Top Tips for Yoga Beginners


More and more people are finding the joy, harmony and good health that yoga practices can provide, therefore, more and more people are interested in visiting yoga classes or have already started one. If you are a yoga beginner, everything may sound a bit challenging and complex to you. However, once you dive into the wonderful world of yoga, you will soon find yourself addicted to it. The best thing about yoga is that yoga is versatile and you can make yoga work for you, your shape, your very specific circumstances, and your own requirements and needs.

The initial step is always having an interest in doing something. Since you are interested in visiting yoga classes and practising yoga in general, you have already made the first step, but you have a few more to go and reach your goals. These yoga beginner tips will help you dive into the world of yoga and navigate it more successfully.

Find the Right Teacher

There are so many yoga teachers and each one of them will be different and approach the field differently. Therefore, in order to grow and develop love, interest and dedication to yoga, you need to find the right person who will spark that love for yoga in you. Yoga is not like going to the gym, it comes with its own philosophy and insight and finding the right teacher means you will be provided with the right insights and guidance you need for practising yoga the way it works for you. A qualified yoga teacher must answer all your questions and provide you with all the information you need to understand the matter. What you need to look for in a great teacher is the knowledge they are ready to share with you, kindness, friendliness, compassion.

Learn Poses Ahead of Time

At first, many of the yoga poses, also known as asanas, may seem very complicated and challenging, especially if you have never tried achieving them. However, if you make sure you are investing a bit of time to try and learn some poses on your own before you start visiting yoga classes, this will help you get accustomed to yoga poses in general, as well as explore what are your strong sides and weaknesses you should continue work on in the context of yoga. If you prepare yourself with a few poses before classes, this will help you feel more confident and experienced once you start visiting yoga classes.

Comfortable Clothing

Remember, you are visiting yoga classes to work on your body and mind’s health, not to be trendy. This means that your yoga outfit must feel comfortable and allow you to move all parts of your body with no restrictions. Don’t choose a trendy, cure or instagrammable yoga outfit, choose a comfortable one. The right set of yoga clothes will really make a difference. Most people practising yoga consider these clothing pieces as really comfortable for the purpose: a supportive bra, yoga pants from breathable material and moisture-wicking features that do not restrict your legs, a thermal athletic gear that is a great choice for colder days.

Non-Slip Mat

A non-slip mat is definitely a must for yoga classes. You don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a complex pose, while you are slipping away along with your mat. Invest in a high-quality and non-slip mat that will provide you with all the comfort and safety you need during yoga lessons. A non-slip mat also provides enough padding for all your joints. Do not forget to regularly clean your mat and maintain it in good condition that will prevent unpleasant smells and permanent stains and also maintain the traction of the mat.

Begin Where You Are

Yoga is not competition, it is a way to bring harmony, balance, joy and mindfulness into your life and mindset. No matter why you choose to practice yoga, whether it will be for supporting the health and well-being of your body, to bring some order in your thoughts and emotions, or to decrease the stress, yoga is a long journey and you should go through it on your own pace. Therefore, at the beginning of your yoga journey, make sure exactly where you are and don’t compare with others. This will help you decide what are the first steps you should take towards achieving your goals. Therefore, you need to take your time and do your research in order to find the right yoga studio or teacher, who will provide you with guidance and recommendations according to your level of experience and fitness.


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