What to Avoid When Purchasing a Bike


The pandemic brought us a lot of new things and one of the most interesting of all them was the boom of the demand for bikes. More and more people now choose to invest in bikes as a matter of transportation and also for entertainment, just to have the chance to go out and enjoy a beautiful day. However, this boom quickly led to some shortages in supply, which automatically makes it more difficult and challenging to shop for the right bike for your needs and requirements. With less choice available on the market, while you still need and want to be able to narrow down your best bike options, there are a lot more things to consider when shopping for a bike. In order to help you choose the right bike, today we share with you something you want to avoid when you are shopping for a new bike.

Don’t Buy Without a Test Ride

You may feel tempted to just go to the store and buy a bike that will meet your needs and requirements, however, do not shop in a rush and impulsively. A bike that seems the right one for you in the store can easily turn out to be inconvenient once you start riding it, therefore, before you spend your money, make sure to ask for a test ride. This will help you to find out how different bikes truly fit and what you like the most. Speak to your local bike salesperson to ask if they provide options like demo bikes you can rent for a test ride, free demo days, or something similar.

Testing a Bike at the Shop, then Buying Online – Don’t Do That

Some people may be tempted to test a bike in the shop while bombarding the salesperson with a ton of questions. Once they got what they need, they usually go online and purchase the same or similar bike model for a few pounds less. However, if you decide to do so, don’t blame your salesperson if they refuse to provide you with free advice next time you go to the store with questions about the bike you have purchased online. Remember, salesperson's time also costs money and they are not obligated to give you their precious time and expertise for free if you are not seriously thinking to make a purchase from them.

Visit More than Just One Shop

It is a good thing to be loyal to a certain brand or bike store, however, you still can broaden your horizons and try different things. At the end of the day, you never know what may turn out to be a good surprise. Just because you have always ridden a certain bike brand or model, it does not mean that you may not enjoy other brand models or brands. Allow yourself the opportunity to explore more than what you are used to, visit more than just one shop and test ride more than just one bike and you may find out something that fits you better.

Don’t Settle on a Bike Deal

Just because a bike is sold as a great deal, it does not mean you have to purchase it. If you are not enjoying the way this bike model feels and it does not fit you right, just don’t buy it, even if it comes with a great deal or offer. Since you are going to own and ride this bike for at least several years, you definitely need to pay attention to all details and aspects. You should be comfortable not just with the deal you are getting, but also with the quality and functionality you are getting.

Don’t Skip the Accessories

Bike accessories may feel like an unnecessary purchase to you, however, you definitely need to invest in good quality ones. If you have dedicated a budget for a bike, make sure to consider a bit of it for high-quality bike accessories and don’t skip them. The basic set of bike accessories you need to get includes a helmet, high-quality shorts with chamois padding, a floor pump, bottle cages, and bike lights. However, it is also recommended to get spare tubes, tire levers, a small pump or an inflator and cartridges.


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