The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation

The Follicular Lymphoma Foundation (FLF) was established in 2019 by Nicola Mendelsohn VP EMEA Facebook as an international effort on a mission to find new treatments and cures for FL. This can only be done by the application of new advances in science and backing the most skilled and capable researchers and investigators to pursue the ideas with the greatest prospects of success in the quickest timeframe. The FLF is designed to be the delivery mechanism for treatments and cures to move from the scientist's bench to the patient bedside faster than ever before. We will mobilise the FL patient community to fuel a targeted acceleration in data and research. We will invest in FL research and target specific genes. Given the overlap between genes mutated in FL and a host of other cancers, we will be able to offer cross industry benefit to those addressing similar gene targets in as many as 73 other cancers including the currently incurable forms of prostate and breast cancer.

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