Elite Ultrasound

See your baby for the first time at Elite Ultrasound located in East Kilbride and Paisley. We specialise in pregnancy ultrasound scans for the purpose of bonding and maternal wellbeing. Within our bespoke clinic, we will provide you and your baby with the highest quality scans, using the latest ultrasound equipment. Our objective is to deliver the best images available during your pregnancy. Within our baby scan clinic clients will be able to receive a wide range of ultrasound packages during all trimesters including gender determinations, 3D & 4D.Our Early Pregnancy Scan is your chance to see your baby for the first time. This scan will confirm pregnancy viability, singleton/twins/triplets etc. and how many weeks you are.

This scan is from 8 weeks to 14 weeks. Our Wellbeing Scan allows you to see how your baby is growing. At this scan you can hear baby’s heartbeat*, check baby’s size, position and placenta location. This scan is from 14 weeks to 40 weeks. If you wish to find out baby’s gender just let us know, we can check form 16 weeks. *We can only let you hear baby’s heartbeat from 16 weeks, 14 weeks to 15+6 weeks we will show you baby’s heartbeat on the scan.

At your 3D Baby Scan we will perform a wellbeing scan plus get you 3D pictures of your baby. This scan is from 24-32 weeks, although the optimum time is around 27 weeks to 29 weeks. This scan includes digital copies and 4 printed pictures of baby. Our 4D Baby Scan is just like our 3D Baby Scan with an extra dimension- moving clips of your baby. This scan includes 4 3D printed pictures of baby and 2 minutes of 4D video clips. This scan is from 24-32 weeks, although the optimum time is around 27 weeks to 29 weeks. Address: Trident House, 175 Renfrew Rd, Paisley, PA3 4EF.

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