around the world puts all restaurant owners in a constant state of wondering where their businesses will be open and running again and what is the feature of the restaurant and food services branch, it is pretty understandable why you may be all worries right now if you are a restaurant business owner yourself.

However, instead of worrying and wondering what the future will bring, here is something better you can put your energy into. Use the time you have now on hands and utilise it the best way for something that will benefit your business a lot once you open doors again. Use the time to think of the best marketing strategy for your business that will help you create some brand awareness and quickly be back in the business once it is allowed to open all restaurants again.

A restaurant marketing strategy consists of many aspects you can work on and they practically cost nothing but can definitely attract a lot of new clients, help people learn about your place, and pretty much bring you profit in the long-term. Here are some handy and efficient ideas and tips on how to help your restaurant business grow and get better with the help of good old marketing.

Scrumptious Photos

We, people, are visual being, which means that we are "eating" with the eyes before even tasting with our taste buds. Studies show that the more appetising and delicious food looks, the more delicious people will find it when they actually taste it. Yes, indeed, we are eating with all our senses, therefore, when you are selling food, you want to make people want your food by triggering all their senses.

The easiest way to do it now, when everything is happening online, is simply by grabbing people's attention with some really impressive photos of the food you are serving at your restaurant. Sharing and publishing food photography on your website or social media accounts is essential and will give your restaurant business a strong boost. People love to look at food, it makes their mouths watering and it is enjoyable. Therefore, you should put your best at creating some really scrumptious looking photos and sharing them as often as possible with your followers.

So, it is assumed that one of the best ways to advertise your business is with the superpower of high-quality, drool-inducing food photography content. And you don't even have to hire a specialist to do the job for you, you can totally do it yourself and at home. However, if you truly want to have some top-notch quality photos to share across various social media outlets, consider hiring professional photography services.

Loyalty Programs

Good food and loyalty programs is the fastest way to win over the hearts of your clients and customers. And probably one of the only ways to keep your restaurant business running at the moment. So consider partnering up with different online food and food delivery apps to give your business a boost and reach to clients through different channels and platforms.

In addition, partnering up with different online platforms and apps give you the chance to encourage customers to check your business through customer loyalty programs which can provide the customer with the opportunity to experience great deals and offers with your restaurant such as discount codes, free meals, and different bonuses.

Geo-targeting Ads

When it comes to restaurant and food businesses, location is usually one of the main factors affecting the success of the business. Most restaurants work with local clientele, while most people are looking for delicious food close to their home or workspace. Therefore, being a restaurant owner, your priority is reaching to all potential clients within your area first. Geo-targeting ads are definitely your best friend in this case.

You will get the most value from your online marketing efforts and the budget you invest in online marketing and advertising by primarily spending your budget on geo-targeting ads. It is a great way to save money from unnecessary advertising to people who are not within your reach and live in different cities or even different countries.

Geo-targeting ads actually ensure your marketing message is reaching clients who are within a specific radius and this eliminates non-relevant clicks which can cost you a lot. Many advertising services and social media platforms offer the opportunity to benefit from geo-targeting ads, so make sure to take advantage of these handy features.

Share on Instagram

Now, while online presence in general and different social media platforms are important, the most important out of them is definitely Instagram, so whatever you are doing, be sure to be active on Instagram, this is your priority. Instagram is going stronger and stronger and more and more small businesses are benefitting from that. Instagram is the best platform for promoting your business through attractive and eye-catching visual content. But don't just limit yourself to photos of your delicious recipes.

People on Instagram and in general love variety, therefore, you want to spoil them with a variety of beautiful content. Post photos of the interior of your restaurant, some behind the scene photos from the kitchen are always attention-grabbing, don't forget the storefront too. Make sure that people have an idea of each and every corner of your wonderful restaurant and they just cannot wait to visit it and see it in person.

Be creative and choose an aesthetic style for your Instagram profile, then post photos that fit this style visually. Play around with your brand identity by creating different and interesting content. Don't just limit yourself with photos of your restaurant. Depending on the theme, you can further develop your concept. For example, if healthy or vegan meals is your restaurant's main concept, develop the concept further by posting photos of people who are practising the lifestyle you are trying to promote, people who play sports, experience the outdoors, are active and happy.


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